Answer everything with a question

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Evolved Slowbro?

Is that before or after Lickitung in the rankings?

Compared to the International Pokedex?

Do you have any Carnifex models?

Carnifex models?

You know - Tyranids?



What did you do?

Do you even proof?

What's the evidence?

What's that sound?

Somebody broke wind?

Who Farted!?

Did that little person just faint?

A dwarf?

Is Kore a version of Forgath from the future?! (He most certainly is not)

You mean like a pre-sequel?

Do we at least get to fly around on buff dolphins with projectile rainbow stigmata?

How did you find this place.

By seeing a future where you'd forget to use a...question mark?

Exclamation point?

Oatmeal, are you CRAZY?!

Fancy a kebab?

What's on it?

Do you have the menu?


Would you like some wine?

Can I pour it onto the carpet?

Do you know how to drink?

Drink on or off the floor?

Better question: Eat perfectly good/untouched food (in a zip-lock bag and everything) even though some asshole threw it in the trash?

How zipped are we talking about here?

Too plastered to drive?

How about zipped all the way, with all slim-jims and peanut-butter crackers still in their unopened packaging?

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