Allegations of Terrible Things and Media-What we the consumers think?

With Aligations of Harvy Weinstein coming out of the wood work, Kevin Spacy coming out as a molester of addolecents, and Bill Cosby, who at one point was one of the most beloved ebtertainers, has been ousted for aligations of rape and other forms of sexual assult.

So what do we, the consumer can do?

My first reaction to any of this would be to boycot having his stuff. When I was in Highschool, I did that when I thought Michael Jackson was a pedo.

Yet with film, I have to wonder as this would hurt more then a handful of people. Granted music and comics would have some of the same effect, but more goes into a film.

Looking at Kevin Spacy's filmography we have material such as:

A Bug's Life
The Negotiator
A Time to Kill
The Usual Suspects

In Weinstien's case,
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Django Unchained
Ganges of New York.

I could list a bunch more, but you get the idea. Should I punish one person who deserves our ire, while punishing the likes of Jaime Foxx, Leonardo Di Caprio, or Uma Thurman along with them, along with cast and crew that may have also had to deal with this as Kristen Stewart happens constantly during her films (yes, Belle did something redeemable, I am presently surprised as well).

Thoughts, better worded posts on the same feelings, a chanc to rant at a system that has not only allowed this but seemingly encouraged it?

Crying out loud, when Seth Fricken McFarlen seems to have been the one talking about this crap the longest in pop culture with his writing (such as: "You five ladies no longer have to pretend to like Weinsteine"" at an award shoe or Stewy screaming he escaped Spacy's basement) we have a fricken problem.

You might be better off citing the people who's names we dont read in the credits instead of the rich people who can just make a movie with other people.

Actors are not their characters and characters are not their actors, no matter how good OR bad they are at acting. The movie is the movie and the actors are the actors. It doesn't make The Usual Suspects NOT genius, for instance.

Here's my take on it. I wouldn't boycott anything that came out before...well, the allegations came out. In other words, Se7en is still fair game. I don't agree with what Kevin Spacey at all, and think he should be punished for it. However, as you pointed out, boycotting his previous movies would harm innocents around him as well.

Now, speaking hypothetically, if Kevin Spacey were to make a movie in the future, and the producers decided to use his name as a selling point, I would boycott that. The difference there is that, using The Usual Suspects as an example this time, the producers of The Usual Suspects may or may not have known about Kevin Spacey's...extracurricular activities. At this point, however, there is no excuse, and trying to sell a movie on his name is knowingly attaching yourself to a child molester. That shit don't fly with me.

ETA: Also, I wouldn't do anything either way until a conviction/proof of the accusations. I really try to avoid "conviction by media" cases.

Push to have those individuals shunned from the industry. It's already starting to happen, netflix has let spacey go from HoC. And HW is probably getting arrested soon. That'll be my approach to this.

Like the OP, I have had the whole "Can I separate the artist from the art" debate when the Michael Jackson allegations came out. The conclusion that I eventually came to was this: I can still appreciate the art. However, I would do what I can to not finance that art. Like buying a CD or DVD used for example.

I noticed some people saying we shouldn't watch or listen what they do afterwards. That's fair. You might miss out on some quality work. One example is Mel Gibson's performance in The Beaver. He was absolutely brilliant in that movie. Roman Polanski is someone else who directed great movies after leaving the country to avoid going to court about his statutory rape accusation.

I guess this is a personal decision. It depends on what you feel comfortable about.

I always had a problem with boycotting something because of the creators. If it's your own values and you don't try to campaign to get other people on the bandwagon it's okay but once it's more of a movement thing it makes me thin of a slippery slope when we create "good art/science" and "bad art/science"


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