How do you deal with loneliness?

This is incredibly out of character for me, but over the last month, I have gotten these massive pangs of loneliness in the evenings. Normally, I'm a fairly happy guy who has a decent amount of good friends, but this last month seems to have changed that for no apparent reason. By that, I mean my own emotional state. My friends are still here, and it's just as fun to be around them as ever, but the minute I'm alone I suddenly get all depressed and feel incredibly lonely. This is actually kind of scary for me, since I was never like this before, and the depression has only appeared in the last month.

There is nothing particularly stressful going on (aside from some tests at school, but I find those easy), nothing bad has happened, and my friends are still hanging out with me on a regular basis.

So I ask of you, fellow escapists, How do you deal with loneliness? Depression? Do you think I've got something wrong with me mentally, since this only happened in the last month?

Thank you in advance,

Have a objective/goal/dream to work towards and just try to achieve it.

Honestly, I love hanging out with friends, but without "me" time, I would go nuts, I wouldn't like to be around people 24/7, that's for sure.

I wouldn't say anything is wrong with you, you are just very social, are you clingy to any of your friends?

sounds like you need a new friend

Maybe look into getting a pet dog or cat if you don't have one already. My dog never fail to cheer me up.

How are you spending your time alone? If you're sat about not doing much it's easy to start feeling lonely, but if you're doing something you really enjoy you can forget about it. Exercise, playing an instrument, gaming, whatever, try a new hobby to keep yourself occupied.

Fap furiously. :3

but in all seriousness, if you think it's starting to do your head in, a visit to your local GP wont hurt, plus they're better then us to help you when it comes to mental awareness since everyone reacts differently.

What do you mostly do in your spare time?

Keep yourself busy. Play games. Exercise. Build model planes or something while you listen to music.

Also, you mentioned it's been worse in the last few months. Is it winter where you are? If so, could be mild Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Thank you for the advice, everyone. Yeah, having a goal does seem to help a bit. As for spare time, I usually game/read. Problem being that when one of these depression spells hit, I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING.

Fap furiously. :3

Hmm... now there's an idea...

Is it winter where you are? If so, could be mild Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I agree, SAD sufferers often start experiencing it when they're around 20, so if you fit the general demographic of Escapist users that's something to consider even if winters haven't affected you before.

Also, I actually got that sort of lonely-depression more when I used to hang out with my friends more. In fact, I'd feel the shittest about it just after nights out with groups of close mates. Suddenly finding myself alone after twenty hours of companionship hit me so hard I'd cry sometimes.

Now that I'm older and just don't have the time to be around friends so much, I'm a lot more comfortable with spending time alone. I think it's just that getting used to having company all the time makes you expect it, and feel like something's wrong when you don't have that company and fun (like so many things, really!) So it could just be that, in which case you need to recognise it and try to train yourself out of reacting in that way... I'm not entirely sure how, though. Like I said, I only stopped doing it when I stopped spending as much time with friends, and that's certainly not what I'm saying you should do.

I've lived alone for the past year so being lonely is well versed for me, some days are worse than others but the best bit of advise i can give you is distract yourself play some games, find some horror film to watch.

Actually the last one is pretty funny watching a horror film when you live alone and scarying yourself shitless is hilarious. I managed to freak myself out so badly i thought there was someone living in my attic so i crawled up there armed with a wooden spoon, then decided if there was someone up there it would be best not to piss them off and quickly left the dark even more scary attic.


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