Rate my song then share your own

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7/10 Not bad... haven't listened that genre since my wee days...

7/10 building power!
Very enjoyable ambiance music.

7/10 Pretty good stuff.

This song goes hard as fuck

4/10 Eh... I'm increasingly not enjoying that genre... :/

New earworm...

Very nice ambiance music, but I'm not sure id run back to hear it again.
That being said, I'd never skip it in a playlist of working music.

6.5/10 Nice garage rock sound

7/10 Not bad, quite enjoyed it

8/10. Love the orchestra mixed with some electronic elements. I'm actually kinda sad right now I couldn't find it on Spotify.

8/10 quite pumpen I turned up that volume at least 300%! lyrics where a bit sideways!

6/10 It was okay

6/10 Same... was aight... it's my problem with this genre. The intros are awesome, but I really dislike the style of vocals.


Generic 'epic' music like all of 2SFH. Enjoyable enough, but forgettable among the rest of it.

The clean vocals caught me off guard. I've never listened to these guys before, blast beats are cool. Sounded like a quality metal song.

7/10 Pretty good stuff

2/10 had to turn it down to at aleast 5% to even hear tone...

4/10 colour me eh... :/

New ear-worm (ends a bit abruptly, but the vocals get me)...

This Wretched Beast - RSM ft. GT (Roman Odokiy)

Generic 'epic' music like all of 2SFH. Enjoyable enough, but forgettable among the rest of it.

As an 'apologist' shall we say, it depends on how much you've listened to, because Skyworld and Illusions (for example) could not be more different from each other. Their personal project work is definitely more notable than their industry stuff.

[dislike] 2 mins of hans Zimmer memes! likely feels better with a thing happening

(yeah I'm 180ing the number scoring system!)

6/10 That was okay, not really my style

5/10 I was waiting for the most burial breakdown ever but it never happened! D':

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