Is there anything you can do against dickish college professors?

I don't go to college. Not yet anyway. My girlfriend does however, and it's tearing her to pieces.

This is the first time i've seen her try to so hard at school, and it's still treating her like she's lazy trash.

But recently there's been this backlash against for the most pathetic and childish of things: cellphones.

Tons of students in her classes are on their cellphones, but for some reason SHE keeps getting F's in class and being singled out by being pulled to the side being told not to use her phone. I can guarantee she's not using her phone.

1. When she's at school, I'm still asleep since our schedules are all over the place
2. She has two other friends. One is already in a couple of her classes with her anyway, and the other literally doesn't own a cellphone right now.

it'd be one thing if they're just scolding her, but they are giving her failing grades for something she isn't doing and they have no proof of her doing, and I'm just wondering if there's any advice I could pass on to her.

I just don't understand how college teachers can get away with seemingly just about anything in regards to how they treat students when the students are the ones paying them. I can't think of a single other thing that you pay money for that the people you're paying are just allowed to do whatever they want to you. These are supposed to be professional teachers and yet all these stories I hear from multiple people are just how petty and pathetic these teachers can be.

If you want to completely undermine their story, get her to go in with no phone at all, with witnesses to that fact. If it happens then, you can clearly demonstrate victimisation. But that's the burn your bridges and sink the ferry approach, and might lead to more problems than it solves in the long term, depending how senior / popular this particular teacher is in the faculty.

Complain further up the chain. Ask for the work to be re-graded by someone else - a piece of work should stand alone, its grade shouldn't be affected by work outside of it (it would be fair to mark it down if it is rubbish because she was on her phone, but not if it was good despite being on her phone (which she wasn't)).

A bit late, but hopefully I can help at least a little. There's always someone higher than the professor you can ask. Don't stand for this. College is expensive, time consuming, mentally draining for some, and a lot of work. The last thing someone needs is to have every bit of it go to waste because of some scum of a teacher. People's futures are NO place for personal vendettas.

Find someone who can deal with this, and be clear about the issue. Hopefully a resolution can be met. And if push comes to shove... Well, the media loves a good drama case, but that'd be taking things to the extreme and I wouldn't recommend it unless the college itself tells you and your girlfriend to get fucked

Go to a less shitty college.

I had a terrible professor that acted like that when I was stuck at a crappy 2 year community college when I started. Things were much better when I transferred to a real college.


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