We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Oh really? Your mom is coming to pick you up? Hopefully soon, right?" So cute... Reminds me of Little Ilya...

With the store owner returning to his store, Loki took hold of Fafnor's reins and tugged on them, signaling Fafnir to stand up. Once she was standing, Loki lead her out of Holadino, back to the den, Rita following. Once there, Loki removed the reisn from Fafnir seeing little reason to keep them on, as. Loki sat down against a stalagtite, thinking.

Yukino gritted her teeth as soon as they were out of sight. "WAY too late for that, lady. I want to see him roasted from the inside out.... Keeping up an act like that was really freaking difficult... regardless at least I learned a little bit... if nothing else. She turns toward Athena with a blank face. "Does your side treat hybrids the same way as that jagoff?"

Ness nods a bit as she continues to hug Tao. "I'm glad to hear that... I was really worried about you when you weren't there when we teleported to that college. Did you end up here after jumping through that portal?"

"I have many enemies, but not many are this strategical in trying to take me down..." Black sighed. "I have a horrid feeling it might be....White Rock Shooter...." She said bitterly.

"I think Momma will pick usss up when ssshe undoesss Echo'sss curssse" Holly said to Iri. "And then we can practissse magic and become AWESSSOME!" She said smiling.

Data looked at Holly, "Magic?" Data asked Holly.

"Black and White..." Savranth said, milling the names around. "Well, we may find out if we go to Solaris..."

"Calm yourself. That is exactly what he wanted. To get under your skin. To rile you up. Likely he wants you to make a mistake. If you give in to that, he wins." Athena said in a soothing tone.

"We officially frown on beastkin joining the military. Though there are exceptions. The defender of Shaintaio is a powerful beastkin." She answered. "You'll find bigots on all sides. Being a bigot is not exclusive to a country."

"Yeah. I didn't know where you were, so I ran, but they caught me..." Tao said as she started sniffling. "I don't wanna be in here anymore, meow..." she said as she further approached breaking down again.

Echo gave a small grimace at what Holly said, but she wiped it away quickly.

"Curses? Well that's not very nice." Iri frowned as she held out her hand as some light blue string manifested in her hand as it twirled around for a second becoming a small butterfly. "Magic is nice... But you must be careful with it ok?"

Saber nodded at Data. "Indeed. Magic. Much like Excalibur and a few other types of weapons."

Holly gave a small "ooo" at the butterfly. "I know, Momma wouldn't teach me harmful spellsss" She took out her star wand from under her sleeve. "Her curssse isss ssso Echo can become a lady, that'sss what Momma sssaysss..." She flicked it, creating several small bubbles. "Thisss isss Magic!" She said to Data with a smile.

"Solaris huh? I suppose we can check it out" Black said to Savranth. "Yes...were Black and White...much like wars around the different dimensions..." She added, looking away. her hands clenched into a fist.

Ness continued to hold Tao, whispering to her. "I'll try my best to get you out of here, Tao. But... you need to be patient, alright?"

Yukino makes a "Tch!" noise. Great... I hate both sides... but even I can't kill them all off on my own... even if I do that. "Well, obviously neither side are a collection of saints. I've had more than enough experience with battle to know that. ...I honestly don't see how killing that pussy is a mistake. I could disguise a clone of myself as him and you could have it sent to your capital before I dispell it remotely..." Her expression was deathly serious.

Echo also "ooo"ed at Iris' display. She smiled a bit as Holly did her magic trick.

Tao just silently nuzzled Ness.

"That's the capital. We won't be able to go there easily. We'll need to take a few cities and find a way past the shield." Savranth explains to Black.

"That would be immoral. I don't do that sort of thing. Nor will General Tiberius allow it. That much is final." Athena replies. "You don't kill a prisoner. No matter how bad they are."

Data looked at saber, and tilted his head, "Noun, the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces, magic rites or incantations." he looks at Saber, "But magic as it is more commonly refered to does not exsist, it is simply a ability formed through genetics."
He looks at the bubbles, and says, "Intriguing, mind explaining how that functions?" he asks.

Sir creeperlot begins to move to the hotel door.

Fecl begins to roam around, eventually walking to Fourside, and, seeing all the lights, began to move closer.

A smirk flashes across Yukino's face. "So he's fair game if he's released then..."

Ness smiles a bit at Tao's nuzzling. "Don't worry, I'll come back to visit, alright?"

"I don't know how it worksss completely....but as long as I focus Really hard! then I can do it!" Holly said to Data with a smile.

"Not too be funny, but that's a good thing..." Black replied.

Savranth eyes Black, curiously. "How is that a good thing when someone seems to be framing you?"

"He won't be released unless I or General Tiberius say so. Don't get any ideas." This girl doesn't seem to realize how easily she has fallen into a trap... Athena said to Yukino.

"Not just for harmful spells, but doing too much magic will wear you down tired." Though with the item I have on me right now.... Iri said to Holly as the butterfly grew alittle bit more with extra light blue 'string' becoming a hummingbird. It started flying around as Saber chuckled.

"Magic does exist, however it's true form is something that mages in our day cannot complete."

OoC: magic as defined by the Nasuverse

"Okay...Come back soon, okay, meow?" Tao said as she refused to let go of Ness yet.

OoC: Back, had to drive through yet another blizzard :<

Rita was writing in her book

Envy was wandering around Port Letosh as "Roy"

Data looked at Holly, "Indeed. I hope that you might come with me, assuming your guardian does not mind, so that we may research the phenomenon." he said.

Fecl begins to walk up to the city limits of Fourside.

Sir Creeperlot slowly edges to the entrance of the hotel.

Yukino pauses for a moment. "Fiiine, be that way. But you called that dude a coward before you went all 'FOR THE HOMELAND!' yesterday... him wanting to piss me off after seeing me blow up a good portion of his forceis odd, especially since he ran. What does he gain from dying, aside from his soldiers getting all rowdy?"

Ness looked down and nodded. "Of course I will, Tao. You'll get out of here." One way or another...

"I'll be careful Misss Iri..." Holy said, she put her wand away and yawned a little. "I don't think Momma would approve...." She said to Data, then rubbed her eyes a little.

"Framing someone is never good, that wasn't what I meant" Black said to Savranth as she looked over to him. "As it stands, I know I'm not powerful enough to face White and win, this gives me...us time to prepare for the unavoidable battle" She explained.

"I assume our saddle will be ready before long." Loki said to Rita, looking up to her.

"Are you about done?" the soldier asked Ness.

"Thanks, meow." Tao said as she sniffed some more and stepped away from Ness.

Data shrugs, "It would be a shame if she were to refuse, the applications could be endless." he said.

"If this White is in Solaris, the battle would be harder than you realize, Black." Savranth says, looking up to the sky.

"Most likely he was counting on us preventing you from doing that allowing him to escape. And he probably wanted his men to help in some way. Which would have made you an enemy of the state. Or even to prevent them from accepting Savranth's plan. Perhaps all of those..." Athena replied to Yukino.

Envy would find Port Letosh's security is in high gear. Several soldiers are guarding the entrance and preparing to repel an attack.

Iri just smiled and nodded at Holly as she started rubbing Holly's head. "If you're tired, then go to bed. It's ok..." The hummingbird disappeared.

Saber leans against the wall and closes her eyes.

Echo took Holly's hand and started bringing her back to their room.

"Well that's good, surprised how well that went actually. I didn't think they would be as accepting of a dragon in their town as they were."

Envy headed to Dr. Soto's office

Yukino's smile increases immensely. "Trust me... You wouldn't be able to stop me from killing him, even if he did escape. I'm already an enemy of the state where I'm from, no big deal. Also... soldier boy's would fail hard. Hell, no one believes in it because it's sure to fail. Really don't see why he's trying to delude himself into thinking that it will."

Ness nods to Tao before walking out of the cell and checking the hallways for other guards. Her belt glowed very faintly.

Tao stood in her cell, watching Ness, wishing she didn't have to leave.

Black sighed. "Battles are never Easy Savranth, they also never change" she replied as she crossed her arms and looked up. "We must train for what will be ahead, that way we at least stand a chance..."

"But I'm not tired!" Holly said to Iri in a slightly cranky tone of voice. while rubbing her eyes, she follows Echo.

"Train by doing, they say. But point is that White would not be the only enemy we would face." Savranth replied toBlack.

"You'd be wise to show respect for those around you. You won't find everyone to be as weak as Astasis." Athena chides Yukino. "As for his goal, I have no comment. Something like it was attempted 20 years ago. And that is that."

"I'd advise you young lady that his mother is Legaian while his father is Xiphatian." A voice said from behind the two.

Envy would find several people about Soto's office. A soldier approached him. "I'm sorry, you'll have to leave. Dr. Soto is... busy..."

"Hey, can you ask how long Tao has to stay here, meow?" Tao asked Ness before she left.

Echo smiled at Holly as she closed the door to their room and started getting her ready for bed.

"You seem tired to me. You need rest every once in awhile Holly." Iri chuckled again.

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