Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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I have noticed myself, yes

Is this something old-scapists will moan about?

Not really.

Does the rain in Spain stay mainly on the plain?

No. The rain from Spain mainly drains onto Maine where the many slain have been lain.

Looking forward to the next Marvel movie?


Who's going to see The Hobbit?

Me and a bunch of friends!

Who here hates Michael Bay?


Who here likes comic books?


Who here toys with the idea that the world ending on Dec 21 might actually be watch from a safe place?

Not me...

Who here enjoys a hot bath in a volcano?

Common sense says no, but my fun sense says yes!

Who is outraged that my avatar has no taco?

I am outraged! I am deeply hurt and upset, yet have a strange craving for tacos all of a sudden...

Why is taco gone!?

It's a sign of the lamageddon.

What is up with airline food?

I'll ask the new members of the Mile High Club when they get back from the restroom.

Has the world ended, this 21st of December, where you are?

No, but there's a rumor going on at my school that some stuff's going to happen...

Would you sacrifice your life for the lives of the many?

It depends, is it the many I know? In which case, probably.
But I would not die for a bunch of people I don't know who never affected my life.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping

No...gotta do that soon...

Is your body ready?

Always has, always will be

Would seeing my real face be startling?

Yes, especially if you're breathtakingly attractive.

Have you seen my new Game Forum picture/comment thread?

Yes, I just posted in it

Do you apply force in a vertical direction?

That depends on what page of the Kama Sutra my girlfriend and I are on.

Were you kinda disappointed that the world didn't end on Dec 21st?

Not as disappointed as I was when it didn't end on Dec 31st, 1999.

What's the next doomsday date in line, anyway?

April 15th. I believe that's the final day to file my taxes.

Do you enjoy visiting my new MEME/Picture thread? I keep looking it up for the fun of it. I can't wait until it's this long then I can spend all my free time visiting and re-reading that thread!

The what?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I would take it from whoever is offering it.


Why ask why? Try Bud Dry.

Have you ever seen a Witch Nun?

Maybe She was old.

Are old women witches?

Nope. Only women with green skin.

Is it time to invade the sun yet?

This would be an awful time to invade the sun! We need to wait until spring when the stores are stocked up on coconut scented sun block.

Who is going to have a hang over on January 1st?

Pretty much everyone except people who don't drink (that would be me).

What is on the dark side of the moon?

Space Dragons.

Why is the rum gone?

Because I've been drinking away my sorrows!

Did you know that the Mods deliberately sank my thread Let us remember the Banned and in doing so they've deprived me of achieving 10,000 views and winning my Hot Topic badge?!?!?!?

Woe is me! :(

I did not know that, but I'd be slightly worried about your paranoia and about the mods about to get you

When will my face be revealed to the Escapist via an avatar?

I did not know that, but I'd be slightly worried about your paranoia and about the mods about to get you

When will my face be revealed to the Escapist via an avatar?

It's in the Mod Chat forum!

maddawg IAJI

26 Dec 2012 9:41 pm

@Copper Zen : Its been sunk for topical reasons. Sinking a thread means posters can still post in it, but the thread won't be bumped up.

Does that sound like "paranoia" to you?

Oh, whimper! I'd have the 10K "Hot Topic" badge but for their interference!


OT: Silly Taco! That IS your true face!

Has anyone seen my ninja platypuses lately? I fear they've gone-to-ground!

I didn't tell you? The League managed to round them all up for studying

How would you feel if I was banned?

I would feel awful!

*checks Taco's profile*

Why you've got a completely CLEAN health bar!!!
>.>'re up to something...

OT: How did the Injustice League manage to round up ALL the ninja platypuses?

P.S. Those suckers lay eggs in the ODDEST places, you know?

BONUS QUESTION: When was the last time you looked at your own rear end reflection in a mirror?

Just asking ;)

"A Platypus is a carnivore. Its diet consists mainly of shrimp, crayfish, insect larvae and worms." From: What does a duck billed platypus eat?

Perhaps they used poison laced gummy worms to draw the platypi into a set of traps.

Bonus Question: Don't get fresh!

When will Copper Zen stop whining about the Mods?

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