In before the...

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inb4 the cow level!

Inb4 the crows come home to nest.

inb4 this guy's flatulence destroys us all.

Inb4 cop dramas at seven.

inb4 we all lose our minds.

Inb4 my team decides to be useful.

Inb4...oh...Fijiman's already had a bad game today.

Inb4...oh...a guy already walked full speed with a tiny puppy that is not strong enough to keep up with an adult human. Why do you think you're dragging it along behind you...dummy.

Inb4 something else has already happened.

inb4. . . I got nothing.

Inb4 feldhaubitze deployments.

inb4 the drama button is pressed.

Inb4 the "Hiyoooooooooooooooo!"

inb4 the "here's Johnny!"

Inb4 the Waffleites attack.

inb4 the 4th wall break

Inb4 the audience charges the vending machines.

inb4 a 4th wall break within a 4th wall break. that's 16 walls!

Inb4 the cube is solved.

Inb4 the prism.

Inb4 the Imperial Navy arrives in the system.

inb4 the "you must construct additional pylons"

Inb4 we escalate to battle phase 3.

inb4 the lockout.

Inb4 curfew.

inb4 i rage at my idiot AI teammates. . . TOO LATE!

Inb4 the pudding mashers STEAL MY FUCKING BEANS AGAIN.

Inb4 the deathwatch comes over us.

Inb4 the red tide rises.


Inb4 . . . I lose my thoughts.

Inb4 they walk to work, but not before the fake-out opening or the character introduction. (That time Mom took me to see Monsters Inc.)

inb4 everything actually goes to shit.

inb4 the dragon warrior is chosen.

In before staika returns


inb4 the duck gets murdered.

inb4 the Du du du du du DuuuuubesttttTeeep Dr rr op!!

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