The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"Oh, I don't think we'll have a problem with that," Rochelle said with a smile and a laugh, placing one hand on Aeris's shoulder for a second and taking out Kirsten's Poké Ball with the other. "Oh, and I'll be sure to keep Kirsten away from your own Pokémon, just in case." With that she tapped the button on Kirsten's ball and let her out. The young Horsea began looking around as she had before, her expression cheery as she watched some of the other Trainers battling wild Pokémon.

"Alright, Aeris, no need to panic. See how little and cute Kirsten is? You don't have to be afraid of someone like her, right?" Rochelle said gently. Kirsten looked up at the two of them when she heard her name.

A small part of Rochelle's mind noted the different kinds of Pokémon the others were fighting. None of them really appealed to her, except for maybe a couple of Spearow she saw pecking at the nearby grass. If no one went for one of them, she would think about catching one and keeping it. A bird Pokémon could be useful in the future.

After nobody responded to his question, Tyler took a deep breath and sighed. He looked out towards the Viridian Forest, which loomed out on the horizon before them. Not being very knowledgeable about much outside Saffron City, Tyler didn't know what to expect in the forest besides lots and lots of bugs. The Viridian Forest had a reputation for its large Bug Pokemon population.

A faint rustling in the nearby grass took Tyler from his thoughts. A small shape shifted through the tall foliage. Reflexively, he pulled out Geist's Pokeball and expanded it to full size. The Trainer's gaze focused on the small silhouette in the grass. Although the grass obscured most of its features, Tyler could tell that it was small, about a foot tall, and vaguely rodent-like in appearance with large ears.

The figure moved into the light, nibbling on a berry. It was mostly solid purple in color, save for a few darker colored spots on its hind legs and the dark blueish-green of the inside of the ears. Tyler grinned. He didn't need the Pokedex to tell him he was looking at a male Nidoran. Today's my lucky day, he thought. Before deciding to engage it in a battle, Tyler decided to scan the creature with his Pokedex first. Pulling out the red device from his pocket, he pointed its sensor at the Nidoran. The device chimed and spoke in a synthesized male voice.

Nidoran - The Poison Pin Pokemon
HEIGHT: 1'08"
WEIGHT: 19.8lbs

Its large ears are flapped like wings when it is listening to distant sounds. It extends toxic barbs when angered.

The Trainer's expression soured. Can't let it get close, especially with those barbs. He took a deep breath and readied his throwing arm. Here goes nothing. "Alright, Geist, you're up!" he shouted before tossing the ball into the air. It landed with a soft thud on the grass and cracked open. The red energy erupted from the open device and resolved into the form of Geist sitting cross-legged.


The wild Nidoran's ears twitched its head turned to face Geist. It growled, reared up on its hind legs and sprung forward, charging at its gold-and-brown foe. Loose bits of dirt and stalks of dead grass were kicked up into the air in the Nidoran's wake.

"Geist, show it your Hidden Power!" Tyler commanded.

Geist's posture stiffened and he focused inward, a purple aura beginning to form around his body. As the Nidoran closed the distance, the aura became more and more intense and faint, low humming sound became audible. Once it got close enough, the Nidoran leaped forward, the horn on its head aimed directly at Geist.

Come on...

It remained airborne for half a second, then was met headlong by a directed wave of purple energy. The wave slammed into the Nidoran's body and hurled its small form backwards. The wild Pokemon yelped as it smashed into a nearby tree with a loud smack. It attempted to stand up, but only succeeded in stumbling awkwardly back to the ground.

Wasting no time, Tyler produced an empty Pokeball from his backpack and hurled it at the injured Nidoran. You're mine. The red-and-white device sailed through the air and hit the wild Pokemon's side. It bounced off and opened up, enveloping the Nidoran with red light and sucking it inside.

The Pokeball landed and wobbled back and forth, the sign of the Nidoran's struggle against capture. After about five seconds of resistance, the Pokeball ceased to wobble and emitted a low-pitched tone, its center light shifting from a light red to its normal white.

Tyler's grin only grew wider. He pumped his fist in the air as a gesture of victory and let out a shout of triumph. He walked over to the inert Pokeball and hefted it in his hand. "Gotcha..." he whispered.

"Aaaabra!" Geist said triumphantly.

"Great job, Geist! We did it!" Tyler said as he crouched down face-to-face with his Abra. "Your job is done here. Return!" He pulled out Geist's Ultra Ball and called the Pokemon back into the device. Miniaturizing Geist's Pokeball, he put it back into his backpack.

Tyler looked at the Pokeball that contained his newly captured Nidoran. I think I'll call you Tank. Good enough name.

Mika smiled softly and blushed when Aeris grabbed and held his hand, nodding softly when she asked to hold it. The feel of her soft hand in his was nice... and he could feel every ridge and groove of her palms.... every burn scar and follicle of hair on the back. He gently ran his thumb over her smooth knuckles, and held the grasp in quiet.

He looked over and listened to Rochelle and Aeris speak to each other, smiling softly and still enjoying the feeling of holding another person like this.

"Yeah, it'd be good for you to have a gently way to face your phobia." Mika said softly to the two older girls, smiling and then noticing a few Pokemon appearing from the taller grass. He gave Aeris' hand a light squeeze and then let go of it. "Aeris, I'm gonna catch a Pokemon... I'll be right back to hold your hand if you still want."

The boy walked over to the wild Pokemon with bones at his side, and looked out at the prospects. He set his sights on a female Nidoran nibbling on a Cheri Berry. He smiled softly and then sent Bones to go do battle with it.

"Bark Out, Bones!" The Dark Pokemon snarled and barked aggressively at the Nidoran female, causing her to quiver a bit, lowering her Special Attack. The female Pokemon let out a Growl at the Houndour, causing him to step back a bit, but he shook it off.

"Now, use Ember!" The bone-plated Pokemon let out a gout of flame against the Nidoran, burning her lightly and dealing some significant damage. Mika pulled out a pokeball, and hurled it at the Pokemon, which was absorbed into the spherical capsule and shook lightly before the center light glowed and faded, signaling the lock. "Awesome!"

Mika walked over and picked up the ball, giving it a little kiss and then rubbed Bones' ears gently, kissing his cheek.

"Good job, hun. You're getting stronger." Mika said proudly. Bones licked his Trainer on the cheek and barked happily.

Thank you, Mika. I enjoy it when you give me praise. The Pokemon said to his Trainer, licking Mika again and then looking over at Aeris again, tilting his head.

"Hmm... I think we'll call our new team-mate... Toxina." Mika said to himself. He looked down to Bones for confirmation, and the Pokemon nodded. "I think that's a nice name."

A little overt, but it is a nice name nonetheless. Congratulations on the new partner... and she's a female as well. Bones got a slight grin to his muzzle, and looked at the pokeball.

"I'll be keeping an eye on you two... I don't think we need any eggs lying about anytime in the near future." Mika said to his Pokemon, then turned his attention back over to Aeris and Rochelle. He walked with Bones back to the girls, and smiled softly as he stood by them. "Sorry about that... Are you feeling better, Aeris?"

Aeris nodded when Mika let go of her hand and looked at Kirsten. "N-no, I d-don't think so..." she said, stuttering a bit, her fear coming up again. She just stood there, half frozen in her tracks. She didn't notice a Mankey coming up towards them. Blaze saw it and approached it, which made the Mankey attack her. She used her newly learned skill, Ember. It made small flames shoot out of her mouth and at the Mankey, who got burned. It stood up again and tried to scratch her, but missed and she used Ember again on it. A little moment later, Blaze won the fight, but had to deal with a male Nidoran now. She just smirked as she attacked it. While Aeris stood there with Kirsten and Rochelle, Blaze fought a few of the Pokemon there. She was starting to look a little beat, but nothing too severe.

When Mika came back, Aeris felt a bit better again. "I-I'm fine, thank you." she said, smiling towards him. She looked back at Kirsten. She started to sweat a bit and finally retreated behind Mika. "I can't do it. I just can't..." she said, sobbing a little.

"It's okay, Aeris. Kirsten will never hurt you," Rochelle said in what she hoped was a soothing voice. "Here, I'll take her away for a while and come back if you want. Kirsten, come here." She picked up the little Pokémon and carried her over to the two Spearow that were now looking around, presumably wary of the noisy humans that had come along.

"Go on, Kirsten, attack," Rochelle commanded. Kirsten hopped forward and used her Smokescreen attack, targeting the closer of the two birds. The little black ball burst into a cloud of smoke at the Spearow's feet, but the bird charged through the black smoke unhindered and pecked at Kirsten. It looked like it hurt.

"Use Bubble, Kirsten, don't be shy," was Rochelle's next instruction. She did so before the Spearow could attack again, the small stream of bubbles knocking it around a bit. Cautious now, her opponent let out a small caw and hopped a few steps back and forth. Kirsten repeated the attack of her own accord; after the last of them popped, the Spearow seemed to be moving a little slower when it growled again. Maybe that was because Kirsten had hit it a couple of times now.

Rochelle set her pack down and rummaged through it, pulling out a Poké Ball to capture the bird while it was weakened. "Hold up, Kirsten, don't hit it again." The Horsea complied, although she looked puzzled as to why her Trainer would tell her not to attack. Rochelle tried to take aim with the Poké Ball - she had never had a good throwing arm - and eventually tossed it at the Spearow underarm. The ball bounced off of the ground and hit Rochelle's target, opening automatically and sucking the Spearow in in a beam of red light. At that point it fell to the ground, twitching and shaking occasionally.

Come on, come on... Rochelle thought to herself, hands clasped together as she mentally willed the ball to stay still. Kirsten bounced over to Rochelle, looking a little tired from the battle and being out of the water.

The Ball began shaking stronger now: once, twice, thrice... then it stopped with an audible click and stilled. The Spearow had put up a good fight while trapped inside, but it seemed that its efforts had not been enough. Rochelle picked up Kirsten and walked over to the Poké Ball, attaching it to her belt next to Kirsten's ball.

"You're working with me now, little bird," she said to the ball before examining Kirsten carefully. "Ooh, that doesn't look good. D'you want to go back to your ball as well?" Kirsten nodded - at least, it looked like a decent facsimile of a nod - so Rochelle held up her second ball and Kirsten was reabsorbed into the light. She walked back over to Aeris and Mika, feeling proud of herself for catching a Pokémon for the first time through a battle.

Jordan stood up and tried to put some pressure on the leg, it seemed fine. Fary had done a good job bandaging it up. "Ah man, that still stings bro." The awkwardness of the whole situation was going over his head. But Fary confirming she had a thing for him, that was nice. "Ugh,"

By now Vince had come over to it's fallen trainer, eager to take out what had knocked him down, but the assailant was nowhere to be found. Vince could put the pieces together. He wasn't born yesterday, he was born 5 days ago. He started poking at the ball on Fary's belt, demanding Zorua appear. "Scyyyyyyyther! Scy! That little bitch better come out right now.

Fary looked at Vince and smirked letting Rogue out. "I choose you Rogue." Fary yelled and stood back. "You're going to battle Vince. I'm not putting up with you biting." Fary said telling Rogue to use tackle on Vince.

Fary looked over at Jordan and sighed. "Oh fuck it cats out of the bag as it is." she pressed her lips firmly to Jordan's. Rogue growled but knew she had to do as asked.

Jordan's eyes opened wide as Fary's lips came into contact with his. Holy shit. This is awesome. First day and already getting action like this. And she's starting it! This is just awesome, I can barely feel the throbbing pain in my leg! He closed his eyes and pressed back against Fary's lips.

Vince saw it's opponent glancing over at the trainers, not paying attention to the battle, and it wasn't happy. "Scyyyyyyyyy..." You want to ignore me? Fine then. Eat this! It dashed towards the tiny fox and struck it hard, the Quick Attack with its arm gashing the tiny Dark type for a lot of damage. It came back with a tackle but Vince barely stumbled. It came back with another Quick Attack, another deep cut into Rogue.

Tyler returned to the group after capturing Tank, only to be greeted with the sight of...Jordan and the flirty girl kissing? In the background, Jordan's Scyther was battling the girl' looking Pokemon. Okay, this is...weird. Why they were locked in a passionate embrace, he didn't know, and didn't really want to. Taking his confused gaze from the scene in front of him, Tyler scanned the unfamiliar dark grayish-purple fox with his Pokedex.

Zorua - The Tricky Fox Pokemon
HEIGHT: 2'04"
WEIGHT: 27.6lbs

It frightens opponents by assuming its appearance. It seems to often take on the guise of a small child.'s a shapeshifting fox? That's pretty odd...

While their Trainers were busy kissing, the two Pokemon were locked in a nearly one-sided battle. The Zorua was taking quite the beating from Jordan's Scyther. The small Pokemon's counter attacks didn't seem to even hurt the significantly bigger creature. Those two should really be paying attention to the battle...

Fary smirked and broke the kiss then looked over at Rogue seeing it wasn't doing to well she blinked thinking back to losing Umbreon. "Oh god what have I done?" she said to her self and ran in front of Vince. "STOP!" she yelled holding her arms out standing between Vince and Rogue. "Please no more." Fary said a tear running down her cheek.

Rogue looked up at her master and wheezed some yipping softly at Fary then looked over at Jordan and sighed.

Vince was about to issue a finishing blow, to complete the punishment for the little fox's attack on it's trainer, it's father, but then the girl stood in the way. There was water running down her cheek. "Scy?" it asked in confusion. "....Scy." It put it's arms down at its sides. "Scyther, Scyther Scy! Scyther..." I proved my point. Don't ever attack my guy again, or I won't stop. He went back over to Jordan.

Jordan watched as Fary ran over to try and break up the fight. Luckily Vince was smart for his age and didn't attack her. As his Scyther came over to try and comfort him, he gave him a pat on the head. "Good work there Vince bro, you did a good job, both fighting and not fighting."

"Scy!" Thanks!

"Doesn't either of those two think its just a bit to fast?" Terinth thought to herself as she saw Fary and Jordan lock lips, while their pokemon battled. She saw Tyler scanning the pokemon, and thought to do the same. As she scanned the pokemon, Fary ran up and broke the fight up.

"Hey, don't you two think that maybe your pokemon have issues?"

Fary growled and looked over at the trainer that just spoke. "Say another word about my Pokemon and I will show you what really issues are." Fary snapped at her taking care of Rogue. "I'm here baby I'm here." Fary said tears still running down her cheek. Rogue licked her hand softly shaking. "I swear I won't do this to you ever again." Fary said hiding her face from the others as she wrapped up Rogue. Philias walked over and looked at what Fary was doing worried about Rogue.

Fary realized she had gone too fast with Jordan by kissing him but it was too late to change that, but right now all that mattered was Zorua. "Please don't go." she cried more.

"I don't think you're going to find it, bud." Simon informed his Pokémon, who had been tracking something for a good ten minutes now. Simon stopped at a large tree and leaned against it. "We're starting to wander off of the path. Come'on, let's head back towards the group." Shadow was still focused on the whatever-it-was. Simon whistled sharply and turned around. His foot froze in mid-air as he went to make his first step.

Something with big eyes and a lot of white fur blocked his way back to the path. It growled and shifted back and forth on its two small feet. 'What. Is that?' Very slowly Simon reached into his pocket. He activated his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature, covering the main speaker with his thumb.

A muffled beep sounded and the Pokédex obediently recited the appropriate information.

ClassificationPig Monkey Pokémon
Height/Weight1'08" / 0.5m | 61.7lbs / 28.0kg
DescriptionLight and agile on its feet, and ferocious in temperament. When angered, it flies into an uncontrollable frenzy.

'I'd say it's pretty angry right now.' Simon pulled his only occupied Pokéball out and threw it up into the air.

"Let's go Pidgey." Simon called. 'Sorry you don't have a name yet.' he apologized silently. From the thrown Pokéball a bright light shone. Then Simon's new Pidgey emerged with a battle cry of its own. The Mankey looked up at the circling bird. It began muttering angrily and hopping back and forth in an agitated manner. While the fighting Pokemon's attention was focused elsewhere Simon glanced over his shoulder. Shadow was running back towards his trainer. 'Good boy.' Simon thought. He re-focused on the battle.

"Alright Pidgey, use tackle!" Simon ordered. Pidgey let out a cry and folded it's wings close to it's body. Like a guided missile the bird flew down toward Mankey. The Mankey stood still with its arms crossed. The air around the Pokémon seemed to...shift.

' that...something's glowing? What is that?' Simon squinted as he tried to figure out what the glowing orbs around the Mankey were. Then Pidgey's attack connected on Mankey's left side.

The orbs vanished. Mankey's feet left furrows in the dirt as it was forced sideways by Pidgey's blow. With a short cry and rapid beats of her wings Pidgey rose back into the air.

Mankey gave a low and angry cry. It glared up at the Pidgey. It's eyes glinting with something like malice. 'Oh no...that's leer.' Simon pulled out Pidgey's Pokéball. Then he hesitated. 'She can do it.' he decided. "Pidgey, tackle him again!" he called.

Pidgey dove again. This time her attack hit Mankey low and centered, causing a cry of pain to come from the fighting Pokémon. Pidgey's wings beat against Manky's fur as she fought to get airborne again..

Too slow! Mankey's claws raked through the air and connected with Pidgey's body in a fierce scratch attack. "No!" Simon cried out in dismay. Shadow began to growl. The trainer shook his head and looked at the ground, expecting to see his Pidgey beaten and battered. But the ground was empty save for torn blades of grass. 'Huh?'

There was a triumphant but weak squawk from the sky. Simon looked up. His Pidgey was airborne again. But she was obviously favoring on wing and there were bloody scratches on her flank. Simon sighed in relief. 'I can't let her get that close again' he thought. He needed something to lower the Mankey's accuracy. 'But Pidgey doesn't know Sand Attack yet.' Not good.

"Shadow." Simon looked down. The Poochyena next to his foot yipped in response. "I need you to take over now."

"Cheee" Shadow shifted his stance and growled at the Mankey.

"Good boy." Simon said with a brief smile. He looked up again. Since he hadn't given an attack order yet his Pidgey was circling the Mankey. The irritated Pokemon was trying to jump and scratch the bird again but was unable to reach. Pidgey's circle became choppy and erratic.

"You did well, Pidgey. Come back now." Simon said. He pointed the Pokéball toward the sky. A red beam of light shot out from the device and hit Pidgey. Red light covered the bird Pokemon then in a flash it was gone. The injured Pokémon was returned safely to its Pokéball. The Mankey, it's prey now vanished, turned toward Simon and waved its arms angrily.

"Okay, Shadow. Go get 'em. Use howl then tackle!" Before Simon had finished his sentence the grey-furred Pokemon was already running toward Mankey. As the Poochyena ran it gave a low growl and its fur began to stand on end. The growl turned into a all-out howl. Mankey answered the battle cry of its own. One of Mankey's legs shot out in a low sweeping kick. Shadow leapt forward, over the kick, and smashed its weight into Mankey. The off-balance Pokemon tumbled to the ground.

"Nice!" Simon felt a bit of his tension drain away at the somewhat humorous scene. He slid Pidgey's Pokéball into his pocket and walked closer to the battling Pokémon. Mankey slashed its claws at Shadow. The Poochyena yelped and hopped backwards. Shadow shook his head briskly. Then he dashed forward and tackled Mankey again. This time he hit roughly in the center of Mankey's 'forehead'. 'Well if it had a forehead. Simon thought. The Mankey made an odd squealing sound then collapsed to the ground. Simon hurried to close the distance to the battleground.

He found Shadow perched on top of Mankey, and the Mankey...

Simon started laughing. The Mankey was out cold, it's left paw twitching ever-so-slightly. "Looks like you beat him, bud." Simon told his Pokémon with a smile. Shadow yipped and jumped down to the ground. With his hind legs he scratched a bit of dirt on top of the unconscious Pokemon. Simon didn't really feel a need for such an bad tempered Pokémon to be in his group so he left the unconscious Pokémon to recover. "Let's go, Shadow." he said.

'Speaking of recovery...' Simon walked until he was a safe distance from the battle-zone. He pulled out Pidgey's Pokéball and tossed it lightly onto the ground. His Pidgey emerged in a flash of white light. The wounded Pokémon hopped a few small steps on the ground, but did not try to fly.

"You did well." Simon said gently. "I'm sorry you were hurt." He picked up the Pokemon in one hand and shrugged his backpack off so that it dropped to the ground. With his free hand he rummaged around until he found a small green and purple plastic container with a nozzle and a trigger device. The Pidgey began to shake every-so-slightly and made sounds of distress. Simon began to quietly whistle a low tune and curled his arm so that the bird was leaning against his chest. He aimed the Potion at the scratches on Pidgey's side and pulled the trigger. As the clear mist fell on the wounds they began to slowly disappear.

When the Potion was half-emptied Pidgey stopped shaking and gave a soft warble. Simon paused the application. 'These things work really well' he had to admit. Simon smiled then returned to his task. He carefully finished applying the rest of the Potion. When the container was empty Simon stuck it back into his pack. Pidgey hopped to the ground without showing any signs of pain. She stretched her wings experimentally and then settled them back against her sides.

Shadow stepped forward, his muzzle low to the ground. Pidgey hopped from side to side then turned her head in a curious fashion. The Poochyena yipped several times and rose up on its hind legs. Then Shadow stilled. Pidgey gave a series of chirps and squawks and ducked her head.

'I'd almost swear they were talking.' Simon thought with a slow shake of his head. If only his Pokédex could function as a translator. Simon stood up and put his backpack one first one, then both shoulders. He looked down at the two Pokemon.

"You still need a name." He informed the small Pidgey. The bird Pokémon looked up. Simon continued speaking and made a short waving gesture. "How about..."

Tyler had the right mind to chastise Jordan and Girl-Whose-Name-He-Still-Didn't-Know for making out while their Pokemon battled, but the words never left his tongue. Instead, he opted for a sigh of frustration and a facepalm. Shaking his head, he turned around and headed back the way he came, hoping to perhaps catch another Pokemon or two. As he walked away from the scene, he heard the faint sound of Flirt Girl crying. Oh, come on, just use a Potion.

The sound of melodrama faded as Tyler traveled farther away from the main group. What took its place, however, was the unmistakable sound of a Pokemon battle. Guessing from where the sound was coming from, the source was just ahead. Hurrying his pace, Tyler broke out into a light jog, hoping to see what was causing the ruckus.

Unfortunately, by the time he caught up to where he thought the battle was taking place, it was long over. A wild Mankey lay beaten on the grass off in the distance. Looking around, he spotted Simon, who just finished applying a Potion to his Pidgey, his Poochyena near him. It was safe to assume that Simon's Pokemon had just battled, which had made the noise. Moving closer to the fellow Trainer, Tyler offered a friendly wave.

"Hey there. Fancy seeing you out here," he said in greeting. "What took you so far from the path?"

Don't go? What's she meaning by that? Jordan was a bit confused. He walked over to where Fary was holding her injured fox. "Hey, here Fary," he said after rummaging through his pockets. He pulled out a Potion. "My dad said these were supposed to be for healing Pokemon, right? You can have it if you want. Your fox probably needs it more than Vince bro." He sprayed the Potion onto Zorua's injuries and they started to heal immediately.

Fary nodded. "Yea thanks Jordan. I know it heals them it's just.... seeing that brought back something that happened years ago. I lost my head really." fary said not looking up still crying. "God Sara I'm sorry." Fary said talking about her Umbreon she named Sara.

"I lost a Pokemon before back home in Black City when I was a kid, an Umbreon I had for as long as I can remember but when I was 11 she started coughing up blood and died a few hours later, no potion could save her. I still have no idea why she died or even what made her sick. She was my best friend and seeing Zorua get hurt just brought all that back. I was going to leave to become a trainer at age 12 but losing Sara made me lose my will to go." Fary said talking to only Jordan could hear her. She got up and brushed her self off and looked at Jordan and sighed hugging him tightly.

"Anyway, thanks again and sorry about well kissing you." she said feeling bad that she took things to fast.

Jordan listened to Fary's story with what little compassion he had the ability to muster. He hadn't had a Pokemon die on him. Yeah his cousin had a fish that croaked on him but that was as close as it got to tragedy in his life so far. The hug helped though.

"Hey, don't worry about it," he told the older girl. "I enjoyed it. And yeah, that's really sad what happened. I dunno, I haven't lost anyone yet, so I know I don't know, but you know, you got people here for you, OK? Like, we'll look after you and support you and stuff, and...I'm sorry, Fary. I'm not so good at the stuff, you know?"

"Ugh. You people care to much about your little creatures. So when are we going to move on? I'd like to get to Pewter, or where ever we're going today." Terinth said, looking over at the horizon and saw that the sun was slowly beginning to sink. It wouldn't be long before it was nightfall, and she didn't want to be stuck out here at night. She got a little worried, and brought out her Mankey for protection. She decided to scan it with her pokedex to find out what it was like. *Insert RBMidnight's PokeDex entry here*

"So you're the angry type, eh? You might be useful then." Teritnh said to her pokemon, as it poked around the brush where it's home used to be. "I'd take a good look, because it's the last one you're going to get." Terinth said, with as little a caring or sympathetic voice as possible, showing the pokemon that it no longer had it's own free will.

Fary's attitude changed when she heard that that BITCH talk about Pokemon as things to own and not something you take care of. It sent her into a rage she hadn't felt since she saw a man beat his poor little Minccino for dropping something on his shoes. "Excuse me for a bit Jordan." Fary said calmly to him then turned on her heels to face.. her.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Fary said her anger showing to the disrespectful trainer. "Pokemon aren't things you own, you need to take care of them, not treat them like you do." Fary said holding the weak Rogue in her arms. "I've lived around Pokemon for all of my life and never have I seen someone treat them like you do, well next to beating them but something tells me you're not far from that." Fary said walking to her stopping short of being in her face. Fary couldn't believe someone would even think that about a Pokemon. Fary couldn't help but punch her hard in the face for that.

"Pokemon are living things you need to take care of and care for. They're not slaves to do your bidding as you seem to think they are. People like you remind me of Team Rocket, Pokemon are only good for personal gain. Like to see how far you get with that attitude. "Now if you excuse me I have really people to get back to." Fary said

Fary walked back to Jordan fuming and crossed her arms not wanting to be around that that thing any longer. She tried to change her focus from what had just happened to Jordan. "Thanks again for helping my Pokemon and for well giving some comfort to losing a Pokemon. It's not easy and not something I want to see happen again. As for the kiss if you enjoyed it you might get another." Fary said smirking at Jordan.

Aeris felt relieved when Kirsten was back in her Pokeball, but ashamed that she felt relieved about it. "I'm thankful that you two are trying to help me get over my fear. It'll take time, if it will ever go away, that is. Maybe some day I can pet Kirsten without thinking she'll drown me somehow." She smiled towards them, then looked over at Blaze. "Blaze! What happened to you? Are you alright?" She knelt down beside her Charmander. Blaze just looked at her with a victorious look on her face, since she had defeated many Pokemon by now. She only had a few injuries. Nothing to go back to the Pokecenter for just yet, but it could be fixed by a Potion. "Charmander!" she said. "That's good to hear. Now stand still." She took her backpack off of her back, opened it and rummaged through it. She found one of her Potions quickly and sprayed Blaze with is, her injuries started to heal. "There you go. Good as new." Blaze was thankful for the Potion and hugged Aeris who hugged her back. "You're welcome."

Aeris stood up and looked around. "Hmm. There are a few new Pokemon here. Maybe I should get data on them..." She took her Pokedex out of her pocket and aimed it at the various Pokemon around in the grass. She got data on Pidgey, Rattata, Sentret, Mankey, female Nidoran, male Nidoran and Spearow. All of which Blaze fought while Aeris was gathering the data. "There we go. If I see someone new, I'll be sure to get data on them as well. Good job, Blaze." Aeris gave her a thumbs up, which cheered the Charmander even more.

"I'm happy to help," Rochelle answered Aeris with a smile. "If you ever feel up for another try, just say the word." She looked around, noting that the others seemed to have moved a little further down the path. "We should probably catch up to the rest of the team," she noted. "Maybe we can talk later." She hefted her pack and hurried up a little, wondering if she should get out a Potion or two to take care of the injuries her Pokémon had sustained during the battle. She only had two; she needed to use them sparingly.

Rochelle returned to the larger group in time to see Fary storming away from Terinth. Evidently something had happened, and she wasn't sure who to ask to get an idea of the situation. Deciding to leave it alone for now, she simply began to observe the others, standing about halfway between Jordan and Fary who stood together and Terinth. A small part of her mind noted that she should give her Spearow a name. Something that suited him... she didn't really know.

"Hey there. Fancy seeing you out here," Tyler said in greeting. "What took you so far from the path?"

"Hello again." Simon replied. He pointed down toward Shadow. "A certain tracker lead me most of the way." he explained. "I think I found what he was looking for though. You may have passed a Mankey on your way here." he said. Shadow yipped quietly at Tyler and walked over to him. A foot away from the trainer the Poochyena sat down on the ground. The freshly named Pennant, or 'Pen' for short, was a bit more timid. She remained near Simon's foot and warbled a greeting. "How is the rest of the group?" Simon asked Tyler. He bent down to pick up his Pidgey. In his free hand he held the Pidgey's Pokéball. "We were about to head back toward them."

"Umm, uh yeah, totally. No prob, you know?" Jordan was still in a little disbelief over what he just saw. On the beach there wasn't any fisticuffs or anything like that. When you had a beef with someone, you settled it in a duel. Either out on the waves or in some other competition that you agree upon, that was how things got done. Seeing the girl who was clinging all over him just punch out another, younger girl, well that was a bit of an eye opener.

He looked up, the sun was starting to hang low in the sky, and Jordan wasn't looking forward to camping in the shade of a forest, he wanted to either be in a city, or on the beach, another neither of those options appeared available in the nearby area. "Uh, you know, maybe we should try to get to this place, what's it called? Porter City? Yeah, we should go there and not out here."

When Simon's Poochyena approached him, Tyler cautiously held out his hand to the small hound-like creature. He knew that Poochyenas were famed for their fierce bites, so he didn't want to risk losing his fingers. The Pokemon sniffed his hand and seemed to be satisfied. Carefully, Tyler reached out and scratched the Poochyena behind the ear.

"How is the rest of the group?"

"Uh..." he started.

Where to begin?

"Most of them are battling some wild Pokemon, I think. Jordan and Flirty Chick's Pokemon went at it for a bit while they went at it, if you get what I'm saying," Tyler explained, distaste evident in his tone. "You know your priorities are a bit jumbled when you're making out with a guy you barely know while your Zorua is getting beaten on by a Scyther," he added with a disgruntled sigh. "But I digress".

Fary looked at her hand and clenched it checking to see how much pain it was in. She moved each finger one at a time to see if anything was wrong, thankfully nothing was. "Damn that hurt like hell but nothing seems to be broken." Fary said then looked at Jordan.

"Sorry I lose my temper when I hear or see people treating Pokemon like that. I saw someone abuse a Minccino for something so small. I don't put up with shit like that but normally I'm laid back about allot of things but mistreating Pokemon send me in a rage." she said wrapping her hand to reduce the swelling.

Fary pulled out her map to check and see how far till the next city and sighed. "As for getting to Pewter I'm not sure we can tonight. We still have to get through Viridian Forest and that will be a bitch will all the wild Pokemon. As I said, my tent is still open to you if you so wish and I can cook a hot meal for all of us in the mean time." she said kissing his cheek and walked off. Rogue jumped out of Fary's arm and ran over to Jordan and yipped licking the leg she bit. Zooruuua! I'm sorry

Shadow sighed happily and leaned his head toward Tyler's hand. Shadow's trainer was not as happy.

"I'm sorry. They what?" Simon blinked in surprise. He started to adjust his glasses then realized with Pidgey in his hand he couldn't. It was a brief but appreciated distraction. Simon held up the Pokéball and spoke to his Pokémon. "Pen, I need you to go back into the Pokéball, okay?" he requested. The Pidgey made a soft cooing noise as it disappeared. After sliding the minimized Pokéball into his pocket Simon removed his glasses. He began cleaning the lenses with the edge of his shirt.

'Jordan and one of the girls were making out? But they've only just met! And why were their Pokémon battling each other?' Simon assumed the Zorua belonged to the unnamed girl. He shook his head slowly. 'Maybe this group wasn't such a good idea.' Simon held up his glasses and squinted at his handiwork. He hadn't interacted with the group much so his opinion of the members wasn't fully formed. But this report from Tyler certainly had an impact. 'It doesn't seem like he's making anything up.' Simon shook his head again. This journey was turning out to be very different from his 'normal' life.

Simon donned his glasses before addressing Tyler. "I may continue to stray away from the group. At least for a little while." Surely there would be multiple trails in the Viridian forest that lead to its end.

Tyler couldn't help but share Simon's sentiments regarding the group. Perhaps after a while, the melodrama would hopefully clear up. In any case, they could always catch up to them later before heading into the forest. The idea of entering the Viridian Forest alone didn't sound like a good idea. He turned his attention back to Simon's Poochyena, who seemed to be enjoying the scratching behind its ear. Tyler smiled and stroked along the back of its neck. "Good boy," he said to the Pokemon.

" is a boy, right?" he asked Simon, asking for clarification. "What's its name anyway?"

"Yes, he's a boy. His name is Shadow." Simon replied. At the sound of his name the Poochyena's left ear twitched. Shadow look at his trainer but was reluctant to leave the attention he was getting. Simon grinned. 'You're getting spoiled.' he thought. He looked for Tyler's Abra but didn't see it anywhere nearby. Simon remembered then that he had yet to scan Geist. 'I'll ask later.' he decided. "Have you caught any new Pokémon here?" he asked Tyler.

"Shadow, huh? That's a nice name, buddy," Tyler said to Shadow. The fact that the Poochyena seemed to like him already was an encouraging sign. Maybe I should catch one of these for myself one day.

"Have you caught any new Pokémon here?"

Tyler looked up at Simon again and processed his question. "Uh...yeah. I caught a male Nidoran not too long ago, actually," he replied. "I always thought they were pretty cool, especially their evolved forms". Tyler grinned slightly. "Of course, I'm still looking to see if there's any other interesting Pokemon out here".

Bones was busy having fun battling some of the wild Pokemon, with Mika giving commands every now and then... But for the most part, he was standing close to Aeris and keeping her comforted as they walked. He smiled softly and held her hand, feeling lightly protective of her as they walked.

"Blaze battled quite beautifully, Aeris." Mika said with a smile to the girl. He sighed lightly, still with a somewhat infatuated grin on his face, unable to shake the feelings he had. This pretty older girl was holding his hand... Most boys would react the way he was now, but he still felt somewhat embarrassed.

You smell funny, Mika... But I recognize that scent. You're infatuated with the girl, are you not? Aren't you being a little hypocritical, by telling me not to get any ideas?

Mika ignored Bones' comment and paid attention to the conversation going on.

"Ah, thank you." Aeris said to Mika, slightly blushing for some reason. Blaze jumped up and down at what Mika said. Aeris giggled at it. "Seems she thanks you too." Aeris squeezed Mika's hand and smiled towards him. She felt at ease when she was with him like this, not as afraid of being near Rochelle as she had been earlier. She was still careful, but not as careful as before.

"Thank you." she said to Mika out of the blue. "For being with me like this. You and Rochelle are doing the same thing that everyone else has been trying to do for me since that incident." She was about to think about it again, but feeling her hand in Mika's made her mind brush away the thoughts, for a moment at least. "I appreciate it a lot. I think I can safely say that you two are my friends now. Rochelle, I hope that with the help of Kirsten I can overcome my fear, at least some of it. Enough so I can pet her. Mika, it may have been a coincidence that you were there when I had a panic attack, but I'm glad that you were there." She leaned towards him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. She blushed a little, but still had a smile on her face. Blaze chuckled at it, but Aeris didn't pay attention to her at the moment.

After what Terinth had just said, Fary became very angry at her. She just didn't realize that her anger would extend to the point of blasting her in the nose with a rock solid fist. Terinth stumbled backwards, clutching her nose, which began dripping blood. Fary almost immediatly calmed down, which got Terinth almost as mad. She threw out as many curse words as she could in her head, not wanting to lose her calm demeanor. Seeing everyone not even pay attention to the fact that one of their team mates had just punched Terinth made her angrier, and before she went into the forest, she said one last thing to Fary.

"I am NO Team Rocket fan. All they do is extort, rob, and harm other people. And pokemon may be living things, but that doesen't give you the right to go around punching people about them." She said, wiping some of the blood off of her face, and going into the forest.

"It's OK," Jordan said. Mental note, don't piss Fary off. "I mean, I heard a couple of horror stories from my dad at work, not much, my mom was against any discussion of them at home, but he told me about what some people do. It sounded pretty bad."

Jordan looked down at the little Dark type, lapping at the wrap job that Fary had done. "Huh, like me now don't ya little sis? Now that I gave ya that?" He bend down and petted the little Pokemon, much like a puppy. "There you go," He made sure not to pet her too hard, he didn't need it pissed off again. The group seemed to be moving towards the forest. "We should probably follow after them, right?"



Slowly but surely the group had made it into the deep and forbidding Viridian Forest. The natural tree canopy already made things dark, but with night falling fast, it looked even more ominous. How far the group would go in tonight would depend on how much courage they could collectively muster, and how foolhardy they planned on being.

Rochelle looked around, a little afraid of walking through the dark woods. On her way to Pallet Town she had stopped at the northern edge close to Pewter, and waited until morning to travel through the forest. She had also gotten lost a couple of times on her way through, but knew the right way now that she had gone through it once. Memory was the key in that regard; the map she possessed didn't detail the forest paths.

Sticking close to a few of the others, Jordan and Fary among them, she said quietly, "Um... are we just gonna charge on through? Or do we take it slow and wait till morning to reach Pewter? I favour the second option myself. Who knows who or what could be lurking deeper into the woods."

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