We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: @Wacky So DoR is in the hotel, right?

Makoto was sat on a chair, idly munching on some crisps, when she heard a squeak. She looked around, and saw a black rat on the floor. She put the crisps down, and got of the chair slowly.

OoC: @Wacky The idea is that she's not close enough to see the skeleton bits yet, she just sees the cloak and thinks that's his fur.

Blair smirks a little. "Oh I get it! On the run from the cops as a criminal master mind are we?" She asked Rex then chuckled. "I'm only kidding of course!"

Holly stood up straight and smiled. "Ssso what are you doing around here Misss Yukino?" She asked politely.

"I wouldn't say I'm a 'mastermind'." Rémy said under his breath.

OoC: @Geark, Okay.

The Death of Rats looks at Makoto.
SQUEAK?[1] He says, looking at Makoto.

OoC: Who's around Ness, Anyway?

[1] Do you have any cheeze?

Once Sasuke disappeared, the pilot radio'd it in to report.



"The target has escaped, using some kind of teleportation magic..."

Again, there was silence for a moment. "Understood. It doesn't matter. He has been regarded a enemy of the state. From here on out, he's living on borrowed time. Return to base."

"Affirmative. Over and out."

With that, the airship returned to the airship dock.

OoC: And I'm off again.

Rex's face went a little white and he scratched the back of his head a little hard while looking away. "That's.. not that far off for me... But I ain't a mastermind.."

Yukino shrugs a bit toward Holly. "The usual. Looking around for somebody to smack around. And that's the reason I wanna go to Rockbyrd. There's someone there who needs to be smacked around. Preferably with the edge of my flaming sword.... until he dies." Ness sighs before pulling on one of Yukino's ears. "Please don't try to mix us in with your bloodlust, Nishida."

While holding Yukino's ear , Ness shrugs at Grace. "Sure... we can find a clothing shop for you. I can pay for you there." She also waves at Dal as she sees him.

Noel gave an unamused face and said. "No thank you."

"Why would we join you on this?"

As his rifle's green glow faded, Kyosuke got up and started to walk back to the city.

He waved to the wolf man again, seeing as how no one acknowledged his presence.

OoC: @DotSlash, you do realize Grace responded on the last page, right?

As Makoto got closer and the rat turned to face her, Makoto saw the bone, and the scythe. She jumped back a litte bit. "What the crap?!"

@wacky wait is Death of Rats actualy DEATH for Rats? i though it wa a sort of plauge of rats:P

"Do you want me to beat them up?" Holly asked Yukino, chuckling slightly.

"Oh?" Blair asked as she rest her arm on Rex's shoulder and lent there a bit. "So what HAVE you done?" She asks Rex with a small smirk, her ears twitched a bit as Remy muttered something. "Did you say something there Remy?" She asked, generally confused if she heard something or not.

OoC: @Rosh, U TUK ME JERB :O

@wacky: Ness gave a response to that.

Since the credit card was apparently featureless, Jessica sighed and stuffed it back in her coat pocket. She wandered over to the docks in Port Letosh, looking for a boat that was docked or some sort of ferry station so she could try and charter a boat. If I can just get away from these humans for a bit, maybe I'll be able to tolerate them again.

@Silver, yes, he is :P
The Death of Rats looks at Makoto.

"Thanks!" Grace says.
[] Hey, how's it going?

OoC: @Silver Yep.

"Uh... no..."

Rex looked at Blair and blushed a bit before turning away. "What? Are you interrogating me now?" He looks over at Dal and waves. "Yo."

Yukino shrugs toward Noel and Charlotte as Ness continues to hold her ear. "Thought you guys were bored like me. Nothing helps boredom more than a little action~." Looking over at Holly, she lets out a laugh with a teasing tone to it. "I'd love to have you backing me up, shorty!"

Ness smiles at Grace before starting off toward a clothing store, dragging Yukino along with her.

@Hatch: Night Hatchy!

Kyosuke eventually met up with the two girls as he sighed and just watched what would happen next. Hearing Yukino, he said. "What's going on here now?"

Makoto slowly worked her way to the Death of Rats, sitting down to get a closer look. "...so, did someone put LSD in my drink, or are you actually a real Grim Squeaker?"

While they are looking for clothing, she sifts through most of the clothing, picking up some clothing that is a bit too small for her.
"Why is it nobody sells clothing that's stretchy enough..." She mummers.

Death of Rats Nodded.

"I'm not that ssshort!" Holly said Yukino. "I've grown a bit sssince we lassst met! Plusss I can ssstill beat you up don't forget!" She added, sticking her tongue out at Yukino a bit.

Blair chuckles at Rex's reaction. "Your kinda cute when your flustered! <3" She said to Rex still chuckling. "No I'm only asking, what's the matter Rexy. Don't you want to tell me?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him. "Hmm, must be hearing things..." Blair says to Remy, as she strokes the back of her left ear.

OoC: @Rosh, Your the Night Hatchy/Roshy :P
So you took my job, Nail's, Dot's, Drak's and anyone else who get last post when I'm asleep xD

"Yes. That must be it." Rémy coughed awkwardly.

"Given all the other crazy stuff that happens, I'm gonna assume that nod was to the latter question." She reached a hand out to the skeleton.

OoC: I shouldn't have come on...

The Grim Squeaker nodded, and climbed into her hand.

OoC: Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing either, @Gear.

[1] I can't find a single rat here... And I can't figure out why that is. Do you have any idea?

Yukino smirks and sticks her tongue back out at Holly. "A little taller than short is still short, Holly!" She turns to Kyosuke and shrugs. "I just want to go merk some guy, but no one seems to want to help me. Shame, I'm only trying to alleviate your collective boredoms."

Rex's face gets a little more red at the first comment, then he shakes his head a the second. "...Got to keep it a secret, Blair. Honor among theives and whatnot."

Ness tilts her head at the clothing and sighs slightly, before helping Grace to pick out clothes that fit her a little better. "How are these, Miss...? Oh, I didn't even get your name..." She pauses for a moment waiting for Grace to introduce herself.

Grace nodded, "They're good, but when I'm small they won't fit as well." and she kept the slightly smaller clothes along with them.
"Grace. Grace T. Sciuridae." She says.

Makoto lifted the Death of Rats up so they were about eye level. "Sorry. I don't speak rodent."

OoC: @Wacky: No, I mean I have to come off for the night now or very soon. Got college tommorow.

"Don't pick on her Yukino." Kyosuke said. "Going and merking some person for the hell of it is just... why?"

Holly start to bop Yukino lightly. "And I can ssstill beat you up!" She said to Yukino, slightly annoyed at being called short.

Blair continues to chuckle. "Oh okay then, my lips are sealed!" she said to Rex, making a 'zipped' gesture with her hand, still chuckling a little. "I guess your not going to tell me either are you?" Blair asked Remy with a wink.

The Death of rats sighed, picked up a pencil, and wrote in it: "If you see a girl called Grace, tell her to trust them with her life, I have a plan. Oh, and slap her three times." and proceded to slip under the door, and into the hallway

OoC: Oh, okay, I'll wrap this up.

"I might." Rémy grinned, showing his fangs. "But then I'd have to kill you."

OoC: @Wacky Thanks. The wording on that actually gives me something interesting to work with...

Makoto picked up the note. She read it till she saw the seventh word, the stopped and did a double take. Grace... She knew that was a fairly common name, but still... she may be here. She went back to bed, thinking long and hard about how the handle this before drifitng off to sleep.

OoC: Off for the night.

Rex looks back and chuckles a bit at Blair. "Let's just say i'm kind of doing a Robin Hood type of thing. Stealing from oppressive assholes to give the little guys what they deserve." He looked over at Remy and raises an eyebrow. "Well... you're jumpy."

Ness gives Grace a light curtsy. "Nice to meet you, Grace. I'm Vanessa Sinclair, Ness for short. Now... let's get these paid for, shall we?" She motions toward the shopkeeper.

Yukino just chuckles as Holly bops her. She jokingly turns to Ness and talks in a slightly nagging tone.
"Neeeeessss~. Holly's bullying meeee... Make her staaahp..."
Ness looks back with almost a death glare.
The foxgirl just snicker at her as Ness scoffs slightly and turns back to the cashier.

Turning to Kyosuke, she shrugs. "Like I said, I'm bored. I don't need another reason."

"Well... You still have me." Kyosuke said.

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