Would the world be more peaceful without Americans?

And will I be rich once they are gone?

Something tells me this fella has something against America

No, and absolutely not, you'll likely be so poor you won't be able to afford the computer you would need to make these threads, so there's one net positive for the world I guess.

More seriously, the question is too vague, though given your past threads I doubt you care as you seem somewhat fixated.

The world being more peaceful or not without Americans is a meaningless question without context, there are scenarios where the answer could be yes, though I can imagine many more where the answer is decidedly no. The answer swings both ways depending on things like why there are suddenly no Americans, and who is left in the aftermath to fill that vacuum.

The second part is even more meaningless because no one here knows who you are, so whether you would profit from the disappearance/death/mass ascension to another plane of reality, of all Americans, is a question none of us can answer.

So since the questions are meaningless, I'll go back to my previous answer, no and no, if Americans weren't around your country, whichever one you are currently in, would immediately collapse into anarchy and then become the new America, then you are the Americans, its like zombie rules, except you specifically are still poor.

Probably not. A major power being warlike is not new. Before there ever was a USA, there have been many others like the British, the Spanish, the French, the Ottomans, the Mongolians, the Persians, the Romans, the Greek and so on, till the dawn of mankind. So long as a powerful country stands to profit from warring on another, weaker country, there will be wars. If it's not the Americans, it'll be someone else.

I thought I was abundantly clear about not making any more topics like this. This thread is dead.


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