School Segregation

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Gender-based segregation is a thoroughly stupid idea. People can point to private schools all over the Western world, and it's bad enough taxpayers have to contribute towards their existence in the various states of Australia, but frankly it's a holdover of the past. Gender-based segregation on the basis of religion should be considered unlawfully discriminatory, but more than that, gender-based discrimination shouldn't be an acceptable basis for the receivership of government financing in education.

There's a place for gender-based discrimination funding. Breast cancer research affects people with a larger proportional amount of breast tissue. So naturally the majority of breast cancer research and mitigation is going to be aiding women. Naturally we can look at prostate cancer mitigation and research initiatives in the same light. Children regardless of gender require their own set of medical research and health initiatives independent of adults, and thus require taxpayer contributions dedicated to that specific domain of public health spending.

But in terms of education there is no excuseable reason.

It's archaic and cuts against the core principles of our government. But then agsin, what is life if not a myriad of contradictions?

After all, I believe we should be charging the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, whst have you... proportional taxes to their revenues. But then again who will back me in political circles to see it realized?

I don't see how that's worse than single sex schools. Indeed, it's probably a bit better. I think either form of segregation is wrong though.

Very weird way to run a school. Why not just split them into two entities and have one school all boys and another all girls? You know as is nearly universally adored and extolled in merry old England. It smacks of being ludicrously inefficient. Seems to me that the UK has a modern education code and as long as it's properly enforced this is functionally no different than one of the aforementioned all girls or boys schools.

I don't even see smoke here much less fire.

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