Timed Misery (1800's Supernatural Mystery Adventure, Closed Game Thread)

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Train for Harkstead...
To Say either of their actions were wise would be like saying putting your head in to a Lions is entertaining. The novelty of it is amusing, but the reality of it is usually painful, then confusing.

Stomping forward John quite literary broke through the roof, one of his legs getting caught and scraping against it nastily. Mr.Hammer could only smile as the Doctor aimed to tackle him down, and in to his hammer, going with a down swing..

With a resounding sound of a thud the doctor was down, his neck slamming forward along with his head against the roof. Stepping on him Mr.Hammer made sure he wasn't going to be sliding off any time soon, and motioned rather rudely towards the other two to come get some.

What was odd still was there was no blood still, at least from the attack, the doctor still bled from his nose profusely.

(The Doctor is down and quite unconscious, sorry.)

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

The bowler hat was knocked off Jacky's head as she opened the window and the wind roared through, creating quite the draught. She didn't seem to notice the absence of her hat, Lucrece decided that she was too engrossed with watching what was happening on the outside of the train. Lucrece studied the revealed face of Jacky - she couldn't be more that twenty and had innocent blue eyes. But, at the same time, they were cold and calculating. Jacky almost turned back to Lucrece, but Lucrece turned away as another series of bumps came from above.

"What is happening up there? Surely the man with the hammer isn't up there... If he is..." She thought, "J'en ai le frisson d'y penser..."

Brushing down her dress, she spotted the black bowler hat nested in the pile of furs. She went up to Jacky and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Monsieur, your hat." She said in a rather blunt fashion.

Jacqueline-On the train headed for Harkstead, Luggage car

"Monsieur, your hat." The aristocrat said in a rather blunt fashion.

Jacqueline had been too distracted by the spectacular events unfolding around her, she hadn't noticed her hat was missing. The French woman had probably had gotten a good look at her face, but that didn't matter now, what were the chances of bumping into her again in Harkstead? She grabbed her hat back and secured it back on her head.

"Thanks" She said gruffly

Things were going from bad to worse, for the other passengers. The brute had stepped through the car and the misshapen man had been knocked out by 'Mr.Hammer', the likelihood of him being taken down was vastly decreasing. If she ever had the good fortune to run into these people again they would probably call her a coward, but at least she had the sense to know that it was better to jump ship then be drowned along with it.

"Au revior" She said to the aristocrat in her normal voice, hoping to never see her again and jumped of the train.

Jacqueline-Near Rail way To Harkstead-???

Falling and rolling in the dirt amongst other things, rocks mostly, twigs, possible animal feces, none of this is good in general. No luggage from the luggage car (her own or otherwise), and very little to do in the woods. It looked to be a rather long walk to Harkstead on an empty stomach, and lacking the know how of a Hunter, or the lay of the land, perhaps leaving the train was not quite a good idea? Then again what is?

The Train cars still roll past slowing by the minute, and not to soon to jump back on if one wished, from a quick look there is a dirt road down the way from the scare forest, and only water and mountains lie across the tracks.

Donal - Luggage Roof

Donal looks over the edge of the car. One of the girls had just jumped off the train. Perhaps he can get the other's attention?

He holds onto the edge of the car and hangs down the side. He raps on the window.

"Oi! Lass! Can you hand me t'at rifle?"

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

Lucrece looked over her shoulder, with all the action on the roof of the carriage, there was little to do but watch for the red-headed man. But, with the exception of luggage and Jacky, the carriage was empty. With nought to do, she fumbled through her purse, trying to find that little derringer that had saved her life once. Feeling the familiar sensation of the smooth wooden body and the cold metal of the firing mechanism, she clutched it tightly. Then she heard a woman's voice.

"Au revior"

Lucrece turned around yet again only to see Jacky clamber out of a wide open window with a measure of acrobatic skill only to jump off the train and leave her luggage behind. A small bag lay there meekly, towered over by Lucrece's own suitcase and many other cases belonging to the other passengers. She wondered what was inside. On closer inspection it stank of preserved meat and rations, packed with only concern for survival. A loud voice rang out from another window and interrupted Lucrece in her rummaging.

"Oi! Lass! Can you hand me t'at rifle?"

While shocked by the gruffness of the voice and its manner, only to find the owner with an appearance to match. She cursed under her breath and began searching the fur-covered end of the luggage carriage. She spotted a tomahawk and the .69 Whitney rifle gleaming in a corner illuminated by light from the window. One would think the tomahawk would make for a dramatic fight against the red-headed man with a hammer, but long-range weapons do have their advantages. She sighed and grabbed the rifle, along with some shot and powder, and handed it through the open window to the ruffian.

"Voilà," She said, giving him the weapon, "Shoot well."

Donal - Luggage Roof

"T'ank ye lass!"

Donal swings back up to the roof. He cocks the hammer back and pours a measure of powder in the barrel.

"T'is will take some time! How are you boys holding up?"

Bertram Scholar, Passenger Car/ Luggage Car

A loud banging on the roof jarred Bertram awake and knocked his monocle to the floor. The man himself followed, cursing and scrambling around, searching for his misplaced seeing-aid.
Eventually finding it, he managed to regain his composer just in time for another loud thump from above.
Ignoring it, he sat back down and made himself comfortable. A discarded magazine lay on the seat next to him (A Penny Dreadful, according to the title). Better than boredom, he supposed.
Before he could get very far, however, another lloud thump distracted him. And another. And another, and an... well, that was more a bang than a thump.
He threw the periodical down in a huff and marched down the car to investigate the source of whatever infernal racket could be heard above the train's engines. It wasn't until he opened the door between cars and caught a glimpse of the battle on the roof that he realised how quiet the engines were, and how slow the train was moving, but by then he was beyond caring.
The middle-aged heir burst through the door in time to see a young be-goggled woman hand a rifle out the window, up to one of the combatants.
"Begging your pardon, miss," he began, activating his power on the justification that at least one of the parties involved here were more than llikely to be criminal, "But would you mind informing me of what the devil is going on up there?"

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

The man with a face full of beard and voice full of an Irish accent took the rifle and the shot and powder. Lucrece could only hope that the murderer would be shot and killed, for she was stuck there in the carriage, her attire too bulky and restrictive for rooftop shenanigans. Lucrece wondered if she could even trust the buckskin-clad stranger. He disappeared before saying a simple thank you.

"T'ank ye lass!"

She had no chance to respond as he swung up to the roof. In the mist of all this, Lucrece didn't notice yet another middle-aged man approach her. His jowls rumbling as he huffed and puffed around the entrance to the luggage car. This was a man clearly not in a good man. Fearing hostile action, she reached into her purse for her derringer. As he burst through the door, he asked her a question and Lucrece felt oddly driven to answer it in full.

"Begging your pardon, miss," he began, "But would you mind informing me of what the devil is going on up there?"

"Oui, Bien Sûr!" She replied in French, then quickly switched to English, "The conductor has been murdered by a red-headed man with a hammer in this very carriage. As you can see, there was no blood. Strange, no? Three gentlemen are currently trying to subdue him. And that, as they say, is that, Monsieur...?"

Her voice trailed off as she fished for a name. But then again how important was a middle-aged gentlemen with bad scarring, yellow teeth and greying hair? He looked like he had spent a lifetime huffing, puffing and fussing. Lucrece wanted no part in that.

B. Scholar, Luggage Car
"Scholar. Bertram Scholar, and no, you can't call me 'Bert.'" Said the perturbed gentleman, idly checking his watch. "Oh, bother!" he exclaimed upon seeing the time, "you wouldn't happen to know how to drive a train, would you? If I don't make it to Harkstead soon, there's sure to be a r--" Another loud thump interrupted him "Should we go help them?"

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

On hearing her testimony, Bertram became even more animated. Lucrece could just picture him at an old gentleman's club, sipping port and spewing gossip, or one of those salesmen, shouting from the top of his voice the virtues of a product. With even more fussing and huffing, he replied with a name, assaulting her with a tumble of questions. Finally he settled on one last question.

"...Should we go help them?"

"One; Bert suits you, I think it would be a shame not call you that; two, I know many things but how to drive a train is one of them; three, I cannot think of anything we can do to help them at the moment, if you can, let's hear it; four, I am Mme. Leblane, though you may call me Lucrece."

And with that, she walked up to the man as she was about to introduce herself and slipped off a lace glove, offering a handshake.

Jacqueline-Near the Railway To Harkstead

In hindsight, flinging herself from the train was not one of her better decisions. In her haste she had forgotten her luggage which had a full days provisions and some money in it, she didn't have any proverbial driftwood and that meant sinking all the same. The woods looked pretty sparse and a born and bred city dweller like her wouldn't have known what to look for anyway, it didn't help matters that in during her bumpy landing her bowler hat at been crushed.

Jacqueline had just leapt from one dead end into another.She could either follow the train tracks in the direction the train was heading or follow an old dirt path, neither looked welcoming and she doubted she could make it to Harkstead without food or water.

She hadn't noticed before but the train had been slowing down, she decided to cut her losses and get back on. Sure there was a murderer on board but at least she would have food, water and warmth. Plus with her abilities she doubted the Irishman would find her.

John- stuck in the roof on the train

Well this is a fine mess I got myself into. At least I'm more durable then your average chap. Thought John as he dug his fingers in to tear the roof away to free his leg. Looking back up and seeing the doc down, anger was creeping its way into his thoughts.

Warren. Luggage Car. Train to Harkstead.

"Au revior"

Warren watched as the man jumped through the window and off the train. All that could go through his mind was wonder what the hell the guy was thinking.

"We have gentlemen abandoning ship? Surely thing have not spiraled that far out of hand."

Warren set off to the rear of the train. Looking back, he caught glimpses of the battle insuing on the roof of the car, but trucked on until he was at the coal section. He spotted the poor sap just getting up from his fall.

"Excuse me lad. But it appears we have some gentlemen taking care of out problem. I would rather not have you stranded out here."

Warren reached his hand out as far as possible without falling out, hoping the man would start running in enough time to grasp it.

Jacqueline-Near the Railway To Harkstead

She was attending too her slightly crumpled hat, she had managed to return most of it to it's original shape but one side still retained an alarming convex shape. She returned to her head and patted her self down, she had picked a few leaves and hoped to get rid of the bulk of the mud or animal faeces that had accumulated on her coat and trousers.

She looked up to see a a gentleman who looked quite distressed leaning out of the slowing train.

"Excuse me lad. But it appears we have some gentlemen taking care of out problem. I would rather not have you stranded out here."

She would've preferred to sneak back onto the train unaided, some of those chests looked rather enticing and if no-one knew she was on board then no-one would've suspected her. She might have even left her calling card, a black piece of card shaped like a phantom. The press thought up the name 'The Phantom's Shadow' so why not entertain them?

She didn't have to run fast to catch up with the train and could've easily got on the train without the gentleman's help but even if she was a thief, she didn't want to appear rude. She grabbed his hand and thanked him silently, tipping her dented hat slightly.


Train bound to Harsktead...

One may be wondering what happened at the moment concerning the other six passengers and with the train slowing down gradually as well. After passing the signs for the rock slide ahead, they let the engine cool down a bit and waited for it to come in sight, at the same time when John's foot burst through the roof, the other passengers had already taken notice and fled to the front of the train. Leaving Bertram nearly alone, and those in the rear more aware of current events.

What is happening in the front? Well that is up for another time.

On the Roof...

As soon as the gun was handed and shot/powder was being loaded, the Doctors body was flung forward and over John as he was busy with his leg in general. Aimed at Donal, it would either interrupt his shot one way or another, and with the doctor in his mildly misshapen state, it was good shock value. (Smacked by a dead weight, or dropping your gun to catch him before he falls, or you can duck and let him go on soaring, up to you)

Donal - Luggage Roof

Donal loads his firearm and powders the pan. He pulls the hammer back, and aims for wait what is that?

"Oh shit!"

Donal curls down and rolls on his back, the Doctor soaring over him. He rolls back on his feet and kneels, aiming for the killer's chest.

He breathes, and squeezes the trigger.

John- top of the train

Upon freeing his leg (and hearing a gun shot) John stood with a determined look in his eyes. Causally walking to the Hammer doing the international "Come at me, bro" gesture. No more rushing in with out thinking. John as been in this fight scenario plenty of times; Him unarmed and the other guy(s) with weapons. Upping the stakes as his adoptive father would call it.

"Disarm and immobilize, DISARM AND IMMOBILIZE! " Screamed in his thick skull as he recalled a fight with an American sailor two years ago. American had a sledge hammer, it has reach and a nasty habit of slowing the swing. And, like that fight John plans to end it the same way... Duck n weave avoiding the swing that leads to a straight punch to the chest. But, it doesn't matter how hurt the Hammer already is, John isn't gonna pull his punches.

Bertram reluctantly accepted the lady's hand. "Charmed, I'm sure." He said, "And if I could get close enough to the murderer I probably could lend something of a hand..."

Warren. Last car of the train.

Warren gave a friendly nod to the fellow he had helped up. Everyone was safely on board. Now the murderer was the prime concern. Warren heard a gun go off back in the other direction. Thinking that it must be then end of the assailent, Warren turned his attention back to the fighting on the roof and ran back towards the luggage car.

"Afraid I must be off. Try to keep yourself on the vechical next time if you please"

This was the last thing Warren said to Jack as he ran off.

Train to Harkstead...

Perhaps it was his physique or general powers, but the good doctor landed on the log car, his mind beginning to rise from the depths of unconscious.

As for the issues aboard the train roof, things were rather bad. Mr.Hammer already turning to flee jumped down between the two cars, the shot missing his chest and grazing John as he moved to attack.

It was a scrape and perhaps with his muscles and mayhem it was like a sting on the side of his chest.


Down below, with doors ajar, Warren and anyone else down there had a clear shot to see Mr.Hammer.

Donal - Luggage Roof

"Dammit man! Don't you know to keep your head down?!"

Donal sprints past John and follows the killer's trail.

John- on the train roof

"Dammit man! Don't you know to keep your head down?!"

" Shoot better... son of a--"

John continued with the chase. Giving up was something he wasn't about to do. The ground rumbled a little when he landed from his jump.

The Doctor on the log car
The doctor opened his eyes, a blinked a few times. His head was in excruciating pain but he did his best to ignore it, before closing his eyes and focusing on his body. Realising that he still looked like a misshapen monster he quickly reverted his form back to its normal state. As feeling returned to his extremeties he pressed his fingers to the back of his head. Unusaly he noticed that he wasn't bleeding. He decided to put the matter out of his mind for the moment and focus on more pressing concerns.

With some difficulty he then pushed himself upright and took stock of his surroundings. He found himself on the log car with the train slowing. His vision blurry the he could just about make out a figure in the luggage car infront. He pushed himself up, before leaping into the luggage compartment to meet the approaching man.

Jacqueline-On the Train Headed for Harkstead

Jacqueline heard a gun go off as she was helped back on board and the gentleman that had given her his hand quickly ran off towards, probably to see if Mr. Hammer was dead or to confront him himself, a fools errand.

As she made her way back towards the front of the train the grotesque she had seen on the roof came flying towards her and landed on the log car, he was rousing from unconsciousness when she reached him but otherwise looked unharmed. While this may have been the time for solidarity Jacqueline saw it as an opportunity, she could easily steal anything the unconscious man had on him. Before she had reached him though, he woke up patted him self down and changed back into a more human looking form right in front of her. She wondered if that meant there were others with abilities like her.

The Aristocrat was still in the luggage car when she arrived, it looked like she hadn't done anything since Jacqueline jumped of the train and the Irishman was sandwiched between the to cars in front of them.

"I forgot something" She said and picked up her luggage and jumped back out of the train, this time landing a bit better.

Jacqueline-Near the Railway Tracks to Harkstead.

Now that she had her supplies and water she felt more confident about making it to Harkstead alone. Warmth would have to wait until she arrived, but it was warmer then the average day in London. It would take at least a day to get there, but she had heard of people walking all the way to London with less then she had.

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

After her experience with the Dr. Beakon, Lucrece mentally prepared herself for the influx of fragmented memoires. Today she had clearly had a lucky break with almost every other passenger shaking her hand without gloves on. In France, no-one shook hands with a prostitute, they would just pay and have it over with as soon as possible. Maybe what Antonin said about this New World had a smidgen of truth in it, that is was the Land of Opportunity. Lucrece had previously thought that slogan was only there to entice others to go and be oppressed something else. Nevertheless, in the Land of Opportunity, you take what you can get and there are plenty of others doing the same. The memories poured through her pores...

A cold snowy night, a stranger in brown, obscured conversations, an immaterial gift disgused as material...

So Lucrece found out why she had been strangely driven to tell this Bertram everything. She smiled a knowing smile, like a cat that's got the cream and ended the handshake. She decided to ignore the frequent bumps and sounds of scuffles, knowing the cause being the conflict on the roof, her fears unfounded. Then she saw Jacky leapt onto the train again. What is this? Hopscotch? Apparently the disguised woman was a absent-minded person in mind as well as fashion as she grabbed some bags, one jangled and another Lucrece recalled was the one that stank of dried meat.

"I forgot something." She said, almost meekly but with a matter-of-fact tone.

And with that Jacky leapt off the train again. Lucrece found it all very curious, but her thoughts were stopped in her tracks as she remember that she hadn't replied to Bertram and had ignored him for quite a while. Eyes open open she turned about to him and curtsied as an apology.

"Charmed, I'm sure." He said, "And if I could get close enough to the murderer I probably could lend something of a hand..."

"Same goes for me," Lucrece said, tapping her purse to hint at the hidden derringer, the worst Bertram could assume was that she was going to give the red-headed man an almighty whack with her purse, in order to avoid remarks about using her purse as an impromptu weapon, she elaborated, "If only palm pistols had a decent range, no?"

Train to Harkstead...

As the Chase began again John and Donal were hot on the trail, and steamed over each others folly. The next car pass the two passenger trains was another luggage filled area. This one looked to be more mass and crates, and with a brief "Crash" an an almighty mess, the entire car was blocked off with numerous crates. How Mr.Hammer could do that alone was question for any man, and either bashing ones way through or going over the roof could work, or simply disembarking the slowing train and running alongside the tracks.

[quote="MortifiedPenguin" post="540.386040.15440440"]Jacqueline-Near the Railway Tracks to Harkstead./quote]

From near the Dirt track the neighing of horses could be heard faintly, the tran now slowing down and lessening in noise made sense for why they could not be heard earlier.

The doctor entered the compartment and observed two people standing in it. The French woman, Mme Leblanc and the surly gentleman who had failed to shake his hand earlier. Nevertheless he smiled politely to both of them. They appeared to be talking and he hoped that neither one of them had noticed his transformation. Unaware of how much of whether he had been unconscious for, minutes or seconds, he tried to guesses. It appeared as if Mme Leblanc hadn't moved so he theorised that he could not have been out for more than about half a minute.

Working on this premise he approached to two of them before saying. "Hello again mademoiselle, how is everything down here?"

Warren. Train heading to Harkstead

As Warren ran, he saw the doctor was back on his feet and moving towards the luggage car. It was a gleeful sight. At the very least this man hadn't been injured as well. Warren caught a glimpse of Jack hoping off the Train again, and a man with a hammer running further off.

I dont believe he was in the car with the rest of us. That may be the man I'm looking for. Still, it's best if we all regroup for now

Warren skidded to a halt in front of Lucrece and the doctor.

"I hope everyone is doing well here. No serious injuries I take it?"

John- Train heading to Harkstead

John never one for subtle smashes through the side of the car, disembarking like an angry gorilla. But, still giving chase. Unlike most people, he knows he could literally chase this man all day. And for whatever Mr.Hammer is planning, John has no intentions to letting come to fruition.

Bertram, Luggage Car
If only palm pistols had a decent range, no?" Said the young frenchwoman.
Bertram chuckled, "I was possessed of a similar idea myself, madame!", He exclaimed in reply, showing her his concealed firearm. "Very glad I'm not the man who ticked you off, eh!" He chuckled again.
Another young man burst into the train car, his breathless and embattled entrance mirroring his own. The man seemed familiar, but not menacing. After a brief pause, he cheerfully welcomed the man, "I remember you! You were the standoffish young fellow sitting next to me before! Bertram Scholar, a pleasure!"

Jacqueline-Near the Railway Tracks to Harkstead

Further down the dirt path, Jacqueline could hear horses neighing over the ever present ever slowing train, sooner or later it would come to a complete halt, maybe 'Mr. Hammer' had also killed the Stokers as well as the Conductor? That didn't matter now, all she wanted was to get as far away from the train as she could.

She approached wherever the sound of horses was emanating from cautiously, being careful not to be spotted by whoever was riding them. If there was a cart of carriage she could hop on board without them them noticing, and if they were going in the same direction as she was it would hasten her journey to Harkstead.

Lucrece Leblanc - Harkstead-bound Train, Luggage Car

With her reply, the man became animated with glee, revealing a repeater pistol concealed in his in coast, showing it her in a fashion not unlike the shady dealers that lurked the street of Paris, shuffling with jackets stuffed full of illcit goods. He chuckled again, a hearty laugh from the stomach and turned around to see a familiar sight, Dr. Beakon, though he looked a little worse for wear. Then she noticed another gentlemen with messy black hair and a great deal younger than the two other gentlemen. She suddenly felt a bit catastrophic with all these men surrounding her, badgering her with questions and greetings. No wonder Jacky had chosen to escape this crowd and leapt into the quiet countryside. She replied to them in turn, hoping that she wouldn't solely be the focus of the conversation.

"Hello again mademoiselle, how is everything down here?"

"Good to see you, Doctor," she said, turning to him, "With the absence of a red-headed madman, everything is fine here."

"I hope everyone is doing well here. No serious injuries I take it?"

She then turned to Warren and said, "I am fine, but cannot say the same for Dr. Beakon."

"I was possessed of a similar idea myself, madame!" He said, full of high spirits, "Very glad I'm not the man who ticked you off, eh."

Finally, Lucrece turned to Bertram and nodded, "It is said that great minds think alike, Bert."

She had chosen to call him that out of a mixture of mischief and annoyance, knowing it would annoy him in turn. She sighed, with nearly all the gentlemen here, who was dealing with the murderer?

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