We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC @Drak: Sleep is for pussies. :D

Agreeded! now i have to go 'Pull a Silver'

OoC: I arrive!

Grace bolts awake, "Huh?" she says.

Tedd stops glowing for a moment, and bolts awake, gasping.

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Grace slowly gets up, and mutters, "I should really get some clothes on, shouldn't I?" she mutters.
She looks at Tao, and pats her on the head.

OOC: @Dirt "Captain Adelbert Steiner reporting in"
Steiner walked out from a shop with a new set of armour. He still had to walk with his make-shift crutches "Possibly the best ten thousand I've ever spent"

OoC: Might as well do something. Actually, scratch that. I'm tired.
Also, @wacky: Clothes, not cloths.

Steiner walks back to the wreckage to see what everybody else was doing.

Grace continues to sit there, and walks up to Tedd.
"I suppose we should get some clothing, huh?"
Tedd (Still in Female Form) just oogles Grace and himself, since, you know, Tedd.
"Uh... Yeah, we probably should..." he mutters, picking up a towel and covering (her)his lower body, Grace doing the same.

Steiner walks past noticing Grace and Tedd he turns his back and throws them some coins "I think I'm out of shirts madams. Bye yourself some clothes from a shop"

Tedd nodded, "Thanks. You haven't happened to see a small box-like gun around here, do you?" he asks.

"What is a gun? Is it anything like a bow" He said confused and with his back still turned

Tedd looks at him, and facepalms.
"Well, I suppose I should get looking. Mind helping me Grace?" he asks, Grace getting up and looking through the wreckage, and finding it.
"Found it!" she shouts, pulling it out and shooting Tedd with it, turning him back into a Man.
"Thank you!" he says.

"Well you should probably get some clothes from a store now" He said not noticing Tedd turning into a guy

"Yeah, I probably should. Do you have any extra pants my boyfreind could wear?" she says, pointing to Tedd

"No I don't have any extra pants. I think a monster ate all the ones that were in my bag"

Grace nodded, "Could you buy some clothes for us then?" she asks.

"Of course." He said quickly getting some random clothes and throwing them towards them "I didn't know what size to get you but I think they will fit"

Tao woke up and started making her was toward Lakewest. She seemed very, very down.

Grace looked at Tao, puts on her clothing, and begins following her.
"Hey! What's wrong?" she asks.

Tedd nods, putting on the clothing he got for him... only to find it's Womens clothing.
"I was aware I was a woman when we met, but I'm a guy by default, 'Kay?"

Steiner looked confused "Wait so... And. What?" He said looking perplexed at Tedd

"I lost my Kaka coat, meow." Tao said sadly. She didn't seem to be to worried about her modesty, as she was still only wearing her dirty, slightly ratty panties. She simply let her arms hand limply at her sides.

Tedd shoots Stiener with the TF gun, turning him into a roughtly 5 foot 3 female with some fairly large brests.
"This gun does that."

"AH! Turn me back. Beatrice will be beyond anger if I come back like this"

Saber and Irisviel return from the forest as they decide to head back and find people.

"Perhaps the people in this world know of a way back home."


Tedd chuckled, and turned him back... Only in sheep form, his armor straining against the wool.

Tao continued to walk, getting a little lost in the forest.

Holly stepped out the showers and started to get changed.

Blair was walking when she saw a sheep...wearing armor. "Are we sending Sheep into battle or something now?" She asked Tedd.

Echo was also showering and getting ready, after having slept in.

Saber glanced over at Tao as they passed her, getting upset that she is still wandering around like how is she.

But the two eeventually reach Blair and Co.

Tedd chucked, "I simply gave him a bit... Extra. To keep him warm."

Grace looks at Toa, "Listen, I suppose it's a bit rude, but I don't think people will like it if you're naked. They don't like it when I'm naked, either, it's just a thing."

"If I had my coat I would wear it, meow..." Tao said, still moping toward Lakewest. She didn't see Saber or the other girl.

Blair raised an eyebrow. "Extra what?" She asked Tedd, slightly confused. What's so funny about a sheep?

Holly got dressed and combed her hair, she tired to be her back but was having a little trouble. She sat down trying to fiddle with her hair clips. "Ssstupid thingsss..." She muttered.

Saber looked at the armored sheep and said. "That is extremely impractical."

"I think it looks nice."

"Bahh! I mean turn me back. How can I fight for justice like this"

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