The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Melethia laughed. "Well, I'm gonna meet him an' see exactly what it is that he needs before I go an' do anythin' fot him. It's a lot easier that way, an' I can make it just for that guy's strengths an' weaknesses. Kinda like what I did for ya, Mister Fionn!"

Slindis nodded and talked to everyone there in a calmer tone.. "Fionn, I understand your pain. From what I've seen, it's hard for most any angels to break free of that mentality of anything they do being right even if it's fatally flawed. Personally, it's why I prefer people more. Although we've all been proved to be flawed at one point or another, we can actually see that when it's pointed out. If we're smart, we can overcome those difficulties and show the Angels what it means to be good in spite of our flaws, because we can easily take a look at what could be."


Tch! Always one for speeches... Rugal thought as Slindis went into detail, though the thing that got to him was how every detail could be used against him.
...So either give up what I have or give up what I want....Never a easy choice.. He mused as he recalled her ultimatium, Shut down AIM and his Cartel's last stronghold or leave.
No matter how often he weighed up the choices, still didn't know which he'd choose.
....Would the speeches be a positive or a negative? He asked himself as he added his 2 cents to his PSA.
"I mean, I get why you want to indulge in some recreational massacring, Fionn, but it's a waste of time at this point. The second we can pin point Tomoya's location, that's it, Game set.
Though if it'll make you feel better, I'm certain you can "Meet" him afterwards..." He said, appealing to Fionn's drive for revenge.


Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Dillon had hacked into the network while this discussion was going on; he downloaded a map, and found the best route to where Dark Tomoya and Dark Shaun were. Once he was done he could pick up on Slindis disapproving tone he smirked.
"So then you don't believe in killing them either? This Fionn has some questionable ethics."
Slindis looked at him.
"Even if it's an enemy surrendering is a plea for mercy, and one should extend mercy to those who beg for it."
"But when Rugal called a truce you decided to not show him any mercy and attack and nearly kill him."
Dillon sighed.
"Actually I wasn't going to kill Him I just wanted his attention, but I did Ignore his plea for a truce or a plea for mercy, but that's because I assumed he hadn't changed, The Rugal I knew didn't deserve mercy.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Slindis shook her head. "It seems there's much you've lost track of in your time, but you need to realize this: Rugal informed the crew of the Rising Dawn of who he was when he took his position. We were not coerced nor forced in any way, shape or form. And despite what you may believe, he's done a fine job coordinating the crew."

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

...That....Wasn't exactly how *I* remembered it, but, okay... Rugal though as Slindis defended his character yet again.
While he was rather strict when he first arrived (Though given the lack of co-operation on the crew's part...), for everything that happened, he managed to get the crew to work together, something even Dillon had issues doing.
Still, his re-appearance all of a sudden proved to be awkward, could bring up issues that, in time, he'd confess to.
Sin is best taken in small doses, but Dillon had entire filing cabinets on him and if he was to throw a massive list at her all at once...

"Look, I get that you hate my guts and quite frankly, I ain't too fond of yourself either, but like I said "AFTER Tomoya is beaten"..." He reminded Dillon, hoping to settle him for more then 5 minutes.

"No, I used to hate you, and I do want to get rid of Tomoya, he's a threat to everyone, and also I want to uphold my end of the promise."
"Yes, If I help you stop Tomoya You would help me find my family, my wife is being tortured, so if we can move forward I'd appreciate that a lot, every second I take is another second I may not have to save her.
He read his map,
"Now then let's put the past where it belongs, I Have a map to Tomoya, bypassing his security."
Dillon was off the ground flying he was restless, He Didn't want to argue with Rugal right now as long as Rugal kept his words he was ok with falling into line. However depending on how quickly this threat could be dealt with Dillon Didn't know what conditions he had to meet to gain the Rising Dawn's assistance.

"If we're smart, we can overcome those difficulties and show the Angels what it means to be good in spite of our flaws, because we can easily take a look at what could be."

"And what will that accomplish exactly? Make ourselves feel better when they wipe out another city in a tantrum again? No, I aim to send them the right message." He stood up, throwing the sack over his shoulder. Slindis could see the man was past second thoughts at this stage, "I don't know about you, but I've had it with these teenage prats wielding power like this and expecting everyone to accept their demands as if they are infallible, thinking they can be able to inflict their will on who they feel like and consider their problems to be oh so more important than anyone else's. "

He shot a glare at Dillon. The Thousand Yard Stare of a war veteran turned bounty hunter mid-homicidal rage was far more potent than any retort he had at that instant. If he had any shred of common sense, he would hold his tongue.

Storm, Shaun & everyone else.
Location: Main Hallway A | Blackhawke | The Destroyed Archangel Armada.

The group managed to find their way into the main hallway which stretched and split into two smaller corridors leading to two key area. One was the main chamber which Tomoya awaited in, and the other was the weapons control center which Dark Shaun awaited in with a couple of elite heavy armored units. When the hallway split the whole group could see a giant window viewed into the core of the ship, which was a giant spinning black sun.

A grunt came from Storm's soldier, and soon enough the eyes of the Author opened up. The whites in his eyes were almost completely red and the bright blue iris had started to glow. The cuts along Shaun's body were glowing blue and his clothes were mostly ripped which gave away the appearance of his semi-athletic body. "Here we are." Shaun said to everyone as he was up and stretching.

As if it was suppose to come out of his author's mouth, Storm began to speak. "Here we are, the end of the trail. We both know what we have to do, stop Tomoya, stop the weapon and the shadow author. One passage leads to Tomoya's main chamber and the other the main controls to the weapons." The spartan said in front of everyone, his armor was scarred, torn and scratched from head to toe. After all of this he will hate the experience of fixing it.

"I'm going to defeat my shadow self, I will need some people to back me out. The others will go with Storm here and defeat Tomoya since if he escapes will mean the doom for us all. Make your decision and get ready." Shaun said bluntly as he leaned against the wall to the main control room. This was very unlike his normal personality, though this is not the most normal situation.

All the torture from both physical and mental trauma has gone to his mind and body, it has transformed him for this time. When this is all over he would need to mend this in time. Though the thought still remained in his head, "(That isn't me!)". Meanwhile Storm just grunted and waited on the other side leading to Tomoya's main chamber, still pissed from being used as a puppet twice and had his precious AI violated by human hands.

The two had many things in common.
They wanted to do good.
They wanted to save both the world and their friends.
And they both were named the same.

Dark Shaun.
Location: Weapons Main Control Room | Blackhawke | The Destroyed Archangel Armada.

The lonesome Dark Shaun was in a big room filled with many machines which were accompanied by many test tubes and science equipment. The room was quite large for it's size but it had a giant window which had the core inside of it. The VERY loyal elite heavy armored angels surrounded the Dark Author making sure nothing or no one could touch him.

This made the Dark Author only sigh. He wanted to save himself but now he has to kill himself to actually save himself. Dark Shaun didn't want his normal self to be destroyed with this world so he would kill him himself and hopefully use the rest of his power to send him back to the (un)RL world, but this would cause problems. "(How did I lose control!?)" The Dark Author cursed his lonesome and angry self as he kept checking the system as he wanted to know if there were any weapons on the ship to fire upon the Earth.

Dark (Demon prince) Tomoya.
Location: Main Chamber | Blackhawke | The Destroyed Archangel Armada.

The Demon Prince or Former Archangel was sitting on his bloody throne smiling.
He watched the cameras closely and noted the in-coming heroes.
He didn't care about anything anymore. The only thing that called within him was ... "Blood." He only wanted to spill blood and create death. Though this state of mind was extremely unstable and his hold on the real Tomoya was becoming lesser within the second.

The shadow or evil part of him did not care, he had absorbed all of his Archangel power and turned it all to evil a long time ago. The hole within Dark Tomoya's chest still felt like it vibrated as though a heart was still there.

Riki & Kud.
Location: Blackhawke | The Destroyed Archangel Armada.

The couple dashed through the ship. The only things they have heard is from their rings that Shaun has been found. The two knew that they were going to face Tomoya soon and they have found a way to help the actual Tomoya. The two had exhausted faces, they had gained a lift from an angel they helped uncorrupt thanks to the stone which will help everyone in this fight and ultimately help their goal.

Archangel Michael.
Location: The Destroyed Archangel Armada.

As Michael floated through the empty space, he admired the site of war in front of him.
He did hate the death of war, but sometimes he found it beautiful.
Sighing in front of him he knew what he had to do. He was going to call in his brothers after all of this either way, if Tomoya won they would have to cleanse the system, if the heroes won they would need to find out what to do with Tomoya.
Michael wanted Tomoya to be bought to justice, although some of his brothers didn't think the same.

"I'm going to defeat my shadow self, I will need some people to back me out and to destroy anything which will start the weapon. The others will go with Storm here and defeat Tomoya since he can activate the weapon by himself and if he escapes will mean the doom for us all. Make your decision and get ready."

After Shaun finished detailing his 'plan', Fionn cocked Sandy. The Preacher gave Tomoya a final chance for redemption, Fionn only one thing to say to the man. "I have the Angel. I'm looking to finish my collection anyway". He slowly walked ahead of the group, ignoring any reactions from them. "I you want a front row seat to the show, I'd try to keep up. I'll try to put create a good spectacle for you all". His tone wasn't of arrogance, but tranquil rage.

Dillon Weighed his options.
"I'll help you out with Dark Shaun, Your the closest friend I have so I'll stick by your side.
He flared his wings and drew his baldes the motion was so fast no one saw the actual blades beign drawn they seemed to just appear in his hands.
Dillon felt bad for one of the other reeasons DIllon was choosing to side with Shaun, The Dark Shaun had a blade charged with Negative energy, and Dillon intended to take that blade for himself.


Once everyone was in position, Riki and Kud sneaking in after Dimitri was kind enough to give them a means to find the group, Rugal began to give the order for the final push.
"Okay...This is the end people...2 targets, Tomoya and Dark Shaun...Tomoya is to the left...Dark Shaun to the right.
2 Groups, I know splitting up mightn't seem like a good idea at this point, but we need to ensure that if we engage one of our targets, the other doesn't get the chance to fire off any other weapons while we are preoccupied. The Black Hole Gun is gone, but this ship is still large enough to do a lot of damage from orbit." He explained as he sized up the group and tried to figure out what set up would work.

Before the groups split off into teams, the Cleric dismounted from her wolf and waved a hand hurridly, "Wait a minute!"

There was a pause, and Teri had already begun to chant a spell, touching the nearest by; and a small wave of lightning like energy washed over the recipient.

As the spell began to recharge, the Cleric explained that if they gave her a few minutes, herself and her master could make sure that the group going after Tomoya would be WELL prepared against lightning and physical damage before they went to run the guantlet. It took a few minutes, but by the time the Cleric was done, everyone going after Tomoya were warded with Protection Against Energy and Shield of Faith before going off to fight the corrupted angel of Lightning.

Everyone fighting Tomoya is warded with Protection from Energy - Lightning! Protection from energy grants temporary immunity to the type of energy you specify when you cast it (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). When the spell absorbs 12 points per caster level of energy damage (to a maximum of 120 points at 10th level), it is discharged. At this point, Teri is able to ward the group for 84 points of Lighting damage for 70 minutes!

Everyone fighting Tomoya is warded with Shield of Faith! This spell creates a shimmering, magical field around the touched creature that averts attacks. The spell grants the subject a +2 deflection bonus to AC, with an additional +1 to the bonus for every six levels you have (maximum +5 deflection bonus at 18th level). At this level, Teri's shield guards for +3 AC against being hit, and lasts for 7 minutes!

With all the spellcasting done, Teri wobbled against Garm and gave a wave to those going against Tomoya, wishing them luck in battle.

Before the Split

Slindis looked the group over and started chanting a spell. "May Tira give you all strength, and may you return here safely." As she touched each person on the head, they felt more fortified, agile, and confident.

Slindis expends 60 SP to cast Resistance on everyone but herself and Melethia, giving them a +3 resistance bonus to all saving throws for 21 minutes!
SP left: 116/266

Shortly after that, she focused intently and the entire group felt a burst issue forth from the Paladin/Monk, and a shimmering barrier popped up around each person.

Slindis used up a Turn Undead attempt to produce a Mass Shield of Faith effect on the group, providing a +5 Deflection bonus to getting hit for 21 minutes! Those aided by Teri's Shield of Faith are especially fortified.

Turns Left: 11

After that, Teri pulled Teri and Melethia aside to talk to them before they departed. "Keep an eye on that Dillon. I realize it may be nothing, but for some reason, I get the feeling that he may be up to something. Also, Teri. Try to keep an eye on Devon. We both know who he is, after all."

Team Tomoya

After the groups split, Slindis turned to the others there. "We all know who we're headed up against, and we all know what he can do. That's why I'm going to give a bit more protection here for all of us." She put her left hand on everyone but Rugal and herself, and they all felt a bit more fortified against electricity.

Slindis expends 105 SP to cast Resist Electricity on the entire group besides herself and Rugal! Lasting 21 minutes for each person, it allows them to ignore the first 30 points of damage of each lightning or electricity-based attack. Any Excess will be taken off any Protection From Energy spells if applicable before targeting the person.

SP left:11/266

Tajuh turned to her and nodded. "It won't stop the worst, but any protection that we can get here helps greatly." Rugal could see that the man that was his second in command was planning out his method of attack, and he had to admit that the man had aided him greatly throughout this entire event. There was one thing that bothered him, though: where had he learned so much? He had seen what Tajuh had done out on the battlefield, and his machine was the only one that had come out of that maelstrom of a battle completely unscathed.

Team Shaun

Melethia looked at Teri with a bit of confusion as she rode on Lupito. "Um, Miss Teri, who is that Devon? I mean, he can play music good enough, but he doesn't really seem all that important at all. So why did mom want ya to keep an eye on him?"

Meanwhile, Devon stuck close to Angelus. He could have went alongside Dillon, but something about the man just felt off to him. Plus, hearing that the man had planned on attacking the group from Slindis made him understandably wary.

"If you don't mind me asking, Angelus, what's with that Dillon? There's not really that much I know about him, and it would be nice to find out before we get right into the fight."

Before the Split

After wandering back to the main group and parting ways (and directing the Cutie Bruisers to follow Caim), Angelus made her way to the team going after Dark Shaun, a smug grin on her face.

Team Tomoya

After getting the buffs, those involved could see that Caim's smile seemed... Different than usual. Rather than full of battle lust; rather, it was the pleased satisfaction of someone who ate the last treat on a plate at a party. Whatever it was, the group could only hope it was a good thing. Staying close to his 'children', Caim gave a solemn nod to Ton Ton and Cadolbolg before the group advanced to the next gauntlet, Angelus' words hanging silently in his mind.

Team Shaun

Giving a nod to her 'Mother', Teri and Melethia loped off on the wolves to the group attacking Dark Shaun, and Teri answered Melethia's question with a nervous laugh, "Well... Devon's from my world. I know he trained with Luci for a while to learn how to Bard properly, like I did with Mu- I mean, Ms. Slindis to learn how to be a proper Cleric. Aside from that, he's been a helpful comrade. I'm guessing Ms. Slindis wants me to watch after him because he shares similar powers that I do. That is to say, he can poof stuff like I can... Sort of. His are a little more unstable and tend to hurt him kind of badly; so I'd imagine the concern stemming from there... "

After Teri mentioned her Fallen Boyfriend, her hand went instinctively to the necklace he gave her; a soft sigh forming on her lips. Here they were about to do something monumentally dangerous, and possibly life threatening, and yet the Cleric thought of him. Maybe that was normal for some girls, but the Cleric couldn't help but admonish herself. Now was not the time for distractions! If they were to battle Shaun's Shadow, concentration was key!

"Say, Ms. Teri?"


"You didn't tell me you had called gear..."


Meanwhile, Angelus took Devon's question into account and nodded solemnly, whispering quietly as she did so, "It would be wise to not speak of persons right in your vicinity, Devon... However, I will keep this quick. As far as I remember, he took power from Tomoya himself after Rugal did the same. How, I'm not certain. Why, I don't know. Regardless, somewhere along the way it messed with his mind and fractured it. There are periods of stability... But I wouldn't count on it. Just keep clear, and watch for shifting hair or eye colors... Er. Devon... Care to explain where your clothes came from? Your's just changed all of a sudden."

Rugal: Before the split

As all arrangements were set and spells were cast, Rugal merely stood by and watched, bracing himself for the fight of his life.
Okay...Can't be that never actually Killed him...despite saying so...Still, Who can tell?... He thought as his team took off for the fight of their lives.
"...Slindis..." He started after she was done applying their buffs.
"...I just wanted you to know, To call fighting alongside you an honor would be a disservice...It the best time I've ever spent in my Life and for that...and for everything else...I thank you.
...I love you..."

Team Tomoya

Thus his team entered the bridge and saw the Demon Prince himself setting on a bloody throne that matched the blood he spilled all over the bridge, Fionn standing in front of him, gun drawn, completely un-affected by the presence of Tomoya.
However, he was slightly disappointed that his Angel wings had long since became demonic and there were no feathers to pluck from his corpse.
Still, guess he could just take the entire wing?

" rest of your rabble has shown up...." He smirked as the team entered, Riki and Kud watching from the side lines, recalling the last time they saw the Angel.
"You know...I should have just visited each one of you personally and tore your insides out, little by little. Then the world would be nothing and I'd be a LOT happier..." He chuckled somewhat manically as he stood up.
Yeah...I know that feeling... Rugal stated, having been in the same position of regret SEVERAL times over the course of his life, completely understanding the frustration of being foiled by a small team of do-goers.
"Still, nothing I can't fix, I mean, I might travel...Hear that those people on other planets...they bleed a lot more...But...Where are my manners?..
...Please, Die slowly.."
He finished his speech before bringing up his blade from a floating vat of darkness and snapping his fingers for a thunder clap in the vacuum of space around them.
The Final Showdown had begun!

To start, he struct the floor with his blade and charged it with dark lighting, causing arcs of electricity to burst from the ground at them.

Team Shaun

As Dark Shaun managed to find some still functioning cannons to shell the Hagane with, The team sent for his life arrived.
He was rather distraught to see them, especially when he saw the Real Shaun, alive and well.
"WHAT?!...GUARDS! GET THEM! GET THEM ALL!" He ordered as His elite guard advanced on the group, giving him a chance to get a shot out and do as much damage as possible.




Team Shaun

Dillon wasn't fazed by the Elite guard in fact he didn't really care for them.
"Coward, you won't avoid me that easily."
His soul and Excalibur were trying to resonate at maximum potential in fact the others if they listened could hear music emanating from his soul.

He attacked Dark Shaun, He was vicious borderline feral hi pulled every trick he could with feints and kicks and any sort of blocking he'd promptly break by punching Dark Shaun in the face.
"What's the matter boy can't take the heat?" Dillon Taunted, he was losing himself. His hair was slowly turning black, and he couldn't stop grinning.
"How can you threaten the world? You're a pushover? What made you the way you are? Did you have a bad day? Did your girlfriend leave you for some football Jock?" he asked while delivering a slice to Dark Shaun knee
"Get beat up by some punk but no one defended you?" His knee rammed into Dark Shaun's gut.
"Something like that happened to me once you know, I don't know what it was, sometimes I remember it one way sometimes another, If I'm going to have a past I prefer it to be multiple choice." He cackled and pressed on his attacks.

Slindis: Before the split

She merely nodded and gave him a look that told him it could wait until after the battle.

Team Tomoya

Slindis instinctively dodged the lightning while Tajuh rolled to the side evading the lightning as he closed on the Dark Angel. If the lightning had glanced him, it would have been absorbed by the lightning. Meanwhile, he quickly began breaking down how he'd approach the fight while Slin closed in on Tomoya, focusing on making sure that Tomoya wouldn't get comfortable.

Team Shaun

Before entering the room, Devon was clearly shaky on his feet as the equipment settled on him. "Angelus, I don't know how it came. I just wanted to make sure we were all ready, and I focused on me and Teri... Guess it came through, huh? It sure wore me out, though. Still, don't worry about me. I'm not going to hold any of you back." He stumbled as he walked, making it clear that the summoning of the equipment had taken a massive amount of energy out of the Bard. In any Case, Angelus could feel that the Bard had gotten Gear suited perfectly for the both of them, and Dillon could see it as well.

Devon's mnaged to unlock his Author Summon Ability: Equipment! This is limited to gear that would be found in Eberron or any place associated to Eberron, can not be any weapons, wands or potions, and is limited to Devon's Character level! The massive use of it just now has completely worn the Bard out, limiting his involvement in the fight to Perform Checks or Charisma-based skills. No magic or fighting for him!

Devon tried to enter the room, but Lupito intervened. The wolf was clearly going to keep a very close eye on the Bard as it had let Slindis know of his condition and communicated back to him.

Meanwhile, Melethia began by pulling out her returning dagger made of a purplish metal and threw it at the nearest trooper while keeping the Kukri nearby to slash at any enemies that closed the distance and slash at anyone that would attack her, Teri, or anyone not named Dillon.

Team Shaun

Dillon's rush down assault on Dark Shaun left his back exposed, a fact that became clear to him once a pair of Elite hands grabbed him from behind, binding his arms as another took the chance to begin striking him in the face and with his his metal fist.
As Shaun crawled off, Dillon saw the elite's sword about to enter his gut for his attack.

Melethia and Lupito meanwhile found themselves in a bit of a pickle, the armor of the Elites was thick enough to dull most of Luptio's attacks though Melethia's throwing dagger seemed to penetrate one of the helmets, though it didn't seem to faze him much, but if the helmet armor was weak...

As for her Kukri, it would be a sword fight between the guards and her if she used it, though they had strength, armor and size on their side.


Team Shaun

Dillon was quick thinking, with a snap of his wrist he sliced off the hands of the guard holding his right arm.
he sheathed the sword, grabbed the guard holding his left arms and forcefully threw him into the third guard who promptly stabbed his ally, Dillon now free flew backwards to rejoin his allies, he then knelt onto one knee holding his heads.
"Damn those bastards pack a punch."
His face was devolving a large fist shaped bruise and a cut on his forehead, it was bleeding and Dillon's body was very good at telling him he was in pain.
He was in a poor situation, he had a few teammates who were ineffective to him Melenthia definitely saw him almost get impaled but she being as stubborn as her mother chose to let him almost die.
He Surveyed the layout, and the elite's fighting he had removed one's hands and killed another, He flew up out of the Elite's reach to get a better survey his devious mind tainted by his id was thinking of the most effective method to take out the elites.
And preferably a method that could involve a large burden being put on Melenthia, not one so it depended on her skills which Dillon had no confidence in, but something that would make it hard for her.

Team Shaun

Melethia noted the armoring on the helmets was weak with a certain amount of joy as she caught the returning dagger and tossed it back at the mask again as she Looked for an opening. One that was quickly provided by Devon As he wildly panicked. "What the hell is your buddy trying to do? He's gonna kill us all!"

Unfortunately, the bluff was not believed by the guard as he beared down on Melethia and tried to get a powerful swing in, but she sprung up and stabbed the man in the face before moving off to another area, and Lupito interceded to keep Devon and Melethia safe. The fact that Dillon was keeping himself out of the line of fire didn't go unnoticed by Devon. What the hell are you playing at?

Team Shaun

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE! GUN HIM DOWN!" The Dark Author commanded as Dillon saw one of the Elites take aim with a large assault rifle and started to open fire, intent on making the place a "No Fly Zone" as his master tended to his wounds.
Despite loosing his arm, the wounded Elite also aided his partner by pulling out his side arm and firing at Dillon.

Melethia on the other hand was about to have her skull smashed in until that stab to the weak armor of the Helmet hit it's target, getting it in the same spot her hit with her throwing dagger for extra damage.
She'd managed to take out one of the Elite's eyes, blinding him and causing him to start flailing his sword around in a attempt to hit something.

And because I didn't mention it earlier, there are 6 Elites, Minus one that Dillon killed.

[quote="bluerocker" post="540.101127.16662356"]

Team Shaun
The Elite's started to Open fire Dillon used his wings to shield himself from oncoming Projectiles/
"Damn you guys are persistant, If only I could take them out before Dark Shaun could heal himself.
Dillon suddenly dropped down on a guard his blade sinking deep into the back of the guard's neck. He was right next to Devon. Dillon noticed the accusatory Look.
"You have some sort of problem pal?"
Well, I'm just a bit confused as to why you appear to be avoiding the fight
"Actually I thinking, You may wanna look at Dark Shaun, I cut him up pretty badly but then his guards grabbed me roughed me up then I was almost stabbed See I had hoped someone would watch my back, but no one did.
So instead I'm trying to carefully take them out effectively see I'm not armoured, so a bad hit could cripple me, I'm already a bit dizzy from getting this."
He pointed at his face which was roughed up from the Elites strikes
"So I have to be more cautious, if you have any suggestions I'm all ears"

Team Shaun

"You have some sort of problem pal?"

Devon looked Dilon over and thought about what he was going to say very carefully. Angelus had mentioned that Dillon was extremely unstable earlier, and he was not in the condition to really defend himself at all. After all, if he shifted over, odds were that Dillon would pick him out as the weakest link.

"I'm just thinking of how we should handle this, but isn't that Shaun kind of like the Shadow version of Shaun? Now hear me out on this. I've got the feeling that nothing's really going to change if the Real Shaun can't accept that there's some messed up things about him. So if we can get these guards out of the way, it'd make it a lot safer for him to have that eventual realization. I know it sounds foolish, but it would help out a lot more if you could, I dunno, work at splitting their focus? It's worth a shot, at least."

Meanwhile, Melethia seized the opportunity granted by the blinded man and stabbed him multiple times in the face as he flailed about, giving him a one-way ticket back to Saint Peter.

Team Shaun

Teri quietly thanked God that she had the right mind to remain on Garm as they waded into battle. Not only did it ensure her position of being well away from the combat, you know, with riding a big ass wolf; it also meant that she could cast while in the midst of combat.

Given that she's riding a bigass wolf in the midst of combat while trying to cast, Teri needs to make two concentration checks, the first a DC 11 and the second a DC 12. She rolls a 16 and a 23. You go girl!

As a result, Teri is able to cast Shield of Faith and Summon Ice Construct 2 without any issues! 18 seconds till another 1st level spell can be cast. 24 seconds till another 2nd level spell can be cast.

After Garm gave a bite to a soldier that wasn't as effective as the wolf would have liked, Teri slapped a Shield of Faith on her furry friend, and then took a moment to summon our good friend the Ice Hippogriff to play. While Witherwings may not have been able to pierce the armor like those around him; he certainly could aid in his bulk. For one, when he was summoned, he was dropped atop one of the elites. While the Elite may not have been dead; it certainly wasn't comfortable getting smooshed by what amounted to a large ice sculpture.

In the meantime, Teri kept her Tablet and her healing aura at the ready in case Dark Shaun tried anything funny.

Angleus on the other hand, was ready to be far more proactive; the flames in her hands burning bright as she began whipping streams of fire around her like enormous serpents; ready to burn at the enemy's armor should they get too close. Well, getting to close meaning any guards she could see.

Team Dark Tomoya

Caim easily dodged the lightning strikes with a well timed roll to the right; the Cuties (as Ton Ton took his normal position via mounted on Cadolbolg) veering to the left in the air. With that, the warrior changed weapons to the Angel Killer. Regardless of whatever magic could come of use here; Caim figured that it would be better in the long run to had hits that counted instead of the occasional fireball here or there; especially with as many people getting cramped in the room as there were. Following the weapon shift, Caim began his usual tactic of initiating a charge.

The Cuties from there, took to the air, and Ton Ton readied himself for a dive for Tomoya's general shoulder area. Wherever the Knife could land, the better.


Team Shaun

Dillon shook his head his Id was clouding his better judgement, Devon's more calming voice being respectful as opposed to the how the others arrogantly dismissed and rejected him was helping Dillon get a grip on his reality.
"So basically what you want is his good half and dark half to mix so they'd become like me."
Devon looked at him.
"I'm having a pretty bad day, the stress is really piling up plus I can sense the hostilities of what's supposed to be my allies, it's making me really agitated with a short temper. That's partially why I freaked out I got some more bad news.

But my point is dark Shaun was fighting my id we were both the dark halves of a soul, but mine's internal and I have to learn to accept that dark side as a part of me. You want us to get those two half's together."
Dillon held his pounding head, he counted three Elites left.
"If that jackass hadn't given me such a headache this wouldn't be such a problem." he admitted

Team Shaun

Melethia waved a thanks to Teri as the brawl continued, as the Dragon keeping the heat off her made the fighting much easier. "Thanks, Miss Angie! Ya really saved my butt there." She moved over to help Devon out, as she could see that he wasn't in any real condition to fight.

Devon smiled as he saw the young girl backing him up and realized that she didn't know who he was to her. He needed to talk to her after this was all said and done, but he proceeded to sing a rallying song to get the group going.

Devon Inspired Greatness in the group! The song gives a +2 competence bonus to attack rolls, a +1 competence bonus to Fortitude saves, and 20 temporary hit points to his group. Duration: 4 minutes before boosts.

Team Dark Tomoya

Slindis Took a moment more to read Tomoya's actions while Tajuh coordinated with Caim, balancing out the Silent Swordsman's practiced and refined rage tempered with years of experience with his own long amount of combat experience and collected precision, and Caim could see in the way that Tajuh fought that he clearly respected Caim's expertise with the blade.

Team Shaun

On the other side of the core of the Blackhawke was Team Shaun. Before the battle Shaun had a large grin in his mind, but his body did not allow him to give any emotion except rage and anger. The Dark Shaun took these emotions away with him deciding that Shaun was too cowardly to use them and locked them away in his heart. Though now Shaun only wanted to take them back and save his friends, he only wanted to kill himself.

Though the problem is ... one cannot kill another part of themselves.

In the middle of the battle, Shaun could only stand at the back of the room.
His brain didn't know what to do. He knew no magic or had no combat knowledge or technique except the fact that he had swung a fake katana a few times and had confidence in his fists.

Running passed most of everyone in a flash, Shaun picked up a sword and gun which laid on a dead elite.
Everyone could know it was him from his weird glowing body.
One elite stood in his way, but it was no more in a second because of Dillon, though the area was replaced by one of the others.

Shaun stood before his other self, which wielded the fake Dark Excalibur which was not real.
"You came ... finally" His younger but dark self said.
Gripping the sword and gun tightly he knew that his other self had the same kills as him, no experience in swords and little experience in guns.

Striking forward his other side easily blocked. "Do you really- He was saying but had to dodge a bullet from Shaun too.
"Those skills are fake ... because ... because, YOU ARE NOT-" He was about to say the magic words which everyone who had played Persona 4 or watched it should know.

Team Tomoya

Whilst most of the group battled the raging but yet descending former Archangel, the two young adults known as Riki and Kud were at the back of the room with a single book open. This book was something Michael gave them when they were on their way to the Blackhawke. This one book was called "Libro de Lumine (Book of light)" and it was a guide for the Stone of Light, Michael managed to pinch it from the last Archangel of Lightning's library.

Kud held another book close to her but that was for her own profession.
The book was wide open and the two were searching it frantically to find out what they can do to help the real Tomoya, the one which dwells inside of that thing known as Dark Tomoya.

"Light bullet ..." Riki said quietly and looked to one of his guns named as "Light Seeker". He nodded to himself and the two began to do the instructions to make this weapon and hopefully do something to help.

Dark Tomoya in the meantime was on the defensive but managed to spot the two kids at the back of the room.
Remembering the book instantly he aimed his gun towards them and fired, but for it to only hit a solid metal armor. Storm knew he didn't belong in the other group and he also wanted to save his best friend which also resides inside the body of that Dark being.

Pulling out his dual guns, Storm spend his time shooting out the dark tentacles and blocking his bullets which made few large impacts on his body, but the spartan did not care.

"All I need is blood, give ME blood!" Tomoya yelled as he lightning lashed out towards everyone but also worked together with the testicles.

The Best Autocorrect Ever MUST be saved for eternity or Tomoya's got BALLS OF STEEL:
"All I need is blood, give ME blood!" Tomoya yelled as he lightning lashed out towards everyone but also worked together with the testicles.

Team Shaun

Devon shotued at Shaun immediately when he heard what the Australian was about to say. "Just accept him! It's going to save a lot of time in the long run!"

Meanwhile, Melethia prepared herself for the fight that was coming.

Team Dark Tomoya

Slindis was grazed a few times by the lightning blasts as she moved around the tentacles, but the buffs earlier did much to mitigate a large deal of the damage as she delivered punishing chops to them which were felt due to her Handwraps keying in on their vulnerabilities. Small jolts of electricity helped relieve some of the damage, but due to the shifting nature, Tomoya was unable to drain her Wraps of their power.

NEVAH FORGET Tomoya's Balls of Steel... How he never shocked himself, I've no idea.

Team Shaun

Teri's eyes widened in panic when she heard what Shaun was about to say; given that she experienced a Shadow of her own not too long ago, with her Tablet screaming as loud as it's speakers could handle, she cried, "SHAUN, NO! DON'T SAY IT! IT'LL ONLY MAKE HIM WORSE! I know it's hard, but you have to accept him! Otherwise he'll keep baring down on you!"

However, before much else could be said, the Cleric had to deal with fire coming her way, and directed Garm to rip and tear while she held onto the wolf's fur for dear life.

Team Dark Tomoya

Caim swapped weapons to his familial blade, and began setting work on the tentacles before him; using his fire and iron to make short work of the false imitations before him. However, their multitude proved to be their might; and Caim found himself distracted enough to be hit by the lighting a few times; and was thankfully not harmed due to the spell work placed earlier.

However, Tomoya did not take into account two Cuties in the air; and Ton Ton had already dived off from Cadolbolg's back, knife poised at the ready to sink into some shoulder. Speaking of the talking turtle-turned-dragon; he winged around and began approaching Tomoya from the opposite side, spewing fire at the Lightning Archangel-turned-Demon Prince as his pact partner continued his descent.


Team Shaun

Dillon flew next to Shaun he had to give Shaun the truth.
"Shaun Look I know you hate him I understand how you feel, I fight with my darker side and it always gets the better of me, to be honest I hate myself. I feel like I'm a machine missing an important part, I was lonely all my life.
I never fit in anywhere, my rash actions my short temper they'd get the better of me. When they do I turn everyone I meet against me, I feel resentment towards them, but it's not their fault they only see someone who will hurt them.
The worst part is when you turn it on your friends, the people who never deserve your anger but it happens on them, and there's no Band-Aid to speed the healing all you can do is hope for you won't be cast away.
but that dark side, it can't be rejected the more you fight it, the stronger it gets, you have to learn to accept that side because sometimes that side is just concerned about your own survival. There's a way to allow the shadows into your heart as long as you have a light in the center."
Dillon's soul resonated to Shaun and Shaun could see an image Of Dillon's super ego, memories of the girl he once loved.
If you have a light in your heart the shadows will never consume you."
Dillon said his piece then sighed.
The sad truth was he felt he was once again an outcast.

Team Shaun

Melethia kept a sharp vigil on the scene as she anticipated what was going to happen next, but she was still incredibly wary of Shaun and Dillon there.

Devon nodded as he understood the man's sentiments. He'd lost quite a bit in the last few months, and it was difficult for him to keep going. Still, he'd had to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. He could only feel pity for the man, because in his lashing out, it seemed that he likely pissed off a few people from how he talked.

"Shaun, Dillon. Please, listen to me. Life sucks. It's the kind of thing that constantly beats you down and looks for a moment of weakness that it can exploit. But you know, it also has a lot it can teach you. Heck, I'm still learning every day, and every time I think I know it all, it just shows me that I'm wrong. So you know what I've done? Even though it sucks at times, I've had to learn to adapt to the situation. It's not easy, but if I'm stubborn and don't accept things for how they are, I just end up getting hurt in the long run."

Team Dark Tomoya

Slindis worked over to Storm and backed him up with her fighting, and her Aura of Good did many subtle things like helping those around her focus more on the battlefield and fortified them as Fionn tore viciously into the tentacles.

Meanwhile, Tajuh shifted over to back up Caim again, letting the warrior know that he was not alone in the fight while seeing Rugalweave his way through the arttacks and take a mild impact from the ones that connected..

Team Dark Tomoya

Tomoya was defending himself from frontal assault from most of the heroes. Though thanks to this, Ton Ton was easily able to stab Dark Tomoya directly in the back, he continued to stab the Dark Angel multiple times in the back, luckily enough the knife wielding Ton Ton jumped off before Tomoya could react ... but more importantly to dodge the fire which came from Cadolbolg.

The fire lit up Tomoya and the tentacles coming out from his back.
Though shortly the flames were wiped out, but they left most of his clothes burned and highlighted some of his previous wounds, including his left eye, his arm and most importantly, the black hole which was in his chest.

"Why is there a problem with killing? Isn't it natural ... all I want is the blood." Dark Tomoya said to himself. If anyone payed enough attention they could see both a weird color change in his eyes, one was red (The glowing one) the other was blue, both were glowing.

Meanwhile in the background the two teens were starting a spell to change the stone into a weapon, which will aid everyone. "Laudate Deum ... et omnes ... luce eius." Both of them started to chant. The stone which was on the book started to glow. With this Tomoya started to focus more on the two.

Actually leaving Rugal a small chance to fit in with his charge.

Team Shaun

All the words coming from everyone impacted Shaun.
Not just mentally, but also physically. The wounds which were healed had become open again and we slowly bleeding, Shaun fell quickly and slammed on the ground. Tears were coming out but not before they could be turned into blood.
Dark Shaun look upon his grim looking counterpart and smirked. "Funny ... I thought I cared about you. But ... I don't. Death should be a gift from me, you wouldn't do the same thing for me." He said quietly to Shaun as he took a swipe at Dillon with his large Dark Excalibur.

Dark Shaun was about to take his final strike at Shaun, to end everything. To kill everyone without touching them.
Meawhile in the head of Shaun everything was spinning, EVERYTHING.
His memories, his morals, his information and his life.
Everything around him was crumbling.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

As Shaun's mental state started to falter, Dark Shaun went for the kill with his sword.
Luckily for him, Luptio took the chance given by his attacking Dillon to rush in and grab Shaun before the sword hit, causing Dark Shaun to get his sword stuck in the ground and struggled to pull it back out.

The remaining 3 Elites re-enforced their position around their master, the efforts of Angelus and Melethia taking down 2 of their number beforehand.
Fueled by the hatred of Shaun for his other side, soon a dark flash of light covered his evil side from behind the cover of his men, transforming him into a more Demonic-yet-Also slightly Angelic form. (Note: I'm assuming he'd still have his clothes on though :/ )
Taking a moment to examine his new self, The Dark Author began to chuckle "....This...I like..." before effortlessly pulling the sword from the ground and motioning for his men to attack.
In his new form, he'd be better able to fight as well as fly.

Poor Shaun meanwhile was completely out of it as the battle raged on.

Team Dark Tomoya

As Dark Tomoya saw Riki and Kud prepping some kind of enchantment, Rugal had finally got his opening.
Leaping though the air and grabbing the Dark Angel from behind, He began to get the angel in a choke-hold, holding on for dear life as his tentacles did the same to him.

Thanks to this though, it forced Tomoya to focus on him rather then everyone else, allowing Fionn to get a good look at the glowing "Shoot Here" marks all over his body.
It took him all of 0.32 seconds to put two plus two together and he fired 3 volleys from Sandy at Tomoya's Leg, Eye and the massive hole in his chest where his heart should be.
He reacted as a Final Boss would, reeling in pain as each shot hit their mark, the pain being bad enough to force him to retract most of his tentacles, allowing Rugal to keep his stranglehold up.

Least until the Angel managed to grab his leg and flung him into one of the bridge's computers, giving him a nasty shock as Tomoya shouted "WHAT PART OF DIE DID YOU NOT ALL UNDERSTAND!? IS THE PART WHERE YOU STOP LIVING?! IS THAT IT!? THAT'S THE EASY PART! LET ME SHOW YOU!"
Opting a new strategy, He took flight and began to use electromagnetism to bring down large parts of the bridge's roof down on top of the crew like a large "Whack a Mole", bringing each stab up again after every whack.

Dillon was forced to his knees from the Dark Blade cutting at his side he placed his hand over the wound; the negative energy in the blade was like an electrical shock to his body. He gritted his teeth trying to suppress a scream.
He then noticed something was wrong he looked at his hand and the wound.
His blood was spilling from the gash, normally this wouldn't be a shock but it was to Dillon, Excalibur had many properties and one of them was in the scabbard as long as one had the scabbard, which he did, the legend stated you would ever bleed.
Dillon had learned small cuts would bleed a bit like the one on his forehead, however such a large Gash shouldn't be bleeding so rapidly, that's when he realized how dangerous the negative energy in the blade was it somehow was overpowering the magic of the Scabbard, he clutched at his side and tried to move away. he slumped intpo a corner, his winmgs forming a protective barrier around him. he couldn;t fight, not with that gash, he groaned in pain.
A small irony was he caught the blade in the supposedly missing rib, the one that (as he had been told a long time ago) all human males lost during the creation of eve.

If you have any questions, please ask! The system my characters were pulled from has a decent amount of documentation involved, but I can explain it fairly easily.

Melethia's character sheet.

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