[Insert fictional character here] for president.

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Phoenix Wright, just because I want to see the president yell "OBJECTION!"

On a different level of absurdity: Cave Johnson. Who can argue with his lemon rant?

Celestia, since she's a kind ruler. You just gotta be OK with the fact that she'll be ruling until she dies (and seeing she's a semi-deity, that'll be a long time).


Ron Paul


(I know this is necromancy, but I really want to add my 2 cents to this discussion)

Lord Havelock Vetunari from Discworld. Clever enough to keep himself in office, skilled enough to deal with political matters, and mad enough to come up with solutions no one has ever thought of before. Plus he keeps the Disc's greatest inventor locked up in his attic, using him as a sounding board.
Hell, in practically every book he's in, it's noted that he's the only Patrician who's ever been able to keep Ankh-Morpork running.


Despite being a Social Democrat in the real world and the fact a guy like him would represent virtually every view I oppose, you just can't argue with that badass voice... Plus, he's pretty much the only guy who can give a speech in favor of inequality/racism and make it sound amazing.

Plus, there's the badass voice.


If not Emperor Charles, then I suppose it would have to be Mr. House, simply because he's a genius who's whole plan seems to be "Yeah, you guys can do what you want, I don't care, just for God's sake let me handle running things"

Hard to argue with a guy who predicted nuclear war and was only off by a day.

What about god? Am i cool and edgy yet?

(I know this is necromancy, but I really want to add my 2 cents to this discussion)

This is the kind of discussion that you probably could start a new thread with the exact same topic rather than thread necromancy.

OT: I'm getting behind a Lord Sidious presidency myself. He strikes me as the kind of guy who really would bring about the Sith Empire everyone keeps promising but never does anything to really advance towards. For the Empire!

The God Emperor of Mankind.

Or, ya know, Slaanesh. Yearly orgies would be fun.

The Phantom of the Opera for President (Only the Ramin Karimloo version)! He will mend all of the world's problems by leading all of the world's leaders through his mirror, down to his lair, and serenade them with the music of the night. None will dare go against him. His slogan? You resist, yet your soul obeys!

Jean Valjean for President! Seriously, in the musical this guy is basically Jesus incarnate. Turns his life around after 20 years in prison, brings comfort to a dying mother, saves her daughter, brings here up, forgives and let's go of his life-long enemy (Though that has bad results on his enemy's side...), runs into a war zone to rescue his daughter's love, carries him out on his shoulder. Seriously, there is NOTHING that Jean Valjean cannot accomplish. His Slogan? Just wait a bit longer, and all our debts are paid!

Enjolras for President (Again, only the Ramin Karimloo version)! Idealistic, charismatic, attractive French freedom fighter dedicated to freeing his people and the world? Count me in! His slogan? Will you join in our crusade, who will be strong and stand with me?

Javert for president! Seriously, he would not stop until he has hunted down and eliminated all of the world's problems. The only downside is that, if we take it as the movie put forth, he would be the only politician in all of the country. His slogan? I never will rest.

Samus Aran for President! She's spent so much time destroying fault political groups, such as the Space Pirates, and even the corrupt parts of the Federation, that now she wants to go in and fix it from the inside! Her slogan? A fully charged plasma beam!

John Galt for President! Young, genius inventor of a motor that basically runs on air. Brings several persecuted people to a valley where they have no problem, and life is perfect. Has a dream of rebuilding the world. Also, on diplomatic missions, he could double as a super spy president. Seriously, in the book they spend the first two chapters just asking who and where the fudge he is. His slogan? I would post it here, but it's three hours long.

Gandalf for President! Seriously, have you seen the films? Things always work out when you have Gandalf on your team. His slogan? Things will get better, precisely when they mean to.

James Bond for President! No reason other than that would be friggin awesome.

Examples like Brian Griffin...

If Brian Griffin were to become a presidential candidate, I would become a dog killer. There is no way I'm letting him near any political office. But, as for my picks...

I'd just like to point out that the US is in fact the country in which a fictional character became a state governor, so don't go giving them any funny ideas, now.

Hey! I'll have you know that Jerry Brown is a real person!

OT: Hedonismbot! Best 4 years ever.

Assertive Obama for President!

...wait, guess things got a little too fictional there, so I'll go with the fictitious pagan deity Holo of Spice & Wolf fame instead.

Witty Name Here:
Plus, there's the badass voice.

Yep, Wakamoto can make anything awesome.

Mayor Haggar! He's a bad enough dude that we wouldn't even need to save the president! Though this may require a time machine back to the 80's

I vote for Ackerman!

He's got balls of steel and knows just whose face to put them in. That may have been a spoiler.

Well, there is this guy, and he is good, but Im not quite sold. And to counter your President Ackerman (Screw'em All Party), I will raise you John Henry Eden (Enclave Party):

Its settle. One more patriot reporting for duty, Mr. Eden.

Lloyd Irving of Tales of Symphonia for president. :P Or Prime Minister (I'm Canadian).

Lloyd is kind, and wants everyone to co-operate. He's also not afraid to get his hands dirty when he needs to. And while he is something of a determinator, he does in fact "know when to fold 'em". The only issue is he's not book smart at all, so he'd PROBABLY run the economy into the ground... >_>

Also, Sheena for First Lady, since I'm a big fan of the LloydXSheena pairing. ^^

The undead who've been necro'd, obviously. A very persistent bunch; they could get the job done.

I am dissapointed that no one has mentioned Yukino from My Girlfriend is the President

Lord Vetinari. Slightly tyrannical, but everyone is better off with him in charge. Except mimes.


No, I'm serious.

Think of how much more awesome he would make the world.

Hell, I'd give up my sanity if it meant CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!

Iron Man/Tony Stark....

Deficit? What deficit?

I've got a weird one-- Arnold Vinick, the Republican candidate played by Alan Alda on The West Wing. I don't agree with his politics and some of his positions would be bad for the nation, but I'd still LOVE to see a Republican like this actually exist in real life again. If there were national candidates like him, I'd worry less for the country overall, because he's principled but not batshit; a statesman, not a posturing poser.

Republican: Big Macintosh, we need a down-to-Earth feet on the ground Republican in the White House, not to mention a gay one. The pony part is just a plus. Also, I have a feeling he is a savvy politician and very knowledgeable on political science.

Democrat: Aang, perhaps with Zuko as a Vice President. I think they could unify the splintered factions in our government in a good way.

Who would be the Vice President to President Big Macintosh?

(I really hate that I went with the Republican and the Democrat. Who I really want in office is the hypothetical non-partisan candidate who is good enough to win? Now that is fiction.)

Roy Mustang. 'Nuff said.

Can't decide between the God-Emperor of Mankind, or Celestia. They have a lot in common, both being highly benevolent immortal deities who choose to personally lead their populace while doing their part to benefit them in godlike ways too (making the sun rise, projecting the astronomicon into the warp).

As heretical as it might be, I think I'll go with Princess Celestia, because her foreign policy doesn't have "crusade" in the name.

Oh, also, their choices of vice-president make a big difference. Horus is a douchenozzle, Princess Luna is awesome.

Our Messiah Kane obviously. He will lead us to divination and peace. Anyone who'd chose someone else is merely a blind infidel which has to be purged from this earth!


Santa Christ.
The greatest hybrid of Christmas icons that ever lived, who fights monsters for fun and played bass for Aerosmith. What's not to love about him?

+1 to Cthulhu for president.

Why vote for a lesser evil?

Bender for 2016. Blackjack and hookers for all!

Brick (from Borderlands) as Secretary of State. How could you say "no" to him?

Moneybags (from Spyro) for Secretary of the Treasury.

Gordon Freeman as Speaker of the House and head of the House Science Committee.

I vote Gandalf for president - he is the coolest



Tyler Durden

He has a history of getting shit done.

Well, I say, a certain hyperkinetic rabbitty thing. An id-driven lagomorph with a knack for gratuitous violence and all.

Well, that is until the second most probable scenario of presidential corruption happens and he gets turned into a cthulhu bunny. After all, no president is fit to tread the grounds of the Elder Gods.


Jed Bartlet. Arnold Vinick for VP.

Seto Kaiba (The Yu-gi-oh Abridged version) For President.
"Screw the opposition! I have money!"

As for the running mate:
"Screw the running mate! I have money"

when you want someone to be president why not go for the winner of the 2057 presidential election the great dragon Dunkelzahn

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