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Fact: even medics get sick.
Other fact: most medics don't get their noses broken by shields made of Stygian Iron.

Nina crashed to the ground, hard, her book flying off and landing on the doormat of the Hermes cabin. Instinctively raising her hands to her broken cartilage and blinking away tears, she propped herself up on one elbow and stammered the closest thing to an apology she could manage through the shock. The girl responsible didn't seem to notice, and if she did, she didn't care.

The tears stopped rather quickly, as her right hand soothed and then straight-up stopped the pain, and the bleeding also stopped not long after. Nina's nose was already healing, and it probably wouldn't leave a scar. There was still blood on her coat, though. And there was still shock in her eyes.

It was a peaceful day for Dorofei, on his usual walk after training. The sky was a pleasant color, the sun looked beautiful, and he could swear he heard birds off in the distance. Dorofei always wondered about how and why birds ended up at camp; he figured the creatures in the forest would scare them off. As he walked, he saw a few satyrs working on some new grass flutes. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the tune. All in all, Dorofei didn't mind that his arm was broken.

It was another injury from training against Matthew. Dorofei managed to back him into a corner and hooked his legs out from under him. Then, at the last second, Matthew struck at Dorofei's knee and threw him off balance. A second strike at the ankle knocked him to the ground, and Matthew jumped on top of Dorofei with surprising quickness, grabbing his arm, wrapping his legs around, and pulling. Dorofei didn't have much defence against an armbar, and had zero mobility on the ground in his bulky armor. He wasn't a fan of tapping out either; Matthew had him in the armbar for a solid 5 minutes. Eventually, he just got bored and let Dorofei go.

"What did I tell you about a floored opponent?" Matthew asked

"Can still fight," mumbled a blushing Dorofei.

"Exactly. Next time, don't get cocky just because you're still standing." He picked up the training sword and placed it on the rack behind him. "Let's call it a day. That arm is in no condition for any more training."

With little more than a grunt, Dorofei's magical Ice Armor evaporated into the air, and he walked away clutching his arm.
As his walk brought him down the row of cabins, his arm began to throb and protest. Wincing slightly, he put his good hand around the elbow, and coated it in a layer of ice. He was lost in his own injury when he heard the crashing sound. One of the Children of Hades smacked someone in the face with a Stygian Iron Shield. The girl was floored and looked as though her nose had been broken. Dorofei quickly moved over to her. He grabbed the collar of her shirt with his one good arm and lifted her up onto her feet.

"Hurt?" He asked. "Take to infirmary?"

He turned his attention to the Child of Hades and his eyes narrowed. "Not fair. Hurt defenceless. Fight like hero, not monster."

Elizabeth had finished her training for the day and was filling out some paperwork when a loud crash outside the door was heard. She instinctively grabbed her bow and arrows before opening the door. She saw a child of Hades and Nina laying on the ground holding her nose.

"What in the world happened, and you ok Nina?" She asked, Nina and Elizabeth had both been in camp for a long time and knew each other's names. It wasn't uncommon for a fight to break out in the camp from time to time but this didn't seem like it was that, mostly since nobody had done anything since the sound of the crash and nobody was pulling the two apart. It seemed more accident than anything else.

It was shaping up to be a nice peaceful day, and Brandon was enjoying it for a change. The sun had been rising up as he completely his earlier run along the beach. The bacon that had been churned out of the mess hall was nice and crisp. He got confirmation from his perusing on Sports Illustrated's website that he was one of the top running back prospects for next year's draft. Things were good. He was getting ready to take a brief nap while listening to some vintage 00s music when the commotion came from outside.

It sounded angry, and female. Which meant it could be any number of things. The Aphros could be having another cat fight over makeup. The Smartasses could be debating the Nightwalkers about diurnal sleeping cycles. All Brandon knew was that it was disrupting his appreciation of the music of Bowling for Soup. But he wasn't about to do anything if there was no entertainment value in it for him. That's what he had other cabin mates for.

"Shane!" he called out assuming that the proverbial second in command would be over there. "Git out there 'n see what all that ruckus is! And if it's them Aphros havin' another of their little sorority slapfests, git some video of it!" Orders barked, he settled back down anticipating an easy transition into napping.

"What the hell -?" Jess started as a collision between two other girls led to one on the floor, clutching her nose, and the other swearing at her. A couple of others quickly arrived on the scene, and Jess, too, hurried to investigate. It turned out the two involved in the altercation were Nina and Freya... the healer and the moody Hades kid. Elizabeth, from the Hermes cabin, and the Russian son of Chione whose name Jess could never pronounce properly, had already come to Nina's side.

"Freya, what was that? You can't just go bashing people if they get in your way! Save it for the arena next time," she reprimanded - or tried to reprimand - the younger of the two. Of course, given the sour look on her face, Freya probably couldn't care less.

"Go on, get out of here," she told the Hades girl before turning her attention to Nina, who had been pulled to her feet by the Russian. There was a spray of blood across her coat... it wasn't pretty. Jess picked up the book Nina had been reading before she had been hit, and moved in a bit to get a closer look at the damage that had been done. "Are you alright?" The question would likely be answered easily enough, since Jess knew a bit about Nina's healing abilities.

Nearby, a head popped out from the doorway to the Ares cabin. Shane Knight, second oldest in Cabin Five, and by extension second in command, took in the scene. Something about Freya. He shook his head before he retreated back inside to report to Brandon. "Nothing special, just Freya breaking another girl's nose," he commented, sounding slightly bored by it as he returned to his bunk.

There's been an old saying. Something about honoring your mother and father. But after being introduced to the illusive Camp Halfblood, such a saying was becoming harder for Gabe Aeckerd to follow. Especially after a camp counselor placed him along the inhabitants of Cabin Four. Or, as they nicknamed it, the Demeter Cabin. He only thought of it as a simple homage to his goddess mother, but only once he found out of his cabinmates' similar sounding family trees, did he see her in a dimmer light. It made her seem... promiscuous. Suffice to say, it didn't make Gabe any happier knowing that he had such an extended family of half brothers and sisters.

The counselor told him to find a free bed before departing from the flora and fauna of the cabin. Gabe did so, taking the bed furthest away from the entrance, and furthest away from the other campers. He placed his bookbag down first, before sitting beside it on the surprisingly plush mattress. "So is this why I didn't grow up with a proper family? 'Cuz mom was off being a whore?" He thought in a manner that feigned anger, while sincerely sounding wondrous. He surveyed the room, watched the campers go about their daily routines. None really wanted to make eye contact with the boy, most likely due to the habitual scowl he wore. Not that Gabe was the type to go out of his way to obtain someone's attention.

Eventually his legs got a little restless, as he rose from his bed and decided to see what else there was to the camp. A girl sat at a desk near the cabin's entrance, and began to rise from her seat in attempt to introduce herself as Gabe approached the exit. He did nothing to acknowledge the cabin leader, no eye contact, no sort of gesture in her direction. Instead, he brushed past her, emitting a low, dry "'Cuse me." as he vanished from beyond the cabin's grassy threshold, and into the warm, open air of the camp grounds. He noticed a bit of a commotion going on to his right, something between two girl campers, with others beginning to gather. The situation didn't interest him past the fact that it was occurring, and began in the opposite direction of the accident.

More and more people were getting involved after Freya bashed Nina's nose with her shield. Tsh. Fucking crybaby needs help from others. Typical. Weaklings. The only reason Freya accompanied others on missions was because she had to. She'd gladly do them alone if she could. "What's it to you if I bash someone in for being in my way?! She should have just watched where she was fucking going and this wouldn't have happened! She can only blame herself!" she yelled at Jess. She couldn't be bothered with answering the others. "Stay out of my way, and this doesn't happen. If anyone wants to fight over her, I'll be in the arena. Helvítis fífl." After throwing in an Icelandic swear, she continued on her route towards the arena.

She just needs to toughen up and take it like a bitch. I should know. I wouldn't cry just because I had my nose broken. I'd go after the bastard and make him pay! Because I'm Freya-fucking-Glace! She grinned as she arrived at the arena. She entered it, and headed towards the middle. She took off her t-shirt just because she didn't want to be too hot while training, and threw it onto one of the stone benches nearby. She was still wearing a sports bra underneath, so it wasn't like she was naked on her upper body. She also put her hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way while she trained. Unsheathing her sword, she summoned two skeletons to fight, both of which had some light armor, shields and swords, all of which looked rusty. "Another day of training, boys. Take me by surprise if you can!" She charged towards them, who did the same as all three swung their swords, Freya evading most of their attacks and landing quite a few on the skeletons.

"Nothing special, just Freya breaking another girl's nose."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me?" Brandon sarcastically wondered as Shane returned. "Got dang Devil Girl gotta drop her dang shield one of these times. I'll give her a got dang reason to need that shield she keeps this up. Wrecking my schedule wit' her shenanigans and what not." Report filed away, Brandon returned to attempting to catch some z's before starting his afternoon training regimen.

Jia observed the encounter, but didn't get involved. It was frankly over far too quickly for her to intervene other than by exacerbating the situation by attacking the Hades Child, and while she would have had she continued the attack, doing so was unnecessary. On the other hand, the woman said she was heading for the arena for some training. Now that was interesting.

Jia glanced over at the Athena cabin and decided to give her shower and meal a rain check, instead turning her attention towards the arena and following Freya there. She stood near the entrance and watched Freya as she began her training, studying her movements. She settled in for a wait, then once the Hadeschild had reached a lull in her training approached and spoke.

"Care to test your skill against something a little smarter than a walking corpse?" She kept her voice even - while she was certainly of the opinion that the other woman needed to be taken down a peg, insulting her would only make an enemy. While a well-placed taunt could make an enemy angry and stupid, the short-term advantage in a sparring match was outweighed by the long-term problem of potentially creating an unnecessary enemy.

After a while of training, Freya ordered the skeletons to stop and sat down on one of the stone benches, sweating due to the training. While she didn't like the sun, even she admitted that fighting in the sun was alright. She still preferred the cold, but what could you do in the middle of summer, right?

She didn't get much chance to think as a girl approached and addressed her. "Gladly. I usually just train with the skeletons because they don't complain when they get stabbed." She gave a small laugh before standing up and dismissing her skeletons. "If you don't mind, I'd rather just fight with my sword. I don't particularly care how you're going to fight, but it would be appreciated if you at least provided me with a challenge." Freya gave the girl a smirk, showing some teeth in one corner of her mouth.

Jia responded with a smile of her own, hers more self-assured than anything else. "I'll do my best." She reached up to her shoulder and unslung her sword, then drew the Rose of Sunrise from its sheath. "Let's try to avoid killing each other, though."

She saluted Freya with the blade, raising it to head-level before stepping back and turning her body so that her side was presented to Freya, gripping the Rose in a low guard, gripping it at about waist-height with the tip around head-level, angled to point at Freya. By her guess, Freya was a fairly aggressive sort. She'd let her make the the first move. She started slowly circling, ready to leap, duck, dodge, or parry as the inevitable attack warranted.

"I make no promises." Freya said with a light chuckle. She wasn't really going to kill her. She could be a bitch and didn't really like most everyone, but a murderer of humans or Demigods she was not. She raised her shield to guard her and held her sword out like an extension of her own arm.

"I suppose I should warn you that this is a sword made out of Stygian Iron. I'm sure you're aware of the properties of it." With that out of the way, she charged towards Jia with her sword ready and struck towards her side. This match would be rather fun, she thought. A chance against an actual opponent outside of the missions was rare.

"N-no, that's quite alright." stammered Nina in response to Dorofei and standing somewhat shakily, having been planted on her feet so shortly after getting knocked off them.

"I'm a healer myself, so I don't need to go to the infi- what's wrong with your arm?" she asked, noting the icy coating of the limb and a hint of redness underneath. She supposed that if the man was suffering frostbite he'd notice, but she still couldn't fathom any scenario in which encasing a limb in ice could ever be considered a good thing.

"I got this, but I think you need to go to the infirmary more than I do." she said, some measure of authority returning to her voice with the chance to play doctor. She pointed towards the infirmary with her right hand but kept a finger of the left pressing down on her nose. It was still red like she'd downed a bottle of wine, but it was no longer crooked and smushed so it almost looked normal again. There was still a fair bit of blood on her chin and coat, though. Maybe Apollo ought to pick up being the god of detergent as well.

Keeping the right index finger perfectly horizontal, Nina turned her head towards Elizabeth and Jess.

"Uhm, kinda no, actually. But- but I will be, so don't worry." she said in reply to the both of them, giving a weak smile.
It would probably be a little more credible if her raised arm wasn't still spattered with blood.

"Intimately." She brought her blade around to deflect Freya's blade upwards, simultaneously ducking so it whistled over her head. The impact had sent shocks into her arm. Damn, she's strong. She ran a quick analysis in her head - letting the Hadeschild be aggressive was playing to her strengths. Given the opportunity, she could just batter Jia until her defenses faltered.

That was not an acceptable outcome.

As the sword whistled past, she raised back into her stance and launched an attack of her own, snapping a quick kick towards Freya's midsection, aiming for the solar plexus.

Freya used her shield to quickly block Jia's kick and stepped backwards a little. "Heh, nice kick. I prefer using my arms. So much more satisfying in combat." She couldn't help but grin during their fight. This was pretty exciting, even if it had only just started.

Not getting too lost in thought there, she charged again and prepared another swing, aimed towards Jia's legs.

Before he knew it, Gabe's bout of misguided wandering brought him towards the north of Halfblood, and lingering about the threshold of the camp's large entrance. His eyes floated about casually, eventually coming upon the cluster of buildings that adorned the east wing the camp. He gave a brief thought to what the establishments might hold when he first appeared at camp, and thought of checking it out after his formalities were taken care of. And, seeing as they were (and nobody thought of giving him a tour), he figured now would be the best time to see what they were all about.

He made mental notes on what was what, thinking of eventually stopping by the armory some other time just to really see what they had in store, but not before seeing (or more like, almost falling into) the combat arena. What seemed like a massive hole in the ground, he found himself fairly impressed at the daunting size of the whole thing. As he stepped down into the bleachers, the sound of clashing metal, grunts, groans, and cries could be heard down towards the middle of the arena.

Even as he looked about the place, his eyes always gravitated back to the center, where he realized the two in charge of all the loud action, were the two female campers there, each of which seemed to be giving their all in an armed brawl. And by the way their weapons were sounding as they bashed against one another, one could tell that they weren't made for sparring.

"Hmph. Hardcore." He mumbled with a scoff. It wasn't what he was expecting, but it wasn't something he was dejecting either. He thought of moving on from the arena, but eventually found himself sitting upon one of the arena's enlongated stone bleachers, watching the fight with some fascination, despite his facial features staying neutral and disinterested. There was something about two girls going at it that he couldn't take his eyes off of.

Jia kicked off the shield, using the momentum to lift her over Freya's strike, then as she returned to earth brought the Rose around in a fast strike. She knew it wouldn't hit, the Hadeschild had strong defenses, but a lot of promising warriors got tunnel vision. While Freya was engaged with her sword, Jia would try to slip a palm strike past her defenses, going for her shield arm's shoulder.

This girl was fast and evasive, thought Freya. An interesting challenge set for her. She liked it. Neither one was getting a hit on each other, but then again getting in a hit would mean either of them would be bleeding. She just about blocked Jia's strike, which again reminded Freya that Jia was fast. Giving off a small chuckle, she used a powerful swing of her own towards Jia from above.

Meow? Purr... purrr... meee-owww...

"LETHE!" Ambrose got up and pushed the cat off her bed. She jumped off, landing on the floor as graceful as ever, before continuing to ask for food. All the other Hypnos demigods were sound asleep, not even stirring when she shouted. All safe in dreamland. Ambrose sighed in complaint before begrudgingly getting up and dragging a box out from under her bed. Lethe's food bowl was soon filled up, and the meows were replaced by crunching. Ambrose just sat and watched her eat, zoning out. I could be sleeping right now.

Unfortunately, her cat had other ideas. As soon as she was finished, she bolted to the door, meowing to go outside. I got to get someone to make a cat flap... Of course it had to be like, noon outside, too. Sun everywhere. Ambrose was one of those people who baked fast in the sun, so besides the fact that it made it uncomfortable to sleep, it meant the sun was on her "do not like" list. And there were other demigods outside, and it was hot... and Lethe had sprinted off. Probably to the lake. She liked to talk to the nymphs in the water, and they enjoyed the kinda company of the land mammal.

"Uhm, kinda no, actually. But- but I will be, so don't worry."

Jess wasn't entirely convinced. Sure, she knew about Nina's considerable healing powers, but it always worried her when someone bounced back from injuries so quickly. "You sure? That's a lot of blood..." Said blood needed to get off of the Apollo girl's coat before it dried and left a mark. And Nina, too, needed to get cleaned up as well... Most Aphrodite children were neat-freaks, and Jessica was no exception.

"Come on, let's get that blood off of you," she suggested, indicating both the Aphrodite and Apollo cabins. Nina could clean the blood off of her face in either one, since all cabins were equipped with bathrooms, but one of Jessica's magically inclined half-brothers knew a spell of renewal, and that would get the blood out of her coat.

It was done. The blade sharpened to near perfection, the tang locked in place inside the hilt, the balance exact. Royce's latest creation promptly went into a box with a dozen others waiting to be tested in combat, all made by people either learning how to work celestial bronze, or improving their skills. The son of Hephaestus removed and hung up the forge apron he had borrowed, and promptly left the forges after giving a nod to Forgemaster Dugan.

Despite the sun beating down on the demigod, it was cooler outside of the forge than inside. His smithing practice concluded, Royce found himself without anything immediate on the agenda. Maybe it was time to return to Cabin Nine for a bit of relaxation, maybe read a book, build a gadget or do something else entirely. He began to wander back towards the cabins, taking his time for a change.

In the space of a few moments, the Hades Child stomped off, cursing at everyone around her. The Athena Child was quick behind her. I'm not sure who would win that fight, but I wouldn't want to fight either of them,Dorofei thought to himslef. There was still the matter of the small girl with the bloody nose. One of Aphrodite's children was fussing over her coat, which perplexed him. After all, it was just a jacket.
"Should we not be taking her to infirmary?" He asked, a little uncertain. "I think nose is broken. Should worry for clothing later."

Mitsuko was sitting under a tree minding her own business drowning out the sound of the other campers with her iPod having ether Green Day or some other band playing. She didn't have a favorite type of music or band, she liked a little bit of everything from JPop to rock and blues. Whatever helped her focus on her current project was good enough for her. Her current project was a drawing of a gorgon.

"Hmmm something seems... I don't know off. Could be the face or the eyes. Oh well I'll just keep going, I might figure out what it is or I could be too hard on myself." Mitsuko said to herself deep in thought biting on her pencil some.

"I wonder what everyone else is up to. I've been working on this drawing for a few hours now, for all I know I could of missed a meal or a mission. Damn these eyes are bugging me."

Mitsuko decided she was done for the time being. "Well I should go see what everyone is up to. Maybe I'll run into Jess or Colt." she thought out loud as she dusted off her pants to free it off dirt and bits of grass then set off. On her way, as she folded up her drawing pad and put away the pencil, she ran into the mess Jess was dealing with on her back to the cabins.

"Hey Jess what happened? Do you need any help or something?" Mitsuko asked worried for the other campers. "I mean I can't heal but I'm sure I can help somehow." Mitsuko said kind of quietly.

For what seemed like hours their blades danced, clashing again and again with the sound of steel clashing on steel filling the arena. Jia's lip was bloody and swollen from a sudden hilt strike from Freya's blade, her skin slick and her clothes soaked with sweat, her arms feeling like lead, but she was still pressing the fight and there was no sign that either one would give up any time soon.

Finally Jia stepped away, the music of steel on steel going silent once again, although she kept her blade up. "I don't think this fight is going to have a conclusion any time soon. Call it a draw?" She was panting lightly - she wasn't winded, but it was certainly a more intense workout than what she usually got.

Elizabeth had followed Jess and Nina into cabin 10 and heard the question Dorofei had asked.

"She is the infirmary, she uses healing magic. I've had to see her more than once. Giver her a bit of time to work and she'll be fine. Also clothes are the lifeblood of Aphrodite children, so it was inevitable one of them would work on the coat." Elizabeth said with a bit of a smirk. She was already however planning her prank against the child of Hades that had injured Nina in the first place.

Freya wanted to continue with their fight, but she concluded that it was enough for now. She panted lightly as well and gave a slight chuckle along with a smirk that showed a few teeth. "Hah. Yeah, I'll call it a draw. You're quite skilled for not being a child of Hades. I admit, you gave me a challenge. I didn't catch your name before you arrived." Jia had definitely moved up from people she hated to people she tolerated. Which weren't many, but then again there weren't a lot of people she liked, either.

"Jia Shang." She slid the Rose of Sunrise back into her sheath and slid it back into place along her back, then bowed to Freya. "Your mastery of the blade is commendable, I haven't faced anyone before who was able to stand against me sword to sword who was not a child of Ares or Athena." She rolled her neck, releasing a cacophony of cracks and pops. "I don't believe I learned your name either."

"I'm Freya Glace. And, as previously mentioned, I'm a daughter of Hades." She walked over to her t-shirt, picked it up and threw it over her shoulder, not wanting to put it on just yet because of all the sweating she did due to the training and dueling, in no small part thanks to Jia. "And of course my skill with a sword is awesome. I've been training most of the time I've been here. When I'm not training, it's because I'm on a mission, fulfilling some sort of bodily need or getting involved in something that wasn't even my fault. Like that thing with the girl that bumped into me earlier. I could have used those few minutes to train, but oh well. At least I got some more training than usual thanks to you." She started to do stretches on one of the stone benches so that she wouldn't be sore the next day.

"Less of your time would have been wasted had you controlled your anger. Wasn't the collision just as much your fault as hers? You could have stepped aside and averted the whole thing, or simply let it slide rather than lashing out." Freya's mindset - or at least, the one she claimed, Jia wasn't convinced it was the truth - wasn't that uncommon in the Athena cabin, particularly among younger Demigods who had always been the biggest fish in a small pond now having to become used to them no longer being inherently the smartest, fastest, strongest, the most skillful. Most refused to accept that - Demigodhood came with a pretty substantial swollen ego.

"You aren't doing yourself any favors by being hostile. I won't say that you're wrong for being focused or being a loner, but you would perhaps be better served by more measured responses. Some day these men and women you demean may be the ones you need to watch your back - do you want them to be considering sliding a knife into it?"

Just because Jia had been a good swordswoman, it didn't mean that she could criticize Freya like that. At least, that's what Freya thought. "I'm not some fucking loner. I can tolerate people when I want to. They just piss me off most of the time. And I do not have any damn anger issues. I can control myself just fine." She was never good with taking criticism, only seeing it as someone just finding an excuse to tell her she wasn't good enough in some way. The last time someone did that, they had to be taken to the infirmary. Yeah, she had her weapons and gear taken away from her and had to work off her punishment, but she didn't care.

This time, though, she couldn't be bothered to try and fight it out with Jia. They'd done enough dueling earlier, and she knew they'd exhaust each other eventually. And even if she could try a surprise attack, there was no telling what Jia was capable of doing. Freya was strong, but she wasn't stupid. "I don't need them to watch my back. I can handle myself just fine. If anything, they should stay out of my way while I take care of the mission." With that, she headed out of the arena, but not before catching the sight of a Demigod sitting on one of the stone benches who had apparently been watching them. "The fuck are you looking at? Does the sight of two women fighting get your pants wet? Weird fuck." She didn't stop for long after that, again heading out of the arena. She was in dire need of a shower and a change of clothes, and hadn't bothered to put her t-shirt back on. Not like she cared what anyone else would think of that, they'd just get a shield to the face if they had anything against it.

"Of course not. No anger issues at all." Jia's voice was even enough that it was kind of hard to be sure if she was being sarcastic or not, although she most assuredly was. She let Freya leave, no need to annoy her. She settled back for a few seconds to watch Freya yell at another Demigod who had been observing them. Jia gave Freya a minute or two, then left in the same direction, returning on her path back towards the Athena Cabin.

Soon, the fight ended in a tie, the girls both equally bested by their own efforts. It was an interesting bout, to say the least, but Gabe found himself really paying attention once one of the campers began to lecture the other. It was obvious that she wasn't addressing him, but he felt the words all the same.

"You aren't doing yourself any favors by being hostile. I won't say that you're wrong for being focused or being a loner..." Jia spoke to the unruly Freya, with her words spoken loud enough to travel through the empty arena and into Gabriel's ears. He sighed as he listened, resting his head in his hands as he thought about what she was saying.

"It's hard to not be hostile when it feels like you're constantly being lied to...or when it feels like there'll never be anyone to back you up...or befriend...or love...not when you have to constantly push yourself away from them, in order to keep them safe. It's too hard to let anyone else in when you consider the variables-"

"The fuck are you looking at?"

"What...?" Gabe was abruptly ripped from his train of thought. He blinked a few times to regain his focus, and he realized one of the campers (the boisterous one) was talking to him. Or, more so, yelling at him. "Geez." It was becoming clear that she didn't appreciate the audience. And even then, Gabriel was never a fan of someone yelling in his ears.

"Does the sight of two women fighting get your pants wet? Weird fuck." She continued to berate as she stormed up the steps. Maybe he wasn't doing anyone favors by being hostile, but the girl was sure trying her damndest to push all of his buttons. "Weird fuck?" He felt like blasting at her, which surprised him, seeing as he was never the one to lose his composure this quickly. He felt his fists clenching as he stayed seated, and figured it'd be best for both parties if he didn't get up.

"Calm yo' tits, ya frigid bitch. I was just watchin'." He spoke. For once, his words were clear, stern, and loud. While the tone stayed neutral, he admitted to himself that it had been awhile since his voice got that loud. He did nothing to face her as she stomped away, and kept his eyes affixed ahead, towards the bare arena, and what else lied ahead of the land.

Mitsuko shrugged and headed back to her cabin. She was thinking about her next poem when she looked up just in time to keep herself from running into Jia. "Oh god I'm sorry, I almost ran into you. Umm how are you today? It seems, well, a bit eventful today. I just came back from drawing when I say the fight. Mind if I ask what happened?" Mitsuko asked shyly.

She looked around the area waiting for Jia to respond as she struggled to keep hold of her drawing book. "Oh shit, god I need to pay attention to what I'm doing." she said biting her lip.

Left fingers still gingerly pressing on her nose, Nina more or less let herself be herded into the Aphrodite cabin.
Internally, she was conflicted between elation that Jess was taking care of her and slight, understated panic... for the exact same reason. Emotions are fun, kids!

As she took off her labcoat (and placed it on a nearby chair carefully, so as to avoid getting bloodstains on anything), she caught a glimpse of Elizabeth coming into the cabin as well. Three's company, and Nina never minded company, but she was confused as to why Elizabeth would join Jess and her. Whatever the reason, she was grateful for the concern, if nothing else.

"I'm gonna pop in here real quick to wash up." she said, pointing at what she correctly assumed to be the bathroom.
She left the door open as she turned on the tap and started to wash her face, cleaning off the blood. If it weren't for the still-present blush on her cheeks, all the red was now pretty much gone from her face.

She brushed her hair out of her face, slightly styling it with her wet fingers at the same time, and took a deep breath.
And then she took a couple more. The aftershock of the whole ordeal was crashing in on her, and she was lucky to have the sink to support herself. If she hadn't, she would probably have collapsed to the floor with how weak her knees had gotten.

Jia had been lost in her own thoughts, turning the situation over in her mind. Freya was an interesting person. Interesting, and potentially dangerous. Anyone with that kind of power without the proper control was a threat of colossal proportions.

With them both restraining their attacks, Jia and her had drawn. If anything Jia had come out on the bottom with her bloody lip, although it was hardly a serious injury. She wiped her face, leaving a smear on her cheek.

She half-turned to look at Mitsuko. Who's this? She didn't recognize the other woman. One of the few other asians at the camp, but obviously not an Athena-Child. Must be from one of the more obscure cabins. "It's not a problem. Just a sparring match." The bleeding had already stopped for the most part, just a small trickle down her lip. "The Hadeschild is a bit high-strung to say the least."

"I would have to agree with you on that. Umm I'm sure you don't remember me, I'm Mitsuko, a Nyx child. I kept to myself for the most part and go out at night mostly. Might know me as the chick that hangs out resiting poems. You're a child of Athena correct? I don't really know many people here save for maybe 2 people." Mitsuko said adjusting her shirt some and shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

She wasn't sure how to interact with Jia but she was trying her hardest and seemed to be failing. "Damn I've been here this ling and yet I can't interact with others very well. I'm sure I seem like an awkward fool right now. I don apologize for that." she said politely.

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