We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Loki stood by, waiting for Geo to show what his invention would do. When he did and explained what it could do, and that Geo had made it himself, Loki became a whole lot more interest, and almost glad that he had stuck around, rather then left when contemplating to do so.

"You made that yourself, you say? That is quite a accomplishment. Is this what you were refering to when you mentioned something that could change the world?"

Echo giggled as she tried to hold Blair securely and comfortably.

"It's Rita... what happens when that thing comes flying back at you?"

"I catch it. What else?" Geo explains.
He looks to Loki. "Nah, this is just a little thing I made for fun. The thing that will really change the world are the nanites I created. A first. At least a first that has been so successful."

"Hmm?" Jessica hummed as she heard someone speak to her. She turned around and noticed Tao behind her. "Oh, uh, hello there." She replied to Tao, a little put off by her appearance.

Blair wriggled a bit then got comfy in Echo's arms. "Ah that's better!" She said to Echo with a smile. "So where now Miss Ness?" Blair called out to Ness.

"You'd better be really good at catching then, and what are nanites?"

"Indeed. What are nanites?" Loki asked. He found it a bit odd when Geo mention catching a laser boomerang, but didn't ask about it, figuring it would have a system build in that would prevent injury to the user.

Ness looks over at Blair and shrugs a bit. "I'll see how much the hotel will cost as I park this thing." She proceeds to do just that before hopping out of the car and taking in a deep breath. "Ah~... The air's so nice here..." Much better than in the cities...

"I don't see any boats... But we can take a minute and see if there are any people around, I suppose..." Savranth says as he walks into the town.

"Nanites are microscopic machines. They can recreate nearly anything even break down and rebuild matter. My nanites WILL change the world once they are properly tested." Geo explained.

"That's better." Echo said to Blair. She decided to walk closer to Ness to make it easier for Blair to talk with her.

"Hi! Tao always likes meeting new family, meow." Tao said as she grinned at Jess. She then proceeded to grab her chest (Jess' chest, that is).

"Oh okay then!" Blair replied to Ness. "I think I better stay in my cat form for a little while, it might be cheaper for us and I wouldn't take up a lot of room as well..." Blair thought out loud to herself, as her tail flicked behind her.

The hunter duo roll out of the car with the rest, and Xyleena hopped off the top of the car. "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!"

"Really? Now that's what I call an invention!" said Rita, interested

"And just how will this invention of yours change the world, you think. For the better, or worse? By that description you gave, I dare say it is a recipe for disaster, waiting to happen." Loki remarked, looking away from Geo and looking over the various items in his house. Regardless, I would not object to having a sample.

Ness shakes her head a bit toward Blair as she walks in toward the hotel. "I doubt they'll charge us per person, so there's not need for you to change forms just to save us some cash."

Echo followed Ness as she started petting Blair.

Blair smiled at Ness. "Well If they do you know my plan of action already!" She said to Ness, raising a paw and give a small dismissing wave to her. Blair then started to Purr in Echo's arms.

The shapeshifter got out of the car and looks around "That's just what I needed more cats" He said looking at Jess "They will probably have kittens by tomorrow"

Huh? Family? What's she talking about? As Tao grabbed her chest, it took Jessica a second to process what was going on. At which point her face turned completely red, she shrieked, pushed Tao away, then ran off into town away from her, screaming all the while.

Savranth follows the others to the Hotel. "Sure are a lot of beastkin here."

"They are just a tool. Any tool can be used for good or ill. Take a knife. You use them to cut skin, prepare and eat your food. Or you can use it to kill. It's not the knife's fault how you use it, it's yours." Geo replied.

Rita nodded at Geo "You're right, besides, there are always risks if you want to actually do something."

Ness shrugs toward Blair as she walks in and talks to the receptionist. "Hehe... I guess I do."

"Huh. She's pretty strange too, meow." Tao said to herself as she watched Jess run off, scratching her hooded head with her paw.

Jessica would run into a young beastkin girl, about 17 years old.
"Oh, excuse me. I didn't see you."

"Of course, I'm right. I know what I'm talking about." Geo replied with a big smile.

"A simple knife does not hold so much potential, however. It is what it is. These nanites, on the other hand. Their potential is nigh-on endless..." Loki remarked, turning back to Geo and giving him a small, slightly sly smile. "But I am hardly the type to speak of the ethics of things. Discussing such topic costs too much time, time that can be spend discussing far more interesting matters. Such as, what do you intend to do with these things once finished?"

Hearing a scream in the background Blair's ears twitched. "I'm guessing that was Tao..." She said with a small smirk.

Echo nodded to Blair as she followed Ness into the hotel.

Tao remembered she hadn't gotten anything proper to eat all day and started rubbing her stomach.

Jessica fell over as she ran into the girl. As she got back up and brushed herself off, she quickly turned around, then started quickly glancing all around. Hearing the girl, she quickly turned to her and asked, "Is she chasing after me?!" sounding almost panicked.

"Before I was knocked out, you were saying something about government work, why aren't you there?"

"You don't need cat senses to tell that huh?" Blair said to Echo laughing, she rested her head on Echo's arms a bit.

"Um... Is who chasing you? Is it a ghost?" The girls asks a little frightened, her feline ears flatten to her head. "Maybe we should keep running?"

"Honestly, I hope to use them to alter the way things are manufactured and produced." Geo replies.
He looks to Rita. "Because they would want to to weaponize the nanites or at least work on whatever weapons they want constructed."

Ness sighs a bit as she hears Blair before waving at the receptionist in the hotel lobby. "Excuse me, I'd like a few rooms for a group of people here."

Lyra leaned over Tao, anger burning in her eyes. "You made it one. Freaking. Day. Not even that, really."

"Don't need." Echo said as she walked with Blair, being careful to support her.

"Meow? Wadda ya mean Skull girl?" Tao asked Lyra with a puzzled expression, having already forgotten their previous encounter entirely. She did back away from her though, since she could see she was quite angry.

OOC: Heh, it's pretty fun playing a comedy character.

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