The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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A large ribcage came up and protected Dillon's body as the attack hit, it still knocked him out though, leaving his body mostly unharmed save for a few bruises. A pair of white angelic wings formed out of air on his back and propelled him towards Blacknoah.
Amaya was in his head trying to get the Ego, super ego and ID back awake.

After disposing of the helicopters, the duo turned their attentions to the gathering battle of Rugal and the various other members. Angelus aimed carefully, and began to shoot off homing fireballs at him. A few hit him, but they didn't seem to do anything beyond negligible damage. The dragon was biding her time however, and was waiting for her magic to build up. Then Rugal would pay.

Rugal Dived into the Water below and at the same pace as the best swimmers in the world made his way to the Airlock of BlackNoah.
He walked among the bodies of his dead kin as he hunted down those within.


The two waves of water smashed into The Blacknoah with enough force to destroy a city. The boat was flooded with water a moment before her sure destruction. Tidal waves slammed into Alucard, Rip Van Winkle...but strangely, not Boss, who protected himself with a barrier as he had before.

Blacknoah hadn't been destroyed. She wasn't even rocked. With the exception of the deck Boss and Alucard were on, she remained mostly intact.

Boss was still smirking. "Your will can't pierce water. I don't know why, I don't know how, but it can't. I'm not entirely certain what flooding this floor will accomplish, but I'm sure it will do something, and I don't have to protect the rest of the boat for long." Boss turned around, and began to walk away. "I have to find the rest of my group. I'll see you...well, I might not see you, so, ta-ta."







Boss wandered around the corridors and soon came up The Real Rugal.
"Great another clone...This getting real an-"
Rugal lashed out with a punch that though sheer force alone nearly managed to break though his Barrier and knocked him back several feet.
"WHOA! What the?!"
Rugal merely grinned and advanced.

Cloning Bay
Phoenix was staring at Adel in the tube.
"How long has h-"
"From the second he came into this world..."
"No...This Man...No...not a man, a monster, Will not beat me this time!"
And with that Phoenix pushed Kazuya away from the computer and brought up the Data from the BlackNoah's Database.
He printed out a copy of the Dates and number of times Rugal had cloned himself.

1. Assassin Transcript
2. Assassin Funds
3. Cloning Data

"Thats All I need...Now How to get back to the Void?..."

Boss was taken aback. In the last hour or so, he'd deflected bullets, punches, hellhounds, something very like hell itself, and the ocean. And this guy still managed to sucker-punch him hard enough to throw him back.

"OK," Boss said. "You need to understa-"

Rugal (and Boss was certain it was the real Rugal this time) punched Boss in the face again, this time breaking every barrier around him. The Blacknoah was cruelley jerked around the precipice it was balanced on, shaking everyone on board. Boss was thrown back several more feet, landing on his stomach with what he was certain was a broken jaw.

No reasoning with him. Boss thought, erecting his mental barriers again. The boat steadied. And I can't fight him and keep the boat from getting destroyed at the same time. Only one option.

Boss stood up and took a deep breath. Rugal advanced lazily, relishing his hunt. "RUN LIKE A LITTLE BITCH BOY!" Boss yelled, and turned tail and ran.

Rugal merely looked on as Boss ran away, totally confused.
"...I think that is the first time that has actually happened..." He said to no one.
Rugal swore then got back on track towards the Cloning Bay.

Kazuya got back on the computer and shut down all of Adel's Life support systems.
"huh? wait WHAT!? Kazuya, you can't kill him! He hasn't done anything wrong!" Phoenix shouted
Kazuya ignored this as the fluid in the tank began to drain.
"When will you learn?...If I ever attempt to kill anyone..."
Kazuya then smashed the Tube and picked the barely alive Adel up on his shoulders.
"...It will be petty clear and there would be nothing you could do about it..."

In Dillon's mind
Amaya was shaking the Ego trying to get him to wake back up,
"Come on, You cared about me, that meant something to me, if you can't beat rugal I'll stay dead."
Gentle wasn't working
"WAKE UP" she screamed slapping him across the face.
All three entities suddenly jerked awake.
"F**K, that hurt." said the Id the Super ego got up knowing they'd need their dance to resume once again.
"OK, let's take it from the top." said the Ego, he was back on the piano, Amaya's presence was inspiring his finger too move with better precision, he was playing out his soul, and his soul wanted Rugal to die.
Back to AA
As Rugal advance he didn't notice another figure was landing right on top of him.

Dillon landed on Rugal's shoulders, sword first, the strike sliced at Rugal's back, he followed up by slamming his cane on Rugal's head.
as Rugal was stunned from the blow Dillon leapt back, he then began a complex intricate series of hand movements


Roaring flames roared from Dillon's hands, the searing flames burned at Rugal's coat and the skin on his torso, it was agonizing he could feel the hate originating from the flames, but Mercy was not for murderers, Dillon raised his hands again
A massive bolt of Black lightening hi Rugal, his heart beat became weak and irregular, the blasts impact also sent him flying, Rugal rolled over into a pool of water only to find the magic flames weren't extinguished by water.
"Don't bother," stated Dillon
"Those flames will never stop burning, even when your Body has been reduced to dust, it will still burn, but those flames burn slowly, that won't be for a while."
Dillon grabbed Rugal by the collar
"DOn't worry, when I;m done with you You'll wish you were dead."
Rugal was forced to look into Dillons eyes, the deep blue eyes, there was no mercy in those eyes, only a sense of justice.


Suddenly they weren't in the Black Noah, they were in an empty room, or it appeared empty Dillon took a step forward and ended up behind Rugal
"In this place, I am you god, I am holding all the keys, I am guarding all the locks, this is my own realm.
Suddenly the scene changed, it appeared to be the room in Dillon's mind
Amaya cracked her knuckles ready to fight her sisters killer
The Ego, id and Super Ego readied their weapons, this time the Ego was replaced by DIllon himself.
the Super Ego brandished a katana made of light, while the Id had black lightening crackling along his blade.
"I don't think you can beat all four of us." stated Dillon.
The four struck together in perfect harmony,
Amaya's kicks and punches kept Rugal off balance and his guard wide open, The Id's horrid black lightening made Rugal spasm and writhe, the Super Ego's blade carved through his flesh like it was rice paper.
Dillon fired Bolt after bolt, he never stopped slashing, what's more he was able to dadge strikes by moving a bit to his side, which made him appear on the other side of the room, Dillon controlled everything.
"You will pay dearly for Your sins, I'll send you to Hell myself." Dillon declared.

Dillon then opened his mind, any hero who wanted to join in the fight merely had to estblish a link with DIllon, then they would enter his world.

Amaya laid off from the attack and stood in a back corner of the room. A pure white ribcage formed around herself, extending untill it was a full torso, muscles then creeped onto it then the skin. Finally a set of armor came over the creature that had formed.

The ball and chain was lit afire in the susanoo's third hand, along with the tip of the scythe. The flaming ball and chain was spun around until it had formed a circular sheild.

The scythe was swund at rugal, clearly out of range, save for the attack of black flames that flew at him.

Boss took a moment to look at the fight behind him before backtracking and going the other way. There was a distinct possibility that Rugal had been headed to wherever the others were, and they all needed to leave as soon as possible.

Two twists later and he had arrived at the Cloning Facility. "GUYS!" He shouted. "WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, RIGHT NOW! THIS BOAT IS ABOUT TO BLOW!"

Rugal stared down his attackers.
"so...this is how it ends?..." He said as he staggered onto his feet.
" expect me to will be disappointed...I've held the power of God Himself in my hands...I've proven my power time and time again in the realm of battle...Hell I've made death my Bitch...What have you done?...merely proven that even with all your still can't finish me with out help from others...All your life you leached off others...

Think back for a moment...remember the SkyNoah?...All this power you stole it...much like how I stole mine...I've seen how quick you are to anger...all it takes is a thought...of divine power...of wealth and fame...of desire...heheheh...and you will be here where I am...Killing me won't change a damn thing...only prove my point...Evil...Evil never will always haunt you...until one look in the mirror the blood of your rivals...and you stop caring..."

He started to laugh.

"...and you become me...only with a cheap ass suit..."

He got back on his feet.

"...go ahead then...I'm waiting...of this life...I regreat...nothing..." He said back.

The Group ran for their dear lives as the ship started to fall apart.

Angelus and Caim took note of the allies escaping the falling base and decided the time was nigh. The dragon was able to store up just enough energy and called out: "If you have any grievances with this man, unleash them now! The base is beginning to collapse!
With that, the magical energies began to charge in her maw.

Justin heard the alarms, and the sound of the explosions within the depths of BlackNoah. "You let your mind wander for a second, and the next thing you know you're lost and the world around you is exploding." Justin didn't waste any time and began looking for an exit. Turning down a hallway he saw what looked like escape pods. Justin ground his teeth. Where the fuck did Glados go? They were separated and his mike didn't have the distance they were probably separated...

"Where is that fucking escape pod?" Justin heard his wife sub-vocalize. His heart leapt and he was given hope.

"I hear you! Can you find me?"

"You make it sound like you're far away" Glados said.

"You sound close" Justin sub-vocalized

"I'm right behind you" Glados giggled as Justin turned around stunned.

"No more splitting up" He pleaded as he embraced her, squeezing her tightly against him.

"Yeah we can hug when we are in the escape pod." She said opening one "And also I agree, you don't even know what I had to do."

They both nodded and entered the escape pod. They heard the pneumatic pressure build behind them, and the pod shot forward.

"So what now?" Glados said looking at Justin.

"I couldn't find anything on anyone to contact... And the cloning machine well I couldn't find it."

Glados shrugged "we might as well go back to Aperture. See what we need to restart the core." They sighed as the pod skipped over the waters surface. Away from the righteous destruction caused by the heroes.

Ignore me!!!!

Suddenly the room with Rugal and Dillon started to glow blue, electricity ran through the air on coiled and jumped across the ground, the couple knew who this was. A void of lightning opened and Tomoya stepped out into Dillon's mind but in Angel mode, he had white glowing eyes, lightning wings and two katanas made out of lightning on him.

"I want my power back from you two, Rugal you can't even control the most of my power and Dillon you don't deserve it, both of you stole it one way or another, I don't really care about you Dillon...yet, it's just that I want to send Rugal to Jack the Reaper at once" Tomoya said in his angry tone.

Electricity began to surround Tomoya "I can easily survive this and the sinking ship and take you down as well, and I know to not mess with Dillon in his own mind..." Tomoya said returning to his normal voice, he turned to Dillon, "You want to send this guy to Jack and Hell" He questioned.

In the chaos, and noticing that most of the humans had left BlackNoah, the dragon released her fire into the ship; puncturing more holes into the already unstable building. Furthermore, she allowed her human to sneak into Rugal's mind with Dillon, as the poor boy hadn't had much action in the last few battles.


Dillon's instructions had stopped almost as soon as they'd began, leaving Youmu unable to keep doing anything helpful and Edge wondering how she'd known how to start fixing it. An electronic voice rang out through the ship: THIRTY SECONDS TO IMPACT.

"Well, it's been nice working with you," Youmu told Edge, quietly. "Not going to be easy for me, getting used to being a proper ghost..."

Inside the smackdown of Rugal's mind
Caim stretched out in his new-found astral projection, and said, as he was a mental construct at the time and not bound by the flesh, to Rugal "I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is tired of your antics! Your antagonizing ends here!"
With that, Caim charged at Rugal and thrusted his sword forward, sending a sonic force Rugal's way. Once he was distracted by that, Caim sent a set of 4 large fireballs towards Rugal; opening the way for his allies.

Dillon did want to send Rugal to hell.
"If you want the light powers I'll give them to you, in fact I'd figure you'd want both of them that's why I sent us here, so I can do this."
Suddenly Dillon struck at Rugal his hand plunged deep inside Rugal's body, Rugal screamed as Dillon looked around, then he found what he was looking for, Dillon yanked out his hand and revealed to be holding a bolt of red lightning, Rugal's light power that had been stolen from Tomoya. Dillon let the lightening return to it's previous owner and then he looked at Rugal one last time.
"By the way Rugal your wrong, very wrong. I will never be like you, I never feel happiness from fighting, it excites me it gets my adrenaline running, but I feel true happiness when with those I care about."
Dillon held out his arms to indicate Caim and Tomya, and images of all the heroes were now with him.
"We find our happiness by sharing good times together by laughing together.
You know what I pity you."
Dillon began to laugh
"Stop laughing" demanded Rugal
He kept laughing as every he got ready to strike
"You're nothing but overgrown gorilla........ In a cheap suit."
With that every hero struck, Dillon's blade pierced Rugal's heart.

With that the Void Called to him.

Dillon Exited the illusion and luckily ended up close to where his poor airship was about to fall.
"Ok one last flight."
Dillon flew up and tried to push the airship, the used his phone hoping top tell Youmu to hit the last button, the on that would make the ship actually fly.
"Come on Youmu PICK UP" he said as he pushed at the airship.

Rugal held his chest in pain.
"Even with my new power...I lost..."
He felt something strange in his arms and looked to see that with his Arch Angel Powers gone, his Dark Ki Energy made his body began to fall apart.
"what?...MY BODY?!..."
A pillar of flowing Dark Energy began to engulf him.
"NO!....To meet such a fate...But I'll be Back..."


And with that, Rugal disappeared as the Pillar killed him, leaving only a skull projection before the pillar itself disappeared.

The Void
...........what?......this...this isn't death....then what is it then?....
Rugal awoke on a hard floor made of "...Darkness??..."
He looked around and saw several wooden desks and tables...and a man in a blue su-

"Your Honours..."

"What?...But I hav-"

"Actually Rugal, you have, because the writing was on the wall, The one who actually committed the crime...WAS YOU!"
Rugal realised what was happening.

"No alibi, no justice, no dreams, no hope!"
He wasn't going to die...

"It's time to pay for your crimes...TAKE THAT!"


A Portal appeared and dragged a screaming Rugal to his doom.

Rugal started to stir...
He was in...a castle of some kind.
Oh he's waking up!
"No? no what? are you saying no to cupcakes?"
Rugal shot awake and saw


You lot had better enjoyed that, I had to endure a dangerous amount of MiP in order to make this!

FIFTEEN SECONDS TO IMPACT the metallic voice sounded.

"C'mon, Youmu, pick up!" Dillon's voice had started calling back to her again.

"Dillon?" she asked. "Make it quick, I've only got 15 seconds down here!" He picked up the instructions from where he'd left off, leaving it to her to move between them quickly enough. He didn't bother to wait for confirmation she'd pressed each button in between. This is going to be close... they thought in unison. Finally, the last button in the sequence was pressed and Edge fell down from the roof as the ship braked its fall.

Unfortunately, they weren't quite fast enough. The ship still hit the ocean, but very little damage was done to it. Youmu wiped the sweat off her forehead. "Where are the others?" she asked.


A figure walked up to Rugal, mercifully not another pony like the others. Instead, it was a black hedgehog with red markings, who was clearly enjoying himself exactly as much as Rugal. "You'll get used to it eventually," he said, just before Pinkie Pie bowled him over again in the attempt to force-feed him cupcakes. "...Eventually."

Phoenix was teleported to The Rising Dawn after he finished talking with the Judges.
"Guys! I have great News!" He said before he realised that he was under-water.
He quickly resurfaced in the Kitchen.

Escape Pod Number 342
"Attention, this is Devil, Subject Acquired and Target Killed, requesting Evac"
A helicopter en route to a hidden location received the news.
"This is Jaguar, we are on our way."
The man hung up and said to one of his men "Make the call..."


Escape Pod Number 341
As Justin and Glados awaited there landing, Glados's Iphone/Whatever beeped.
"Oh...wait...That was the business message alert!" Glados's exclaimed.
She pulled it out and brought up the Business News App.
"Justin! Someone brought out Aperture All the Stocks, all the Assets, they even paid off all the Debts!"
"The company is Tri-cell Incorporated, a major pharmaceutical corporation and the Investor's name is..."

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