I've got a (Computer) mouse problem...

Alright, so, a little back-story here.

I just built my very first gaming PC about a week ago from the ground up. After a few hours of turmoil and frustration, I got the thing to run and now it works like a charm. Nothing wrong with it as far as I can see, and I've played plenty of decent games that push it to its limits.

But there is one thing that has been bothering me. Not about the computer, but for the mouse that I got for it.

See, I got a CM Storm Devastator package that came with a mouse and keyboard in one box. The mouse and keyboard worked fine within the first week, but now the mouse is acting up for some reason. The keyboard is still fine, it's just the mouse.

To be specific, it's the mouse wheel itself that keeps pissing me off. The buttons and everything else are okay on it, it's just the wheel. When I am scrolling the web, the wheel has a tendency to jump back and forth. It has me so confused. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. It'll just jump back to where the page originally was and my scrolling efforts are all but wasted. So my main problem here is just a jumping scroll wheel I guess. And yes, I have tried another mouse on my PC and it works just fine.

I've tried looking for a driver on the company's website but I had no luck. I've tried un-installing the auto-installed driver and reinstalling the mouse several times, but I still didn't have any luck.

Would someone please be a bro for a noob like me to help me solve this problem? I have no idea if I am missing something or if this mouse is just complete shit, which seems to be a pretty good consensus after looking through some user reviews of it. I just want to be able to use this thing properly because it's a pretty neat mouse.

I had a similar problem with the Logitech G400, it would scroll to the opposite dirrection every once in a while. Try to figure out if it's a mechanical problem with the scroll wheel itself and not a software issue. In my case, because of the way the scroll wheel mechanism was designed, it would sometimes register the upwards scrolling direction when lifting my finger from the scroll wheel and there was little I could do other than get used to it. Recently it just stoped doing it (possibly because of the grime buildup..) Essentially it's a case of "you get what you pay for" I guess :P

Of course you could try returning it.

Usually a mechanical problem, but I don't know how comfortable you are trying to repair things on your own.
On cheaper built mice you either have the wheel slots clogged up (those let sensor light through and if they aren't clean the mouse can't really tell what is going on). Another problem is the catch spring (that is the one that stops the wheel on each increment), if it's too loose or too tight it can let the mouse slip or make it skip forward/back, also if the spring itself has too much travel space it could get pulled to the side just enough to register another increment but not physically skip to the next gear tooth and once you release the wheel that spring will pull back to register yet another move.

That is the cheap build, more expensive builds however come with full encased sensor parts which might be quite difficult to clean for a novice.
In either case you should first contact the manufacturer as long as there is warranty, if there isn't at least ask if they have specifics on the problem.

I've bought this Devastator combo pack recently and (obviously) have the same problem with the wheel. I've been trying to figure something out by myself and I believe I've found a solution. First of all, go get a good, thin cellulose tape (yes, I know, don't laugh) and a sharp razor. Unscrew the mouse, cut out a thin (like, ~1mm wide) strip of tape and stick it around a little, geared wheel that you can find next to the big scroll wheel, under LMB. Make sure you taped it well - it depends on the type of tape used, I had to stick two layers of tape to make the wheel work. It doesn't work perfectly, it still jumps from time to time for me, but maybe it's caused by the type of tape I've used.

I did this a few hours ago and it still works! Hurray! I can finally use the mouse without swearing like a pissed off seadog. Please try this yourself and tell if it works.

hey. i have the same mouse. cm storm devistator. and my wheel also jumps toe the opposite direction on like 20% of the times. i looked some stuff up and you might be able to make the side of the wheel that goes inside another wheel a little bit more thicker with a tape or soem sort of pain that does not eat plastic and see if that works. because i think the issue here is that the wheel is a little lost causeing the grip not to be perfect resaulting in the smaller wheel to jump back. i personally have not tried anything right now and i will. as soon as it fixes my issue. i will tell you.


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