The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Team Shaun Demon Shaun

"Dillon! Teri, get over to him, I'll cover you!"

With that, Angelus' flames burned brighter, and with the grit of her teeth; she made a wall of flame between their enemy and the Cleric's mount. Garm quickly wandered to Dillon's side, and stood guard as Teri began to prepare her treatment, the healing aura making the presence of the Dark Excalibur duller by comparison.

Teri casts Cure Serious Wounds on Dillon, healing for 30 points of damage! 12 seconds before the next 3rd level spell can be cast...

After Teri cast the spell, she shimmied up the wolf's side again, and yelled to Angelus, "He's good! You can drop it, Angie!"

An audible sigh of relief escaped from the dragon as the fire wall was dropped, but it didn't look like the forces were terribly affected by it. However, the wall was intended to repel more than harm; so that was fine in the dragon's eyes. However, it still took quite a bit of effort to keep that up, something the dragon would make certain to note if asked. Following the drop in the wall, she backed up a little to gather herself, and Garm readied his fangs for another assault, his pup already chanting up another spell....

Teri makes a concentration check at a DC 12 to cast Spiritual Weapon! She rolls a 24! DAYUM GIRL! It will be 24 seconds before Teri can cast another 2nd Level Spell.

Team Dark Tomoya

Caim gave a nod of thanks to Tajuh for his support, and continued ducking and weaving around the various chunks of ceiling who didn't appreciate him being three dimensional. As he did so, he 'sent' his congratulation and support to the Cuties who were managing to harm Tomoya, given that most were being detained by tentacles or falling ceiling blocks.

Speaking of said Cuties; Ton Ton had shimmied up Tomoya's leg in all the fuss, and noticed that the glowing spots on Tomoya were probably a good indicator of where to hit. Thus, upon coming to one such spot, he made it his personal business to begin stabbing the Angel's glowing leg spot as many times as he could before being thrown off.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, tried to latch himself to Tomoya's face, in an attempt to rob those glowing eyes of their visibility. Whether that'd work out, was up in the air.

Team Dark Tomoya


Fionn began to dodge the slabs of nutritious ship bridge as they each fell, hopping around in random directions. He kept loading Sandy while avoiding one of the more humiliating deaths you can have, noting The Fallen Angel's attack patterns. While extremely erratic, he was repeating himself, or Fionn hoped. This trick hinged on a shot in the dark.

He leaped back and cocked Sandy, now fully loaded. "Sorry, my German is rusty, I don't fully know how to 'The' something", he quipped as he raised the shotgun to his shoulder. Tomoya reacted to this taunt in the usual fashion, bringing down a large area of the roof to flatten Fionn. As I hoped. He sprinted forward at the Angel, a white glow running down the barrels of his gun. Tomoya attempted to swat him aside with a pair of tentacles, thinking Fionn was an idiot for trying to charge him. Fionn then proved the contrary by sliding below the angel, unloading Sandy (now enchanted with Blizarra) into him.

Dillon gave a weak smile. he was pale, his hair had returned to being Dirty blonde, his face was even patched up from the healinbg spell.
he stood up ut stumbled a bit before steadying himself.
he picked up his blades
"Allright I'm not fooling around anymore." he said he took a deep breath and let out a feral scream
the others could see his soul a glowing blue ball of light near his heart a golden ball was inside Excalibur, but the blue soul was expanding
the golden soul was along the surface reinforcing it.
The glow on his wings and Excalibur became harsh to look at though oddly while the Elites (who were aligned to evil) found it nearly blinding, but charcters liek Teri and Slindis (who weren't good but were close) found the light was very harsh to their unworthy eyes. Dillon looked for the closest target, he found another Elite he moved swiflty to swift to be seen, and thrust his blades into the elites shoulder, he found the right spot where there was an opening in the armour. the Elite wqas about to scream in pain when dillon Swung red fear and decapitated teh ELite, another Elite made to attack him from behind but dillon perfomred a backflip and kicked the Elite from behind knocking him over. he sheathed red Fear holding the glowing excalibur in both hands he got ready to plunge it into the elties heart.
"To hell with you." he screamed and plunged it deep into the Knights armour. The blade was hot burning the through the armour and scorching the flesh the Elite was fortunate to die quickly.
Dillon looked around he imagined eyes of the other heroes were gazing at him judging him.

Dillon gave a weak smile. He was pale, his hair had returned to being dirty blonde, his face was even patched up from the healing spell.
He stood up but stumbled a bit before steadying himself.
He picked up his blades
"All right I'm not fooling around anymore." he said he took a deep breath and let out a feral scream
The others could see his soul a glowing blue ball of light near his heart a golden ball was inside Excalibur, but the blue soul was expanding
The golden soul was along the surface reinforcing it.
The glow on his wings and Excalibur became harsh to look at though oddly while the Elites (who were aligned to evil) found it nearly blinding, but characters like Teri and Slindis (who were close to pure good) found the light was simply bright only slightly irritating to their eyes. Dillon looked for the closest target, he found other Elite he moved swiftly to swift to be seen, and thrust his blades into the elites shoulder, and he found the right spot where there was an opening in the armour. the Elite was about to scream in pain when Dillon swung Red Fear and decapitated the Elite, another Elite made to attack him from behind but Dillon performed a back flip and kicked the Elite from behind knocking him over. He sheathed red Fear holding the glowing Excalibur in both hands he got ready to plunge it into the Elites heart.
"To hell with you." he screamed and plunged it deep into the Knights armour. The blade was hot burning the through the armour and scorching the flesh the Elite was fortunate to die quickly.
Dillon looked around he imagined eyes of the other heroes were gazing at him judging him.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Lupito dragged the badly bleeding Shaun over to where Devon was, and the Bard looked the man over while the fight raged. This Author had been the main reason that Tomoya was created and therefore an indirect cause of all that had happened. It would be easy to just let him die from him bleeding out, and it might also get rid of Tomoya in the same sweep, saving everyone a lot of trouble.

Still, that would be the easy way out, and a look down at the haggard Author reminded Devon that at any point, he could have turned up just like him. Besides, he hadn't had the cleanest past when it involved what had eventually come from what happened with Eberron, and yet the people that he had created had forgiven him mostly when they had no right to. Keeping that in mind, he tried straining to access some of his magic... only to find that he couldn't quite access it. Apparently summoning up a large amount of magical equipment wore someone out.

Well, nuts.

Meanwhile, as Melethia fought, she radiated a large amount of negative energy which was focused on one of Dark Shaun's guards, sapping the man's energy quickly and spreading to rejuvenate the group. It could possibly make those attuned to positive energy immediately curious, but the transfer of energy has an odd synergy with the Magical Healing Teri was using.

Team Dark Tomoya

Slindis went and rolled to the side of a few of the dropped slabs then looked around at the electronics in the room as an idea formed in her head. Immediately acting on it, she moved over to one of the computers filled with electronics and waited there just long enough for Tomoya to drop a slab from above her. A quick dodge was enough for her to get out of the way as Tomoya pulverized one of the computers.

Closer to Caim, Tajuh dodged another one of the slams and sliced the block as it went back up, then responded to Tomoya's threat. "Fionn, most Archangels are supposed to be smarter. At least they're supposed to be fluent in all languages, but there are exceptions to every group. Then again, it could be Affirmative Action at work."

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

The Elites were warded off by the Fire Wall set up by Angelus, This ensured that they were all in close quarters when Dillon attacked, ensuring max damage.
As Dillon glanced back, Devon saw the last standing Elite raise his sword to kill Dillon.
Until Melethia used her Deathmark to drain his life energy, causing him to go from killer to killed, slowly resulting in him becoming light headed to fainted to dead.

Watching his men all fall like flies, the Demon Author rushed in to attack, allowing Teri's Spiritual Weapon to get stuck his shoulder.
"GAH!...SCREW! YOU! PEOPLE!" He shouted as tried to get the weapon out with no success.

Panting from the pain of getting stabbed, he pulled out a cell phone and began to text in:

And then, the turrets came on...

"Lets see you dodge this!"
On Cue, 5 gun turrets spawned on the roof and opened fire at the group below to the tune of Demonic Laughter as he worked on dislodging the weapon.

Team Dark Tomoya

As Tomoya focused on trying to smash the group, Huge bolts of pain shot up his leg as Ton Ton used his EXTREMELY sharp knife on one of his weak spots as Cadolbolg made like a Facehugger and...Hugged his Face(???).
Either way, the crushers were silenced as Tomoya let go of the ceiling.
However, large chunks of the ceiling began to fall, namely over Riki and Kud.
Hugging each other as their fate was sealed, Storm stepped in and shouted "ALPHA! ARMOR LOCK!"
He covered the children as his armor froze into place before the roof fell.
A few moments later, Storm lifted off the rumble before adding "GET OUT OF HERE! IT'S NOT SAFE!" to the un-harmed, though slightly dirtied children before returning to the fight.

Back with Tomoya, he managed to pull Cadolbolg off his face, resulting in him biting his fingers.
"I HATE TURTLES!" He shouted before sending millions of volts though his body, blasting him back and causing Ton Ton's grip to loosen from his partners pain, allowing Tomoya to dislodge him and bicycle kick him away.
"And he scores!" Fionn finished as he unloaded freeze shots into Tomoya's face from below, causing his surprised expression to be frozen on his face for a moment until he broke off the ice.
"ackkkk...HEY! WHERE YOU GOING!?" Tomoya shouted as he emitted a Charge into the metal floor he was sliding on, turning it into a massive electromagnet, sticking the Gunner in place.

He laughed then touched his ear like a News Reporter "HAHAHA! OH Wait! This just in! LIGHTING STORMS HEADING YOUR WAY!"
He funneled lighting into the Lighting Fixtures in the roof, blowing the bulbs all over the bridge and setting up countless points for him to shock everyone, if they were under a light, there was a chance to get shocked.
While there wasn't that many lift thanks to his Whack a Mole Games, It did limit movement and made reaching him even harder.

Rugal meanwhile had climbed out of the computer he was sl-
"AH AH AH!" the Dark Angel shouted before striking him down with a bolt lighting, keeping him down.
"You sit there in the corner and think about what you did while the Adults are killing each other, Okay?...Awesome."

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

As the group began hiding behind various bits of debris to avoid the turrets; Angelus began shooting concentrated shots of fire at the turrets in an attempt to dismantle them; already feeling the magical energies within her preparing themselves. If she could hold out for a little longer; she could dismantle all the irritants in one feel swoop.

In the meantime, Teri told her Spiritual Weapon to keep doing it's thing against the demonic Shaun; sweat shining faintly on her brow. Things were beginning to take their toll after such a long night of emotional turmoil, spell casting and Authoring. But she could not quit now! Teri gritted her teeth as fingers began flying over tablet keys, calling up a small well of her energy (much more manageable than that incident with the darts) to enact her Author powers in the world:

4 light healing potions appeared, one to each of the Cleric's conscious, humanoid, allies. Drink up! They'll make you feel a bit better.

and was able to deposit 4 small potions into the hands of Devon, Angelus, Melethia, and Dillon; each of the bottles having a small label entailing what the potion could do.

Team Dark Tomoya


The Cuties were flung far from Tomoya's grasp; and both hit the floor with a hard THUMP! elicting another groan of pain from both pact partners. Tomoya's concentrated shock on Cadolbolg, which would have normally been deadly, had instead drained him of what magical protection he had from lightning. That didn't make the rest of the attack hurt less for the both of them, nor the fall any easier.

As Ton Ton wobbled, and collected his Knife and his Lantern; he called out to his partner, "You hanging in there, buddy?"

Cadolbolg nodded and shakily pulled himself off the floor, "Yeah, just got smarted a little..."

That was when he noticed his pact partner was poised in a strange stance, black shadows beginning to lick from his lantern and being absorbed into the knife; making the blade look crueler and more sinister than normal. Before Cadolbolg could ask properly what his friend was doing, he felt Ton Ton's 'voice' tug at his mind; and a quick explanation of the Chef's Knife was dropped in, as well as it's limitations,

"It'll be potent, but I'll only be able to sit here while it charges. Can you make sure Tomoya doesn't hit me in the meantime; and after that, give me a lift?"

Cadolbolg gave a determined nod, and helped Ton Ton back onto his back. Following that, he waited for the Tonberry's signal to move.


Now Caim, in seeing his 'son' and his pact partner thrown across the battlefield, forgot completely that magical enchantments were involved to protect them. He forgot that he would have a general awareness of what was going on in their minds. He forgot that pact partners could communicate with one another mentally. All he did remember in that one moment, was the pure unadulterated rage of a father when his brood was struck down.

Swapping to the Angel Killer once again; Caim charged towards Tomoya; the aforementioned (and forgotten) enchantments absorbing what lightning damage would have come from the array that Tomoya set up; a bloodcurdling sound pouring out from his mouth as the blade impaled the Former Lightning Archangel in the gut; a sonic blast going forwards in his wake and knocking Tomoya off the blade after it had it's way with his insides.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Melethia noted the ceiling-mounted turrets and switched over to her longbow, firing volleys of three arrows at the Turrets while moving around and punched through the armoring of one, dealing quite a bit of damage to the internal components.

Melethia activated Manyshot! For the next 20 seconds, she can fire 3 arrows per shot.

Meanwhile, Devon gave some of his potion to Shaun, hoping that it would help stabilize the man. After all, Teri had created it, so it had to help somewhat!

Team Dark Tomoya

Slindis took the opportunity to brush her left arm with her right hand and focused her Ki, condensing it into a single orb as she fired it off at Tomoya. Even if it missed him, it would set him up for Fionn to get some more solid shots in.

Slindis expended 10 Ki to use Lily Petal, projecting a bolt dealing 80-120 + 8-12 dmg per character level to one target. Costs 10 Ki.

Ki left: 88

Tajuh noted that the Cutie Bruisers were up to something, so he did his part to ensure that the attention was kept off them by leaping up and slashing at Tomoya where he could, scoring the legs of the Dark Angel.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

While they were busy fighting his Turrets, Demon Shaun took the chance to regain his focus a little, between the weapon and summoning the guns, he was starting to get a little weak.
Still, he had enough fight in him to last him another good while and he proved this by texting in:

A Uzi appeared in his hand...

And it was so and he began to unload it at Angelus, spraying and praying from the recoil, but which the amount of lead he was putting out, one of them was BOUND to hit, right?

Melethia meanwhile was able to take down one of the turrets as Angelus took out another, however, this brought her into the cross hairs of the others while Shaun fired at Angelus.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Angelus cried out as her shoulder was grazed by some fire, and she ducked back behind her cover; but not without lobbing a fire ball at the turrets again. With a hiss, Angelus picked a little at her wound to try and get one of the bullets out; only to be rewarded shrapnel for her efforts. She knew for a fact that bullets left in human bodies never ended well; and if Teri's potions were as good as they appeared, then perhaps she could use that to fix some of the ill...

Speaking of the Cleric, she knew things were looking grim; and began typing on her tablet,

And then Dark Shaun's Uzi was promptly corked, rather like a wine bottle; ruining the gun and causing an explosion of confetti the moment the gun jammed! How embarrassing!

When she hit enter, she silently prayed that things would work... Of course, the scream of:

"FUCK!" and seeing confetti fly everywhere was a good sign.

Team Dark Tomoya

Ton Ton continued concentrating on charging the Chef's Knife; but let his partner know that he could begin taking to the air. Breathing a little heavily, Ton Ton could feel the influx of Karma and Adoration from the Mistress flow into his Knife; after all, the thought of Her was what kept the little creature going.

Dillon looked at Dark Shaun misusing his author powers,
Far off in Canada a young boy read this and had his own ideas forming clever intricate ideas.
However Dillon did get an idea, he ripped out a turret and started to use his iPod to hack into its computer. It took a while he had to shield himself from bullets using his wings but the payoff was worth it.
"ha-ha THIS IS SASHA" he shouted as he aimed the turret at the other turrets he rounds pulverised the others, Dillon had made the Turret fire it's rounds faster and with more force the one danger to this is it would damage the turret, however this weapon was one use only.
"Angelus are you ok?" he asked the Dragoness, he glared up at Dark Shaun.
"Are we sure we shouldn't destroy him?" he asked not exactly to thrill with this new development.

Warnign this post has NO AFFECT on the plot, and exist for a hypothetical amusment

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

The Demon Author was swearing as he landed and showed of his fake but impressive angelic/demonic form. "Are you kidding me!" Dark Shaun said as he looked towards the authors and smiled. "Don't you people have a bad side of your own. Don't you wanna just tear someone's head off and tell them to get out of your life. I do know THAT person lurks in every single one of you!" The evil smirk appeared on his face as he talked hoping to appeal to their dark side.

Hoping to get them thinking, Dark Shaun summoned yet another sword.
A katana which had lightning coiling around it. If anyone could recognize it, it was Tomoya's original sword called "Lightning Cutter" which Riki had on his back at the moment.

Meanwhile for the actual Shaun whom was lying on the ground, the wounds were healing quickly thanks to the other authors and everyone. Though if he moved too much he would bleed once more and the wounds were weird already, glowing bright green and blue. More importantly the mental state of Shaun was much worse.

The infinite blackness in his mind was wiped out by a almost blinding white room appeared in front of him.
A table held four people around it.

A slightly younger version of himself with red eyes. (Dark Shaun)
Tomoya whom was his normal self.
A man similar to Tomoya except a bit older and had wings wrapped with lightning.
A shadow, a thing made out of complete darkness.
And himself.

These were the five kings of the moment.

"What the hell IS this place!" He yelled out and a dark chuckle only responded.
"I know who you are child." rumbled the shadow on the end of the table, who held no shape.
"Tell me ... WHO ARE YOU!"
"I am darkness, a thing made in the eternal void known as Hell."
As the Shadow spoke a angry frown came to Shaun, he had finally known was had taken hold of Tomoya.

Team Tomoya

The former Archangel was getting hit and missed from all sides, though he felt no pain ... only the feeling known as pain. "Why do you resist ... WHY WON'T YOU FEED ME!" The dark version of Tomoya yelled out but to only be attacked by Ton Ton once more. The attack pretty much stabbed him in the hole in his chest, but it had no other effect from the pain and stunning the Dark Demon Prince, allowing him to freeze for a short time.

In the middle of the group was Riki & Kud whom was preparing the last of the spell. Everyone was thankfully protecting them from the incoming attacks of Dark Tomoya, but thanks to Ton Ton the two managed to finish
Suddenly the stone of light had become a bullet
and Riki loaded it into Tomoya's previous magnum (Which they picked up in the Temple) called "Light Seeker".

(Hopefully that picture got posted, cause I can't see if it worked)

The two were not accustomed to a battle situation still and had sweat on their brow and were rushing.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Angelus gave a weary smile to Dillon as she made another attempt to get the bullets out of her arm, "Thank you Dillon, but I'm alright... As for that mockery of the Author, it seems similar to any enemy we fought in a temple a while ago. That being will only be able to be properly dissipated when it's source, the passed out 'Shaun' over there, comes to grips with it. Until then, all we CAN do is provide cover fire. An annoying process, certainly; but it is what we must do..."

With that, the dragon began throwing more fire at Dark Shaun with her unharmed arm; the rate of fire greatly decreased as a result.

Teri glanced over her covering and directed the Spiritual Weapon to attack once more before it dissipated. Following that, she summoned her Ice Hippogriff once more; hoping that lightning didn't really do anything to ice creatures. As she sent the beast after the Demonic Shaun as a distraction, the Cleric began a hasty move to Angelus' location, Garm covering her from sight as she made her way to the Dragon's side; and began the delicate operation of cleaning out the wound. As she did so, she gave a light shooing motion to Dillon and pointed at Dark Shaun,

"Keep him distracted while I fix up Angie! The last thing we need is an assault on the wounded. Garm, go with him. You'll be more help with him than me."

The large wolf gave a nod; and looked to Dillon to begin their coordinated attack.

Team Tomoya

After stabbing Tomoya with the Chef's Knife (and stunning the Demon Prince) Ton Ton gave a little laugh before letting go of his spot on Tomoya's chest, knowing full well there would be others who would attempt to attack that spot... Like Caim, for example. As he did so, he went back to the leg that he found had the most effectiveness and sent to the mute warrior, "We're still okay, Mr. Caim. Promise!"

The mute warrior in question was surprised in seeing the Angel Killer had no better effect than any other blade in his arsenal, and swapped back to his family blade. Following that, he resumed his normal method of dealing with enemies; mainly, ripping and tearing, and had at it with the blade, taking care not to nick the leg Ton Ton had made his perch.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Melethia felt that the battle was shifting and rapidly swapped her Longbow for her acidic kukri and her acidic handaxe after dodging the majority of the rounds, gritting her teeth and ignoring the few rounds that hit even though it was clear that she was bleeding. "Look, if Teri says we have to make them accept each other, then that's what we're going to do. Even if we have to bash their heads in first!" She rolled and slashed at Dark Shaun's legs, getting a notable deep gash in with the handaxe which burned with acid and the sheer power of good.

Devon shook as the energy that Melethia had drained went to revitalize him somewhat. It was still nowhere near what was needed to do any real fighting, but if it came down to it, he could at least defend himself. So, as he regained his energy, he spoke out with a bit more energy even though he was still drained. "It's just like in the Temple... Hopefully we can talk some sense into it, because it won't be going away any other way. Just like Angelus said, you know?"

The rather large wolf that Slindis had sent to keep an eye on them noticed the fatigue that Devon and Teri was experiencing, and he knew that Garm's aid wouldn't be enough. This Dillon might be a bit more trustworthy, but the man had opened hostilities to his pack earlier. A few good actions did not correct a flawed Alpha.

Thus, Lupito let loose with a loud howl for assistance, one that any wolf would recognize immediately as one indicating the pups of the pack were in danger. He knew that unless they could get some reliable aid soon, the group would be worn down through attrition.

Team Tomoya

Tajuh glimpsed out of the corner of his eye and made sure that his feinted slashes along with whatever Caim was planning on doing to give the children the opening they needed, while Slindis stayed close enough to let the young couple get the full benefits of her Aura of Good. At this point, they had the feeling that the tide of this fight was shifting in their favor.

Hadrian ground his teeth as he stared across the seemingly endless field. He tried remembering when and how he got there, but was unable to do so. The least he could remember was helping his comrades fight those wizard truckers, or whatever they were, along with their summoned creatures. After that was just a haze of white. Now, he's standing in the middle of nowhere, with all of his weapons still on him.

"Damn it," He growled. "Where the hell is this place?" He ground his foot on the grass in irritation before coming to a pause. He looked up to the sky, as he heard something. Something akin to a cry for help. But the sound was incredibly faint. He couldn't tell for sure, but it seemed to be coming from above him, and some distance away. Bewildered, he stepped forward, only to find himself tumbling once more through an inky-black abyss.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun
Hadrian managed to right himself the moment he shot out of the portal. He landed on the ground with a loud clang resounding all around the room, signalling everyone to his arrival.

Hadrian raised his head and stared at the occupants of the room, a frown slowly appearing on his face.

"...This again?" He said, sounding mildly annoyed.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Lupito took a deep whiff of the newcomer and smelled the strong scent of a wolf on him as he let began speaking in Lupan. "You're not an ordinary man, even for this group... You've the scent of an Alpha on you. You were the one to respond to the call? Out with it, then. Who are you?" The Dire Wolf, which was larger than any normal hound many in the room had ever seen, moved to put himself in between the newcomer and the exhausted bard still trying to tend to Shaun's injuries the best he could.

To anyone else that had no understandings of how wolves spoke, all that could be heard was a series of intermixed howls, yips, and growls. However, to any that understood the language, the wolf spoke quite well even if his tone was more than a bit stubborn and cautious.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

When Hadrian was unceremoniously deposited by the portal to their side, Angelus took a good hard look at Hadrian and sniffed the air, *sniff sniff* "... A werewolf? I know that scent... I have seen you before..."

Teri rolled a 16 on her heal check! While it's not the best job she's done, the bullets will be extracted from Angelus' arm.

Teri looked up from her work with surprise, especially after what Angelus had said about a werewolf. Thinking silently to herself, she sent a silenced command to Dimitri to scan the AA database for any friendly werewolves to the Rising Dawn. When she looked to her Tablet in a mock gesture of checking a medical chart, she saw that Hadrian's name came up; and dismissed the search. As she did so; her 'voice' came through the Tablet, "A friend of yours, Angie?"
"I'm not certain... But he is familiar somehow..."

It was strange to hear a girl's voice come from a machine at her hip rather than her lips, but Hadrian found the little group was guarded by two large wolves, the grey Alpha being flanked by a smaller blackish wolf. The aforementioned black wolf, Garm, gave Hadrian a hard glare instead of going out to fight with Dillon; the scent of a foreign alpha, especially one near his Pup, taking priority over Dark Shaun.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

"Where did he come from?!...Bah! Nevermind. You'll die just like they will!" The Demon shouted as he landed on the ground, Katana in hand.
"Alright....who wants some of this?..." He asked as he unsheathed his sword and cut across the air, sending a horizontal wave of lighting towards Hadrain and the ones greeting him.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun
Hadrian raised his arms in a show of peace (though it didn't seem to help much, considering what was strapped to his arms), and responded to the two wolves in their tongue, though his Lupan sounded fairly rusty.
"Hey, easy now! I'm no enemy. The name's-"
"Alright....who wants some of this?..."

Hadrian turned and stabbed Soul right into the floor. Within the instant of his invocation of "Frigus," a giant barrier of ice came jutting up from the floor, shielding them from the attack. The wave of lightning dispersed all around the ice, before vanishing completely from it's surface. The mildly annoyed wolf-man gave the barrier a kick that dislodged it from the floor and sent it speeding through the air to the Demon. He looked back over his shoulder and finished answering the larger wolf's query.
"...My name is Hadrian Selene."

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

The Large wolf communicated back to the werewolf in Lupan as he shielded the Bard trying even more to heal the Australian on the ground, although the nature of the injuries made it like scooping water with a sieve. "I've never known a hairless ape have the scent of the pack as you do, Wolfblood. If it wasn't so disturbing, I would ask how! I am Lupito of the pack headed by the Scarlet Knight." He moved the two humans out of the way of the bolts to give Hadrian, Angelus, Dillon, Teri, and Garm more room to work with.

Meanwhile, as Devon struggled to keep the Author stable, the Shadow's words joined up with a snide little voice in the man's head. Hey, just let the man pass away. It wouldn't be all too hard, would it? None of them could bitch you out for it, either. Just tell them that you couldn't save him in time. The Healbitch is off doing Healbitch stuff, after all. It's not your fault that you were trying to be the hero and keeping the Healbitch fully geared. He shook his head as he massaged the last bits of the potion into Shaun, hoping to God that it'd work.

What a fucking joke, hoping to God. After all, would She want some fuckwit that sold off his soul for some strength? Start thinking for once, you sack of dead weight.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

After getting the last bullet out of Angelus' arm and disinfecting the wound, Teri put a hand over the wound and concentrated for a moment, allowing the combined energies of her healing Pool, Melethia's strange magic and her Aura to heal over it:

Teri expends 4 points in her healing pool, and is aided by her Aura and Melethia's Drain Life to fix Angelus' arm. 28 points remain.

The dragon moved her arm a little, and gave her thanks to the Cleric before readying her fires for the frontal assault on Demon Shaun. As she did so, Teri moved to Devon and Shaun; looking over the other Author with distress, "How's he holding up, Devon? I know I dropped a potion in, but I don't know if it's strong enough..."

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Oh, here comes the Healbitch now to fix him since you obviously can't.

Seeing the fellow author, Devon waved her over. "I'm trying, but the potion really isn't doing that much. I don't know what it is about these injuries, but they're really stubborn!" He let out a lighthearted laugh to ease the frustration he was feeling at not being able to help the man and basically being-

Useless. That's basically what it boils down to, isn't it? After all, you can't fight here, you can't knock any sense into these chucklefucks, and even that little blond whorebiscuit told you to sit the fuck down because you'd be in the way.

Of course, even though the voice was stronger in his head, he kept up the same cheery attitude, but let it slip into a bit of frustration feigned at the whole situation.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Teri nodded quietly, and slapped her hands together, chanting a healing spell over Shaun before filling the Australian full of Positive Energy;

Teri casts Cure Serious Wounds, healing Shaun for 49 points of damage! 24 seconds before another level 3 spell can be cast.

After doing so, Teri wiped her brow of some sweat, and looked over Shaun again, then to Devon, "He should be alright now. That was my strongest spell... Devon? Are you okay? Look, I know that Demon over there is right about all of us having a darker side to us; but you can't let his words demoralize you!"

"Oh don't start acting like a hypocrite. It was no easy task getting ME under your thumb. What makes you think they'll listen to you so easily?"

Teri forced that nasty thought to the back of her mind; and kept her gaze on Devon. If he was in fact falling under the Demon's spell, she wanted to make sure she caught it now instead of later.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Like I really care, Healbitch. Just go run off with your Speak And Spell and poof someone in that's actually worth a damn along with a vibrator so you can go fuck yourself!

Devon ignored the vindictive voice in his head as he checked the Author's unconscious form. "Really, Teri? Don't worry about me. We've got way more important stuff on our hands, and even if it wasn't there, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself here. I'll stick here with Shaun, so if you could just back up the others, that would help out a lot." He put in enough stress in his voice to let loose some of the strain of the voice in his head, but just enough for it to be seen as the effects of having nearly died more than three times in the last two hours.

Teri can roll against a DC15 to see signs.

Meanwhile, Melethia worked alongside Hadrian, Angelus, and didn't get in the way of Dillon as she cut more at Demon Shaun. The blessed blade of the Handaxe proved to cut in well, but the elf also noticed Dillon's blade and focused in more to see if the area just in front of the blade shifted to indicate an enchantment.

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

The Demon Author blocked Hadrian's attack by manipulating the environment's metal sheeting covering the walls. The only downside to the protection is that now Demon Shaun cannot use the same metal sheeting to protect himself again (Because Authors can't just post the same thing over, and over again), though Hadrian's attack did destroy the metal barrier the fake Author created.

"I see that they have started to talk to you once more. Come friends, try to become released from your bonds!" The Demon Author said in a dark tone which overlapped a younger and frail voice. Underneath the corruption of the shadow was a much darker side of Shaun, though this was suppose to be the side which stands up for him and will not hesitate to protect him with anything or anyone.

Any of the characters in the room could clearly see the cracks on the Demon's face from all the damage they have caused, they could even say that the face he wore was not his own. Another piece of the demon's mask fell off to reveal a concerned frown as he looked to his real self.

A good question to ask is "Who is 'i'?"


It seemed like the lifeless body of Shaun was not making much progress though in his head Shaun was meeting with the thing that caused all of this mess, from his darker side to Dark Tomoya.

"So what do you actually want? I know it isn't Tomoya or me."
"It's simple really. The destruction of all life."
"It's not that easy."
"It's simple once those Archangels come"
"Don't tell me!"

Shaun said but the Shadow only laughed as he noticed that the human had finally awakened to his plot.
"Finally, someone can SEE. Though it is far too late, I control both this world with the Archangel and your powers with your other side."
A smirk only came from Shaun.
"No you don't."
The shadow could only sigh.
"You control the side of me I have kept locked up for years. It would be impossible for him to take my power ... my creative power. By bringing him out you have only made him another character in this damned world!" Shaun smiled with killing intent as his began to glow blue with lightning.
"I never lost my power, I was only scared to use it!" Shaun yelled out as he called forth his own blade from the ground and decided to destroy the illusion of fear.
"I wish your death to be slow and painful then." The shadow only said as the mental wall within Shaun's head crumbled.

Shaun started to move beside Devon and slowly got up.
"Seems I have a habit of you healing me." He joked as he decided to give himself a little boost of his own. "
CharacterEdit: StormShaun.

A lightning field appeared around Shaun.
"I always wanted this." Shaun smiled as he looked towards everyone.
"We should really end this ... I'm getting tired of being tortured both ways. Though I doubt it will end soon." Shaun could only say whilst putting his katana on his shoulder looking at his Dark crazed form. Demon Shaun on the other hand roared once he saw his real self get up, he was acting more unstable by the second.

Team Tomoya

Riki held the gun with the light bullet inside it's chamber.
He only had one chance with this to save Tomoya. Everyone was focusing on the stunned Tomoya like it was going to be the end, though he didn't know that this was only the beginning of the fight. Squeezing the trigger of the gun the bullet of light left the chamber in a flash of light and it left the barrel quickly then light.

Even though the boy was a bad shot with the gun it seemed that the stone was attracted to the Demon Prince.
It was aiming for it's chest.

The Stone pierced the chest of the fallen one with great power and speed.
The Demon Prince slumped over and the corruption in the body began to erupt and black liquid flew out of the body.
But just as everyone thought they were victorious, the black liquid stopped in mid air and gathered into a ball with the stone of light in the middle. It had begun to form a person.

Meanwhile the body which the corruption left was badly injured and looked very familiar to most people in the room.

The body slowly got up from the ground covered in blood.
"What did ... I miss?" The one and only Tomoya smiled before he knelt on the ground and coughed up some blood. Meanwhile the black liquid had already formed into a humanoid form.

"HAHAHA, idiots. That was my aim, now I have true power!" The Shadow said once more as it introduced his final form.

Now die! He smirked as hundreds of dark arms came out of his body.

Team Tomoya

Tomoya watched in horror as his Demonic Side finally freed itself and prepped itself to wreak havoc all over the world, starting with everyone left on this ship
Rugal was finally up from those direct hits he took earlier, the torn holes in his vest and the electrical burns showing where he was hit.
Processing what happened around the same time that Fionn was freed from the magnet lock, he shouted "Cover my approach! That's an order!" before sprinting towards Demon Tomoya.
"So shoot him then? such a brilliant tactical mind..."
Keen to get a piece of that black bastard, Fionn didn't object as he covered Rugal's mad charge, Shandy blasting off several in coming appendages as they tried to strike him.

Sliding over and grabbing Tomoya as his dark side brought a Axe it had summoned down where he was, He saw that Rugal of all people was helping him to safety.
"Rugal?...Wh-...What is going on?..." He asked weakly as he dropped him off near Riki and Kud who were glad to see him alive.
"Second I'm done killing him, I'm going to bludgeon to death with whatever limbs are left intact!" He cut over him before returning to the battle.
Yep....That was Rugal...
He thought as he realized he was in the Blackhawke's Bridge

"OKAY EVERYONE! JUST HIM AND US! FINAL ROUND! FIGHT!" He shouted as he rushed in his Slashing Aura, using to to slice apart anything the Demon threw at him as he lead what was hopefully the final charge.

Team Tomoya

Ton Ton's grip on Tomoya's leg faltered when the two split and found himself on the floor with confusion. "What the-?!"

However, before anything else could be said by the little guy; he found himself being snatched away by the back of his cloak and cradled in one of Caim's arms. The warrior backed away, his jaw a little slack at the recent developments,

"I don't know what the hell's going on, kid; but I didn't want you near that amorphous thing for too long..."

At this point, Cadolbolg flew down towards Caim's level, and the mute deposited the Tonberry on Cadolbolg's back; gripping his sword again as the Demonic side of Tomoya finished his piece. With a nod to his 'children' and a mental message to be careful, he charged again; his familial blade shining and ready to strike again.

The Cuties in question gave a similar response; and Cadolbolg already began climbing in the air again for a chance for Ton Ton to leap as he did before.

Team Shaun

Teri rolls against a 15 DC to see if something's wrong with Devon! She rolls a 10... Thus she'll blame stress instead of noticing any issues.

Teri gave a grim nod to Devon, and did her best to try to shoot an encouraging smile. However, it looked a little more desperate than encouraging, given the circumstances, "Okay... We'll a good long break when this is over, right? Just hang in there for a little longer!"

A familiar snide voice chimed in after Teri had attempted to embolden Devon; the Demonic form of Shaun causing that slumbering cruel force to attempt to speak, even it was a little muffled by an enchantment on one of the Cleric's rings,

"Real picture of confidence, there. Bravo! They should elect you as motivational speaker for the year... Is this idiot really worth your time anyways? I mean really, what's he gonna do? Sing?"
"Quiet." was all the Cleric said to her shadow, fully intending on not allowing it to make this fight more difficult. She needed to focus on the events in front of her; not a weak attack against her mind.

That was when Shaun finally rose, and the Cleric's confidence seemed to raise a little, "Finally up, I see... Come on Shaun, you've played Persona 4, you know how this has to end... Are you ready? GARM! TO ME!"

The Cleric climbed on top of the wolf again, and the beast bared its teeth as Teri cast Shield of Faith on her faithful wolf; as following up with Spiritual Weapon on the Demonic Shaun, the spectral longsword appearing to attack the Shadow once more as the wolf charged in to aid his comrades.

Blah blah blah Shield of Faith +3 to shield Garm; blah blah Spiritual Weapon attacks Demon Shaun for 42 seconds. 12 seconds until another 1st level spell can be cast. 42 seconds till another 2nd level spell can be cast.


Team Shaun Demon Shaun

The words were affecting Dillon the worst.
Dillon's Id was always a tricky thing to control, Resonating with Excalibur normally suppressed the Id, and a resonance of this Magnitude would force all selfish temptations out of his mind.
But something about Shaun's words, perhaps he was casting a spell, was interfering with it. His soul shrank back to its previous size. His wings and sword stopped glowing. the wings were almost disappearing Dillon had sheathed his swords clutching his head, trying to keep himself under control but his Id was eager for the chance to be free again.

Team Tomoya

Tomoya's shift to his final form was accompanied by a slight amount of light focusing in on the Paladin and condensing as she worked her way through the arms.

Slindis used up a Turn Undead attempt to Activate Divine Might! For the next minute, her attacks will have a +4 Sacred bonus to damage.

Turns Left: 10

When she got close enough, she unloaded with an extremely fierce flurry of blows, and the shifting nature of the wraps Slindis was wearing ensured that the Dark Tomoya felt each and every boneshattering hit.

Slindis unleashed a full flurry of 6 strikes and two of them were a Paladin Exalted Smite that got the offhand strike! Using this attack, you call on the paladin's ability to strike down evil creatures, gaining twice your Charisma bonus to your attack roll, a damage bonus of [(Character Level{21} x 3) +3, or 66], and +1 to your weapon's critical threat range and damage multiplier. Uses smites per day.

Smites left: 5.

Damage dealt: 615 (32+31+39+[36+66]+3[24+66+6+25]+37)

In layman's terms, she just dealt an enormous amount of damage in 6 seconds.

Tajuh worked in a flanking attack with Caim as he slashed some of the arms, giving an excellent opportunity for Fionn to get some shots in.

Team Shaun

Healbitch really thinks she knows what's going on, huh? Vapid broad doesn't even know the first thing. Good for us, then. Otherwise, she'd just toss you aside like a used condom. Nah, that's wrong of me to say.

The condom's actually useful.

He gave a tired wave to Teri and kept up that same guise. "Looking forward to it, Teri. Until then, how about we focus on getting that out of the way?" Right after that statement, Shaun stirred.

Now ain't that cute. The Dingo-Humping Shitstain thinks you actually did some good there when it was all the Healbitch. Now be a good little boy and stay out of the way, dumbass. The adults are handling this since you clearly can't do shit, just like how it's always been and always will be.

Devon patted Shaun on the back, clearly still too tired to do much real fighting. It's a wonder that he'd even made it this far, but he put on a calmly confident face on as he spoke to Shaun. "Hey, I know that thing that came from you is messed up, but it's still another part of you. It just doesn't help anyone if you ignore it or shunt it off, and you'll have people here that will have your back. So have a bit of confidence in us, man. I mean, you messed up? So what. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and if someone's giving you problems, you can plant one of those feet firmly up their ass."

Melethia chopped and hacked at more areas that were open, and her harassment gave some openings for the others. of special note was her slicing the leg muscles, limiting his mobility.

Team Demon Shaun

"YEAH!...YEAH, COME ON GUYS! Show yourselves! For who you rea-GAH!!" The Demon Author shouted as Melethia stabbed him in the leg, causing him a fair amount of pain and causing cracks to appear on his leg.
"OHHHHH...WHY YOU LITTLE!" He shouted as he turned his focus on the elf as he brought up his sword.
"THIS....IS OF BLADE A LEGEND! YOU AIN'T GOT SHIT ON IT!" He mocked as he used his Lighting Cutter sword to send lighting at the elf, corning her off from her allies.

Team Demon Shaun


Teri's Spiritual Weapon came down hard on Demon's Shaun's chest as a result, and Garm joined in, scratching at the demonic Author with it's brutal claws; Lupito's warning about the taint in the enemy's flesh in mind. Angelus followed up the large wolf's attack with a homing volley of fire; eight concentrated shots of fire heading straight for the demonic Shaun's quickly cracking shell. As all this went on, Teri called to her 'sister' on the wolf's back, "Mel, are you okay?!"

The Cleric was clinging to the wolf's fur for dear life as the interplayed assault between the various fighters went on; her aura at the ready to aid those within it. To the Shadow, however, it proved to be far more irritating than any good.



[quote="Daft Sikes" post="540.101127.16676142"]

Team Shaun Demon Shaun

Dillon saw this attack
In his head a cruel, idea came to him.
He suddenly flared his wings of light and swiftly lunged at Dark-Shaun
"Like picking on little girls do you? What's the matter boy too cowardly to fight someone your own size?"
Dillon began to slash and thrust his blades to cut The Demonic author, Teri could see se the signs of Dillon's dark side creeping in on his mind he was using it against Dark Shaun.
Dillon was moving fast and ferociously.
"What's the matter boy? You wanted to see my dark side," he said as his hair turned black and his eyes morphed.
"Oh, did you expect me to side with you? Foolish boy, you stand in my way so I'm going to Punish you."
He said finishing with a cruel laugh.
"I'm going to enjoy hurting you almost as much as I'll enjoy cutting up the one who has my wife." he said as he gave a quick slice at the face, leaving a large scratch but it wasn't deep enough to cause any severe damage just a stinging pain, this was mostly what Dillon's attacks were causing, he didn't want to kill Dark Shaun, he just wanted to make him bleed.

Team Demon Shaun

Melethia's body instinctively moved out of the way of the blasts and rolled in for another slash at Demon Shaun's hamstrings, making sure to hit the spots where the cracks were from earlier. "It doesn't mean a thing if the person using it can't do anything. Plus, that sword of yours is really badly made. I mean, it's got an edge, but it's so brittle!" She got nicked by one of the return blasts, but she focused on crippling the man as the acidic edges of the blades ate away at the shell.

Lupito sprung at the Shadow, pouncing at him with large claws. "Garm, Wolfblood, split his attention. the human's not invincible, after all!" The coordinated attack was more than enough to give Dillon more chances to attack Demon Shaun.

Meanwhile, Devon just stood at the sidelines in an impotent frustration. See, buddy? They didn't need you here after all. Nobody on the ship needed you. That Whorebiscuit ran off because you'd fuck it up for her. Even the Batshit Murder Duo only want you for the news updates. So why the fuck did you come here in the first place? Because you wanted to be a knight in shining armor for these tools? Don't make me laugh. You haven't changed a single thing at best. What about all the times you've held them back? Face it: you're as useful as as an asshole on an elbow.

Team Demon Shaun

"Oh jeez..." The Shadow stated before he was attacked by every single angle, making blocking impossible.
After taking a Angelus fireballTM to the face and being set on by the Mad Dogs of Lupito, Garm and Hadrian and the even madder dog of Dillon's less stable side, he went down quickly.
Even with his new power gained at the expense of his good side's sanity, he was quickly overwhelmed by the joint attack and soon it was less of a fight and more him getting his butt kicked as he was down.

Once the attack was over, The Demon Author was laying on the ground, cut and bruised, having learned the hard why what happens to those who fight the Rising Dawn solo.
"...owwwww..." He groaned as he yeilded, his Dark Excalibur picked up by Dillon who began to examine the impostor sword.

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