In before the...

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Inb4 the return of Alduin.

In before the Breaking of the World.

Inb4 the Curdling of the Cheese.

Inb4 the Cheese of the Curdling

Inb4 someone posts on the 'Draw a bad picture of the above avatar' thread.

In before the Breaking of the Seventh Seal.

Inb4 Neuromancer caves and Christmasifies his Gendo avatar.

Inb4 Neuromancer caves and Christmasifies his Gendo avatar.

That will never happen.

In before the waking of the Beast.

Inb4 they find out the location of the Seventh Gate.

Inb4 the super pigeon marines.

Inb4 the Empire of the Rising Sun rises again.

In before the First Horseman.

Inb4 Usain Bolt.

In before Barbas' investments go under.

Inb4 the hot Teoes cyber action.

Inb4 I lose all control of my bodily functions thinking about the aforementioned hot, steamy action.*

*Oh God, Oh Jesus.

Inb4 slipping on a wet patch.

Inb4 laziness finally takes over

In before the bells tolling.

Inb4 the question of for whom they toll.

Inb4 we forsake all bonds of fellowship and the world of men comes crashing down.

In before the coming of the Second Horseman.

Inb4 they find the present I left in the cellars.

In before the passing of another PubClub game.

Inb4 the next great archaeological discovery.

Inb4 another meme-related avatar.

Inb4 the resurgence of cat spamming.

Inb4 the recurring walrus dream begins to take effect.

In before the land without time.

Inb4 the Dragonfires go out...again.

Inb4 the Riddle of Steel is solved.

In before the sleep

Inb4 green bacon and eggs.

In before the death of no sleep

Inb4 Al Pacino gets the key to the gun cabinet.

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