Is there any way to watch Canadian shows in the US?

I have recently come across Canada's Worst Handyman on Netflix and have been trying get a hold of a related show by the same host: Don't Drive Here.

Bizarrely, there doesn't appear to be any legal way to do so. It's not on Netflix or (apparently) any other legit streaming site. It's not on Google Play. It does exist on iTunes, but only in their Canadian Store and they won't sell it to a US citizen. There's literally a "Buy" button showing an amount that I'm willing to pay, I click the button, and they're suddenly allergic to my money. I'd even be willing to buy DVDs, but that's not on the table. The show aired several years ago, so it's not as though they're stilling mulling over distribution options. They've even gone so far as to take down the official facebook page and the show's page on Discovery Canada's website. I retrieved the latter with the Web Archive, but even when it existed, it didn't point in the direction of any way to watch the show save the now long-past method of tuning in on their cable channel.

Is this a normal frustration to have? I don't normally watch TV or movies online, so I'm not really familiar with this sort of thing. Vendors of software, e-books, and plain old physical objects are eager to take my money and send me things.

I don't really want to wade into the hazardous waters of internet piracy, but I don't see a legit option. Am I missing something?

There's a lot of episodes on YouTube if that helps.

That's how I watched the first 6 or so seasons of Canada's Worst Driver.

Is that a thing up there? Canada's Worst -------- ?


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