Updating integrated graphics drivers.

We have an Acer Aspire Windows 64-Bit laptop. I've been snooping around, and found that our laptop's graphics drivers aren't exactly up to date. It has the chipset "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family", with it at version (9/2/2009). Now, I know the latest version is, but no matter where I seem to look, they never have the right download for the drivers available, or they're not compatible with the drivers installed (Especially with Intel's site).

I've tried Intel's site, Acer's site, tried Device Manager's driver download option, but nothing seems to work. Anyone know where I can find the drivers to install?

Have you tried this link ?

Moreover : i wonder if upgrading your drivers is really necessary. Unless you have some problems with the way your gfx card works, i wouldn't expect much change (if any).

Please reconsider it. :)

The drivers might no be available in 64 bit. Intel is pretty bad about providing current x64 drivers for older chipsets.


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