Haunted Grounds-"The Angel's Last Rest" (Started/Open sign up, See inside for details)

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"Wait what dog offer."
Clearly Fran was intreged.

Seth followed with hatchet in one hand and his box in the other. He still had not opened the box but he kept it close just in case. His heartrate also rose to the tempo of the metal clinking on the stone. As he followed the winding alleyway he wondered the obvious which was if it was a trap or not. He still had the chance to turn tail and run away but something bugged him. It was that beat and that girl. The entire thing entranced him and now he was just a moth following a flame. Whatever was going to happen Seth was sure he could deal with it or at least run fast enough to get away.

"You still there?" Seth called out wondering if the mute girl was still there.

Nina glared at Nate, her entire body tense. She tried to look angry rather than afraid, but felt she was doing a poor job of it.

Seth-A man came around the corner, a shovel in hand and looked disheveled if anything, the noise of the metal end tapping the stone in beat to his feet didn't sound so sweet. (introducing Tom) "You there!" He raised an old hand at him, "You see a girl come by here, about this high, blondy'er so?" His face was a scowl and he looked like he could murder a rat.

Fran-"Nate there can get nearly anything and everything dear, you pay him enough and he'd get you a dog, or even your dog for all he cares." Maddy shrugged at the notion, "Like his card says he'll pretty much buy or sell anything to you."

Nina-Nate smiled and with a whisk of his back hand snapped a red devil mask corny to the dot and went "Oogah-Boogah!" His tongue sticking from the mouth hole and plastic googly eyes sprang from the eye center.

"Hypothetically speaking, if I did what would you do?" Seth spoke out. From the way Seth saw it at least Seth could defend himself if he ever attacked, if he attacked. And the mention of the girl that he had seen earlier raised the question on who she was or what was her intentions. The questions swirled around in his head as he stood his ground to Tom.

Tim looked Seth in the yes for a moment his glare definitive in his disapproval of him, "She's a rat if you could ever know it, putting dead things in my coffins, stealing my lunch, even going and taking my wood!"
His voice rose and spittle came from his lips at the sheer thought, his shovel tapping along with his voice and how it rose.

Nina jumped at Nate's surprise, letting out a yelp.
Only half of her mind had processed what had just transpired, as she couldn't stop herself from acting on her kneejerk reaction- a punch directed at the man's face.

Not that she really knew how to throw a proper punch.

Stephen saw the scare that Nate have given the other girl and saw how she threw a punch at him. He was surprised that she reacted in such a way, be whether or not Nate deserved it was still up for debate. Either way, Stephen was smiling inside in amusement. Taking another sip of his water, he awaited Nate's reaction.

Nate had his eyes closed as he removed the mask a second later, just enough time to open them and meet a fist in the face. Albeit weak and rather sad, he was still small and light and fell on his back from the punch.
Rubbing his forehead more out of the motions, he rose, "Geez, you don't take well to jokes do you miss?"

"Thanks for passing on the message."
Fran got up pretty quickly and walked over to Nate holding out a hand to help him up.
"I'm sorry if I offended you before but I didn't know you were there. I promise I won't insult you again."
It was a little rushed but the sentiment was there.
"So my dog? What will bringing her here cost me?"

Nate gladly grabbed the hand,
"Any form of payment will do, and I accept your apology miss. Give me the name, breed, and where he/she is and I can get it. I think it'd take maybe 3-4 deer dead, 2 alive if you can manage to put it in livestock, that be around 6 dead foxes, or 2 living, maybe 16 rabbits dead, or 12 alive, you could also pay with another dog's life if you can catch one or two depending on the breed and how long you've had your dog, or heck I could even get you any kind of dog you'd like for your own pleasure and use."

Nate rambled a bit more and stopped as he realized his head was a bit jarred from Nina's punch.

Malcolm finished his drink and turned to the downed man, "Now, you buy anything" Malcolm looked at the terrified woman near him, "What about souls" Malcolm grinned.

Nina stood there, rubbing her hand, feeling her index finger throb from her ineptitude in forming a proper fist. Pain shocked her into a bit more rational a state, and she paid close attention to the calm or even amused reactions of the others.
Her heart was still pounding, and she couldn't muster anything coherent enough to say, so she remained silent.

Malcom's words made her tense again, inadvertently gripping her hand out of nervousness and aggrivating her hurt digit. "Dammit," she muttered to herself in response to the pain, and she glared at him, feeling a bit betrayed. Was this weird British guy just messing with her?

Stephen walked over to the man who looked like a drunkard and the woman that was in no mood for jokes. He looked at the man, analyzing him for a brief moment. Probably a junkie as well... Stephen thought before speaking up, "Would you kindly not frighten the other patrons anymore than they are? It's not helping anyone." He then looked over at the woman, probably still shooken up from what just happened. "Hey, you alright? I understand if you'd rather not talk, but hey, we're all in the same boat here." He smiled assuringly, then turned his gaze over towards Nate. "How you holdin' up over there? Anything broken?"

Fran hadn't actually noticed Nina until just then.
"Oh hello are you ok?"
The back on target.
"And I can do the deer or the foxes, and the rabbits would be trivial, unfortunately I normally hunt with a partner and I don't actually have a bow yet. Then again, I suppose a pit trap could work and I can dig fine then it's just a case of converging it up. Or with some rope it's just a simple case of some knots I could do in my sleep. Hell with a big enough branch it shouldn't take more than a blow or two to knock out a dear.
How does that sound I'll set up a trap and you have full rights to any game caught by it, then if it doesn't reach the target you set by the time I have my dog and bow I can go hunting to make up the difference."
She looked back up for a second.
"Anyone up for being my hunting partner?"

Stephen looked up, curious of the question Fran had asked. "Well, I've never gone hunting before, but I suppose I could try. Are you sure now's the time for hunting?"

"Oh it's ok if you can't hunt; I more need someone to make up for my disability just in case I don't notice some kind of danger sort of like my guide dog would do."

"Ah, well, I'm not doing anything at the moment, might as well bide my time...and I'd be happy to help." Stephen walked over to the barstool and sat down again. "So when were you planning on going?"

Fran tapped Stephen on the shoulders.
"Sorry what was that?
Anyway all you have to do if tell me if there are any noises I should know about."

"Oh, sorry..." Stephen looked at Fran, making sure she could see him speak this time. "I could do the job, shouldn't be difficult, and I was asking when were you planning on heading out?"

"No time like the present."
Fran stood up.
"Actually since I have help you mind if we go fetch something for the bar maid? She's offering me a bow and arrow if I can collect something from the vineyard."

"Sure, I don't see why not." Stephen stood up and gulped down the last of his water and set the glass on the bar, and said with a smile to Maddy, "Thanks." He slung the courier bag over his shoulder and checked to make sure all was in order, then looked at Fran. "Ready when you are."

"Ok then."
Fran Walked up to the bar and asked Maddy.
"So what's the quickest way to the vineyard and what were you looking for again?"

"Calm down, man. I saw her go your way when she lead me in here. Who is she anyway?" Seth said as he was slightly startled by the old man and his anger towards the small girl.

"If you want I could help you get her." Seth suggested as he stepped a little closer to Tom. The scowl on his face looked rather permanent than most and he could see that the perpetual anger might be the result of it.

Maddy-"Hold on you two, the Winery can be found over on that map there (go to sign up thread with npc list), and I'd be careful there. Nate knows that the forest can be a bit tricky, and the animals are deeper in the woods away from the path." Maddy's face was filled with concern and slightly miffed at Nate suggesting anything like that.

Nate-He waved away Stephen, turning to Malcolm, "Like I said about anything, if you want to talk souls then get yours cleaned up and we'll talk." His tone was cheerful and playing around in all consideration, and he walked over to his corner without waiting for a reply.

Seth-"Oh, so you want to help me eh?" His eyes briefly flickered over the hatchet in hand, "Bring me her scalp and I'll get you whatever you could possibly want, even freedom from this thrice cursed town!" His anger was muted but nonetheless serious.
"If you don't have the guts to do that, then you might as well just crack that hatchet over my head." He held his shovel in both hands leaning on it as he looked Seth hard in the eyes.

"Alrighty then, thank you very much for the advice." Stephen said to Maddy with a smile. He then walked over to the map and looked over it a bit. Deciding it would be best to keep a copy, he reached into his bag and pulled out a pen and a sketchbook. His hand swiftly swept across the page as he copied the map. In just under a minute, Stephen had an almost exact replica on his page and he admired his work for only a moment before closing the book and pen, then stashing them back into his bag. He walked back over to Fran, facing her as he spoke. "I think we're all set here."

Joshua idly stood outside of the bar, his pipe finally lit after a 5th match. Waving it out as the smoke drifted away, he popped open a pocket watch and stared at the time...

"10:37" He muttered to himself as he strolled past the Angel's window and towards the town center.

"Cool, my sense of direction isn't really the best. You mind if you lead the way?"
She was used to her dog helping her navigate.
"Actually how are we going to do this? I mean we can't exactly walk and talk.
You don't know any sign do you?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know any...but I'll do my best to make sure you can read my lips clearly when I speak. I should be able to lead us there, after all I do have a map." Stephen patted his bag, indicating his sketched copy.

"Nice good to know someone's prepared. So you spend much time outside?
Oh and mind if I take a look."
She held out her hand for the map.

"I spend some time outside, mostly hiking and the occasional camping trip." Stephen spoke as he dug for the sketchbook in his bag. He pulled the sketchbook out and flipped to the page with the map. He swiftly tore the whole page from the book and stashed the sketchbook back into his bag, then held out the map for Fran to see.

"Wow you pretty good at drawing then. I've always loved being outdoors myself, when I'm not on stage or working i make a point to go at least a few miles every day."

Malcolm wasn't surprised by Nate's response. "You see?" he turned to Nina, "But he can't take mine, no he can't. I already sold mine off" Malcolm smiles at Nina and turns to his box.
"This looks like it's for me...It probably is" Malcolm opens his box and looks at its contents.

Suddenly the weight of the hatchet felt heavier as the man demanded death to the mute girl. Kill were the words that bore hard into his train of thought. The thought of killing someone had always lingered in his head but now it was slowly going to become a reality. But with the offer for freedom was even more stronger. He let the thoughts gestate in his head before he put his hand out to the old man.

"I'll do it but for one condition." Seth told the man firmly. He hoped that he would hear what he had to say.

Of all the contents the brown and white tabby stared at him as it uncurled from a tight ball. Its green eyes stared with innocence as it let out a soft mew. How it survived in that box is questionable.

Seth-(Ouch..) "Oh, so you'd be willing to kill eh?" With that he let out a throaty chuckle, and took his hand in his. Kicking his own shovel with quick speed it slammed in to the man's hand with the hatchet, with a swift chop to his knees on the down swing.

Seth fell down in pain as Tim laughed and walked away, "Come visit me with that scalp, then we'll talk!"

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