Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Mal Why would I do that now?

The hand of fate has made its divine selection. The Killer is now loose.


@Link: *flees directly in the direction that the directional arrows directed him too*

(did i miss any?)

*hides behind a rock*

*hides behind a staika*

@Berenzen: I ended the regulars list after staika. If there's anyone else on it, I wasn't informed. Looks like we've gotten everyone in the end though. :)

@Malyc: How about direct? xP

@Malyc, you misspelt to.

Alright, here's hoping it doesn't last 3 months again!
*Checks Mail*
Nope still have all my blood and organs.

@Diablo: Pfft...last round was only two months. xP


Seriously, how could I miss the BASE WORD???

Welp, won't be using the spreadsheet this round unless a killer/spy/medic/stalker comes and contacts me.

@Berezen: Stalker, eh?

@sky Don't get any ideas!
Unless the 'idea' is helping me stalk staika to make him feel uneasy.
*pats lawn chair behind staika

@Link: Eh, it was longer for me :P

@Trilby: You can try to make me feel uncomfortable but it would take a lot to do that.
*dabs suntan lotion on nose*

@Trilby: Here, Let me help.
*Starts reading Twilight out loud*

@Diablo *fails to suppress rage*
*give Diablo a darn good drubbing!*

@Trilby: I take it that means asskicking?

@Diablo It means a physical beating with a blunt object, for example a cane.

@Trilby: Can you please stop doing that? this hurts enough as it is!
*Turns a page* Ow.
*Turns a Page* Ow.

@Diablo *drubs book*
*goes back to drubbing Diablo*

*walks in, starts drubbin Trilby*

@Mal *engages in x2 Showdown Combo*

@Trilby: *ups it to x3 Showdown Combo*

@Mal *taunts staika and random passer by to attempt rare and highly dangerous 5x SHOWDOWN COMBO*

@Trilby: O.o


@Mal If you want confusion, read this story arc about drawing in a book. It goes on for a few pages.
Read up to the suplex...

@Trilby: Even more DAFUQ?

@Mal That was my reaction.
I have read all six acts, understand pretty much everything they're talking about.
That was still confusing as all holy arse.
Hilarious though.

@Trilby: HUP!




*looks at all the drubbing, suplexing, combos, and dafuqing*

Geez, you guys'll tire yourselves out at this rate...

*sits at a park bench*

The captcha called me an old codger...I prefer the term "Sage", but I guess I can settle for that too.

Is it a crazy ass coincidence that I'm listening to The Killers when reading that the killer is on the loose? Man. Those guys are... just okay. :P

@Redlin: Dude! I just saw your wallpaper for the site contest. 'Twas awesome! :D

Too bad that I couldn't vote for it. I'd vote the shit out of that, man! :(

Welp, what to do now... either start a business, or start a ruckus.

I wonder if there's a market for ruckus makers...

@Insomni: *buys stock in ruckus department store, inc.*

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