The latest nVidia Drivers have broken my laptop.

So today I decided to do the regular nVidia Driver Upgrade on my ancient laptop and the results have been amazing: I now get black bars rapidly flashing across my screen when attempting to play any game using my dedicated GPU. Thankfully I'm not prone to seizures, otherwise I might've had one.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Or better yet, does anyone have a fix?

If it helps, my computer has an nVidia GT 525M and is currently running Windows 10. The Drivers in question are the most recent drivers as of 23rd Sept.

Hey man, sorry to hear this. Is there any way you can downgrade the latest drivers? That might fix the issues for you.

Reboot into safe mode and use the device manager to manually uninstall the drivers. Reboot again to make sure the change takes effect.

Then when you get back into the desktop, go to the nvidia website and download the last driver package that you knew would work, and manually install it. You'll probably need to search the legacy software, but they should still have them:


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