My desktop PC (windows XP) is acting up...

It told me that my C drive was getting full (I've partitioned my PC into a C drive for system stuff and a D drive for everything else, and the C drive is getting full because itunes keeps ripping my brother's CD music into the C drive...). My comp then prompted me to use a cleanup wizard.

So I did, and then it suddenly said "Oops! We've noticed that some of your windows files have been altered! Please insert _ to resolve the issue!". (I assume it meant the CD, which I've lost. My School DOES give us access to free software though, so I can download XP again.)

So I decided to cancel the data compression wizard. ...Now, it keeps bugging up whenever I try to access the control panel, Internet explorer (sometimes it works, though), or firefox. It keeps givign me stuff like "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). click ok to terminate program.".

:s What's the best course of action?

EDIT: ....oooook....Everything is working again.....It seems like it's only acting up SOME of the time.... 0_o


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