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Introduction of OC will be posted my me as the que for people to feel free to begin posting and what not as this has yet to fully start.




Yes you can feel free.

The Warden was considering.
Of course this isn't unusual.
You know you could just break out, those wizards over there would contain more than enough power for your needs.
The rune drinker is thirsty after all, what are they going to do take it away from you? It's part of your hand after all. Oh come one you know I'm right?
You aren't even supposed to be here, it wasn't your fault that idiot thought it was a good idea to blast you with a fireball especially one that powerful. Why did you let them put you in here? What authority do they have over you? You're almost indestructible and you let some guard you could smash without even thinking about lead you into a hole in the ground.
I know we don't see eye to eye no most points but surely you can see I'm trying to help right?
Oh what's the use you probably aren't even listening to me are you.

Actually Flesh was wrong the Warden was listening but just not being convinced. One of the magic users (obviously she was no one who couldn't bend time and space would wear hat that daft) started a small fire, almost seconds later it was snuffed out. The Warden felt power fill itself and its blade.
The candles in its eyes flashed a blue flame creating a bright plus of light.
Tastes good doesn't it?

Orca leaned against the wall in his cell. At first he was frightened when he was captured but when he realised where he was anger and fear turned to excitement. An arena devoted to fighting skilled opponents!! Perfect. As far as Orca was concerned the faster he could get on the field and see what the fighting was like the better.

The Warden felt a burst of energy radiating one of the radiating from one of the other people in here.
It turned to the tribal man and...
Well not exactly but there was a voice it just didn't bother traveling through the air and just turned up in Orca's head instantly. It still managed to echo somehow.

Orca did not like that, that was not supposed to happen. He decided to keep his cool and thought in words:


He shifted positions wondering whether there would be a response or whether he had just heard something from above and mistaken it for a greeting.

Guards line the walls a fair distance from the cages with heavy round shields and a mixture of spears, crossbows, swords, and even maces. All wear a set of decent leather with metal at key points along with skirt, shorts, and sandals. One of them wielding no weapon but his hands turned towards Warden palms outstretched, a blew sphere of what looked like solid wind held by magic fires at him.

On the other end of the cage a small que of people have lined up at the gate opposite of Warden and Kann with people walking back in groups with colored tags of red, green, blue, and etc. along with numbers written as ###/###/# in a simple black scrawl.

The air hit pretty hard causing the warden to back away from the caster slightly.
All thoughts of Kann forgotten The Warden tried to contact the mage.
Not the most eloquent but Warden believed it got the message across.
The Warden raises its shield just in case.

The guard smirked, "You Golem, try anymore of that funny business and you'll end up smashed to pieces by my friend here!" Hey yelled with no fear as most likely a friend of his hefted a flanged mace sizable compared to Warden.

Briefly whispering to a guard nearby, a magic user was quickly fetched with ease holding a basket of stones the size of bowling balls halved, they glowed a faint red and orange as he methodically placed them around the cage.


The door opens and another person is ushered in to the cage and wide doors. A troop of Golems escort a Dullahan walking next to her mount in to the large cage. A few of the others withing the odd cage give a glance and one chuckles and makes a snide comment to the rest of his men a small army force within the cage in silver and blue light plate.

One person throws an apple at the horse yelling "We don't need a horse S*****g in here!" Within seconds a knife manages to find it's way in to the man's thigh from a guard on the outside of the cage while the same mage guard manages to halt the apple with a gust of wind.

Shouting as the apple whirled in a little tornado to end up bonking harmlessly on the bears head, "You know the rules, no fighting or you die from the spikes over your head, or the floor caving beneath your feet!"


The dullahan had been arrested for another arbitrary law, and the fact a passing noble had passed a bet with another noble concerning the mounted fighter.

The said apple before was caught by the man leaning on the bear (see previous posts for details on appearance and etc, and if you haven't guessed it is Ethan and another Npc in the party). Taking the now bruised and yellow apple he ate it and gave a welcoming wave towards the her and the horse, the bear merely looked with one eye and the teddy bear almost looked as if it was turning to face them as it slid and shifted on the bear's neck.

The Dullahan's head looked serene as she leaned her ornate spear against his neck, bladed end facing the ground. She placed her forehead against the horse's and spoke quietly. "Shhhhhh, mighty Caraid. Hieretha is still here, I'm still here. We'll get out of here and find who made Cadeyrn do that. And we'll slaughter him. His decaying head will adorn my spear like the crimson flames adorn your mane and hooves. His blood will dye my cloak the most beautiful hue. And you can eat the rest my sweet hellsteed, my darling nightmare. That crimson flame you have is such a sweet crimson. Cadeyrn's eye's were like that color. Did you do that for me?" The "horse" whinnied and shook out its mane. She turned around just in time to see the man eating the apple waving at her. She waved back, but it looked closer to her awkwardly flexing her fingers more than anything. He notice that her face turned slightly darker and on her left ring finger there is a silver ring.

The warden turned to the horse. Reaching towards it with the hand that didn't have a sword bonded to it.
It tried talking to the woman that seemed to own it.
"Does it have a name?"

Hieretha turned to face the statue head tucked firmly in her armpit, clearly unfazed by the creature approaching her, "His name is Caraid. He's a Nightmare. A daemon horse if you haven't guessed." Caraid nickered as the statue as it extended its hand, showing rows of razor sharp teeth and snorting out smoke before sniffing its hand and nudging it with its nose.

"It's a daemon? I think you should back away miss."
The runes on the warden's skin began to glow as did its eyes.

With blinding speed Hieretha snatched her spear up with one hand and with a single fluid motion aimed it at Warden's throat. "Do not even think about laying a single finger on my steed. OR I WILL TAKE YOUR HEAD!" She snarled at Warden, she lowered her spear towards the ground, "And that isn't a threat. That is an oath." The steed in question shook its flaming mane in apathy.

Standing up and brushing himself down as he tossed the apple core to the bear easily twice his size he walked over to the chatting pair.

"Pardon me, but you might want to ease up the threats." Jerking a his right thumb at a lone guard walking to them, already tossing a bright yellow tag with 001/023/1 to the bear, and another towards Kann and Ethan caught his along with two more for, each hung from a loose string and were marked ascending to 002, 003, and so on for each of them.

Holding out the tags towards the two, "Because it looks like we're the next team in the fighting roster unless you guys have some plan to escape. By the way, would either of you happen to have any thing alcoholic to drink that hasn't touched silver?" his face looked young and innocent compared to the numerous occupants in the cage excluding a few, and the wrap around his chest of white paper an scrawled ruins seemed to begin to "bleed" ink starting from the back.

Hieretha whispered into the young boy's ear, "I can get us out... if you give me the guard's name. I need his full name. Given name. Middle name. Surname."

Ethan looked at her even more dubiously then he would given the fact she was holding her own head. "Are you mad? How should I know his name?" Shaking his head, "Look, do you have any booze or not that has yet to touch silver? If not I'll keep this as friendly as possible considering you might be having my back and yours in the fights to come."

"Tch. You're no fun at all. If you're so deadset on not letting me let loose, why doesn't statue guy just bend the bars or anything?" Hieretha held her head up to the boy's face giving him a solemn look. "I've been hunting my lover who killed his family and mine and the wizard who made him do it for one-hundred and ninety nine years, eleven months and twenty two days. And you ask me if I'm mad? Yes I'm mad. Mad like a rabid dog. But that's beside the point." She placed the spear in her mouth and shoved now free hand down her shirt and rustled around. "Sorry, boy. Nothing to drink."

Orca looked around him and spotted the warden. Odd man he thought from his cell separated from the rest. He was getting restless in his cell, he beckoned over the guard asking:

We are here to fight? No? Why do we not fight yet? I await my enemy.

The guard looked at him bemused, and motioned to the yellow card, "you'll be fighting soon enough and with a team, I'd suggest you get to know them over there, you'll be dying with them soon enough." Letting out a chortle he jabbed between the bars with his spear towards Orca.


Ethan looked at her at head level having to stoop just a bit from his knees,
"Well thanks anyways, and first off most of everyone here is just going to fight each other, winner goes free, bigger winner gets to leave through a sanctioned portal to the next level." Shrugging a bit.

"Me and my friends tried to escape before, I ended up getting this binding." He motioned to the bandage that was soaked with ink from the back, "While my friend-", jabbed a thumb towards the bear "-Is currently having difficulty transforming back, so unless you have a brilliant plan or in some way to incite the others around us to revolt we're stuck until the time we fight. If your wondering what happened to the rest of my friends, don't."

Ethan said it all calmly and smoothly, ending it with a fact that could match any oath from Hieretha.

"I'm Ethan by the way." He didn't hold a hand out to shake but said it in an effort to get along.


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"No names from potential allies. Not just yet anyways." Hieretha frowned and turned her head to face the guard. " Can we go soon? Caraid is getting hungry. Aren't you, dear." She rubbed the side of Caraid's face. "You'll be eating soon." She spun her spear around her hand and whistled happily. "A rider is never truly happy unless she's risking her life for something. This oughta be a fun battle."

Vesuvius Hetlan:
"No names from potential allies. Not just yet anyways." Hieretha frowned and turned her head to face the guard.. "Mr Guard... These people are pretty badly outnumbered. Perhaps you should let me go in with them?" She pointed to Ethan's team and made a coy face. "You're supposed to make it interesting right? These people have probably never seen a Dullahan fight before. And who will they credit for such an awesome sight? You. They might even promote you. I'll make sure to tell them it was the guard who let me fight a little early. Think of the riches."

"Then we fight?"
The Warden wasn't the best at following conversations.
It had been sitting down but got up at the prospect of something happening.

"Hehe, not till later, until sit tight, don't fight, and you'll be alright." The guard chuckled and went back to leaning against a wall.

"So this is what prisons are like here?"
Somehow the warden managed to chuckle.
Hardly movable are they."

Orca leant against the wall, he drew a steel and his spear and sharpened one against the other. He could smell the fighting all they needed to do was let him loose.

Good, I will be ready he growled.

Hieretha stroked the side of Caraid's face. The Nightmare snorted out a cloud of black smoke and whinnied, once more revealing its rows of razor sharp teeth. She licked her lips and grinned like a psycho as she moved to Caraid's flank, brushing against his side gently with her hand. She pushed her cloak back over her shoulders to reveal a heavy suit of armour and gripped her spear.
"Tremble mortals, for the Nightmare Spear has come for your heads."

A large rotten tomato slammed in to Hieretha's face amongst the crowds as troops of guards began to shuffle everyone out to different doors for the day's fighting. Ethan merely stifled a chuckle before a brief scream came out as a man rolled out clutching his shoulder, looking like he just came out of the bad end of a swamp he lay on the ground bleeding in to the drains.

"Looks like we'll be going soon, I'd suggest we talk some strategy or something! We win some fights we can go free, we win even more we get to go right through an Empire gate, and we could try to escape if we caused some chaos."

Ethan calmly stated in a housed tone to the stone Warden and the Dullahan. The Bear lumbered over and gently butted it's massive head against Orca the yellow tag around its neck and urging him gently to join the rest of the crew. The other guards snickered and poked and jabbed at the bear between bars.

Hieretha's face flashed with sheer outrage as wiped off her face with the her cloak and her expression returned to a vaguely irritated version of its normal state. She hissed softly "They have no idea how lucky they are." With a swift motion she mounted Caraid and held her head to face the others. "My name is Hieretha. It will be a pleasure to fight with you."

Ethan raised an eye towards her somewhat leveled head,
"Not to be rude, but most people don't hop on their high horse if they want to see eye to eye."
His stance was concerned but frank as the papers wrapped around his body began to fall away.

Hieretha giggled and she put her hand in front of her mouth as she did so, "That's the great thing about being a Dullahan, no? Even on my high horse I can still see eye to eye with most people." She tucked her head under her arm ", Also your apprehension with me getting on my horse means you aren't very familiar with Cavalry in general. But worry not. It simply means I'm ready."

Orca noticed the horse as soon as Hieretha mounted it. He came close to the bars.

Not good, he thought. Cavalry is bad to kill. I will have to wait till she is killed before I can get close to the melee.

"What would you guys have me do? I can probably take most of what they can dish out and I'll be a pretty effective against any magic users."

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