Vigilo, Confido - An XCOM RP (Open/PM for Entry) (Started)

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Nathan moved over to the double doors, waited for the order to go, and stormed in going straight for a couple of boxes about thirty feet in.

*followed behind Baxter covering the rear and staying a few feet behind him the flashlight on the barrel of her shot gun lighting the darkened aisle* "Its to quiet i don't like this no aliens no anything its like a ghost town where are all the people"

"Its too quiet, I don't like this. No aliens, no anything... It's like a ghost town, where are all the people?"

"That, my dear, is what we are here for. Also, talking ruins the whole 'quiet' thing you were worried about." He thought he saw movement, but his flash light confirmed it was a rat.

05:04 (UTC +1)
March 4th, 2015

"Delta, Central. Does anyone have a visual on the POI? Talk to me, guys, what do you see?"


"Radio transmission from the POI is still going, but we're picking up the same thing from Delta's mics. They're close."

in France we has a word for this i believe you Americans call it wild goose chase.

"I prefer 'deporting'. Besides, a helo doesn't just crash, there has to be a reason for it. Green men are a long shot, but it could happen."

*talks in to her mic* you know pilot error or anything could have happened little green men is kind of far fetched its like one of us winning the lottery.

Baxter rolled his eyes, and looked over a crate at the main room as he responded on his mic.
"You know, you keep talking like that and you're just ASKING for the aliens to target you. You might be lucky though, they may not like cliches."

05:05 (UTC +1)
March 4th, 2015

"Oh for the love of...." Central Officer Hagen buried her head in her hands, mentally wincing at the antics of Labelle and Yates.


"Yates! Labelle! Cut the chatter and givee me a SITREP! You should have a view on the missing trooper by now, what's his status? We're going to have a thermal image of the warehouse in a minute, thank the Algerians for that, so stand by for directions on your next objective. But right now, status of the POI. Now."

"Thank you Algerians." Baxter deadpanned, looking at the silhouette.
"He's... Standing. Stock still, holding his weapon,and what appears to be a... grenade? He's not moving. Hold on a sec." Baxter blinked the flashlight on the end of his gun, twice on pause, flick again. No response.
"Not doing anything. One of us needs to get closer..."

05:06 (UTC +1)

In Mission Control, Hagen and the rest of the present XCOM staff mulled the new development over.

"I don't like this. Not with the Grenade there." Hagen said.

"Neither do I" agreed Attano, before adding "Let me speak over the radio, maybe I can talk him down."

"Putting you through on the POI's frequency now"

And so Lucas Attano spoke, both in French and broken Arabic, into the radio mic, repeating the same message: "We are here to help you, put down your weapons and let us help."; but there was no response, save a groan.

"He appears to be in shock" concluded Dr. Vahlen "He most likely will not respond to the actions of our troops, regardless of what they do."

"Even still, I don't like this. Something's not right." Hagen pondered aloud.

"Ma'am!" came the call from one of the TP&I techs "We have the thermal picture on the warehouse. You'd better take a look at this..."


"Delta, do not approach, I repeat, do not approach. We've just got the thermal picture on the warehouse, and we're seeing you, the POI, and six, I say again, six unknown contacts. They're all on the small side, but we can clearly make out one that's pretty close to the POI, just a couple meters behind him, it looks like. There are 3 just off to your right, and two to your left. The POI's bait in the trap, one of you keep a gun on him and the rest of you sweep and clear the hostiles. They're most likely waiting for you to move towards the POI, so they won't be expecting you to catch them from the side. Clear them out, then secure the POI, over."

Razvan had grown bored of just waiting for a message from Command and decided he would go back to sleep. "Bloody Command, telling me to be on Standby while they have their fun gunning down aliens. They don't need me yet, I might as well go back to bed" he said to himself as he crossed the hanger bay back towards the barracks.

Adam had set himself up so that he had a clear shot through the door to the POI. Switching to Bullet Vision, he waited tensely for his partner to command him.

Daniel's brow furled. He had indeed seen the unknown contacts, but they were not registering within the system as anything humanity has discovered. Which made it a bitch to target.

"Hold a shot right on the guy's forehead. If he goes hostile, shut him down. I think I can get a shot on the dirtbag behind him..."

Daniel ran through a dozen calculations before making an announcement to the assembled command staff.

"Sir," Daniel said, rising from his console. "Adam has a shot. Dead center to the bogey behind the POI."

05:07 (UTC +1)
March 4th

"Delta, if at all possible, keep the Algerian trooper alive. We'll want to have a look at him after this, assuming he's still in one piece. Makhuba, keep watch on him. The rest of you, sweep and clear, take out all hostile contacts."

well hello what is this *can see one of the tangos silhouette off to the side behind the soldier* " Baxtar cover me am going to go around our guest here" *points at the location she can see the little thing hiding* "and get up close and personal with bessy here if he moves tho well you know the drill."Central i see a contact am moving in to get a flanking position on it".*sneacks her way around some shelves and turns till she can see Baxtar and the contact is between her and him waits for the green light tho to engage receives the green light and opens up with her mossburg on the contact*"Die little grey man *starts shouting in french as she takes another shot and sees the target drop before she signals to Baxtar to move in closer*

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