We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Yes..? And just what are you?" Savranth asked as he kept his eyes on the puddle. The water seemed to move as his hand moved. Almost seeming to rise as if to a source of gravity.

"And... What would you think that you could give us to help us?" The soldier asked Tribly.

"How would expanding my mind help me paint better?" Ine asked. "Besides, I'd rather just be allowed a little more freedom to paint more freely..."

Trilby stood up, and grinned.
"Magic." he replied. "Magic... which works with technology. Magic which won't destroy your technology... well, unless you use it to, for some reason."

Rex shrugged a bit. "Not much really. Sorry if I came across as an ass last time we met. Was a little pissed off at something. How about you?"

Ness blinked a bit as the voice rang in her head. "Your name is X21. Pleasure to meet you. I also hope you will be open to modifications and the like in the future."

So she's working here then. Great! Shouldn't be too hard to track her down now....Hopefully... "Well where can I go to ask about people who work the fields then?" Jessica further inquired.

"Gone wrong? But Erica, I don't mean to demean you, but if you can't control it, isn't that really dangerous? What if you didn't land on that edge?" Sophia said quite concerned.

Sophia then looked at Etho in the windowsill, perplexed by his blocky appearance. "Where did you come from? You weren't there before."

Erica would smell a bit of chocolate.

"Well creativity, and your ability to paint, comes from your brain right? Maybe there's something in your head blocking your ability to paint living things. It would be worth a shot, and then maybe my master could help getting you some freedom to paint." responded Rita

"Hmmm... well, there are some ruins to the south west that I have the key for. I was rounding up people to take a look inside later on, you want in?"

Rex paused for a moment. ...Just like that time... He nodded with a smirk on his face. "Sounds like a lot of fun... Sure, I'll go with your group."

"I'm Ezra the mighty and powerful!" he said while shaking off his purple fringe on top of his head
OOC: So who isn't with the group in Holindo uh... Holland than

<Etho> i was just flying by.
<Etho> do u know how to get mythril blocks?

Savranth and Ezra might hear a bit of a small humm in the air, and, if they were to pay attention, a mild light outline...

"Ponder, if you're machine screws this up, you're in for hell.
"Don't worry," the wizard said through the Omniscope, "I know we've got this mostly right, don't think anything will happen."

"Very well. This unit's new name is X21. A pleasure to serve you ma'am! And yes, Altimeter's are quite open to modding, as Wheaton requested it would be when he devrloped us. Now, some people don't prefer having their thoughts listened to, a perfectly understandable feeling. This altimeter is designed so that, if you wish, you may shut off the neural net and simply speak to it to give instructions. This is the slower of the two options, but does ensure that it prevents user error. Which setting would you prefer? Think or say it now."
Bryce looked over to Ness when she spoke. "It running then?"

"Well, Erza, who made a Golem that looks like a toothpick? More importanatly, how can you talk?" Savranth asked. "My name is Savranth Ehrgeiz."

As he spoke, he kept his eyes on the puddle as the water started to slowly rise up and reach for his hand.

"You could ask the Farm Head. He would probably be able to look up her contact information. But I think he's busy at the moment. You could probably try him tomorrow? Most of the people that worked the fields today did so to keep them maintained..." The beastkin replied with a few cocks of his head, as though it was some sort of tick of his.

"Magic?" The soldier levies his rifle at Tribly. "Hands up. Drop all your weapons." He replied instantly agitated by Tribly's response.

"Hmmm... I don't know. I think I just need more practice which is something I rarely get. Father barely acknowledges me and my elder brother, but he practically dotes on our younger sibling..." Ine responded.

Trilby sighed, then reached over to his mechanical shoulder. After a second or two in which Trilby appeared to be fiddling with something, the arm dropped to the ground with a heavy thunk, and Trilby raised his other hand.
"Magic that works with technology. That's the important bit." he pointed out.

"Good to hear. Neural net off would be preferrable." I've made enough mistakes just with Jessica's last mental link.... Ness replied to X21 before turning to Bryce. "Yes, all clear."

OoC: @Salty, how old is Ine anyways?

"You sure? Once he used his skills on me I suddenly just "got it" and was able to accomplish far more than I thought I was capable of. As for your father, why does he ignore you?"

"Sounds great! If you see anyone else that might look like they'd want to come feel free to invite them! Not sure when we're gonna be leaving though." replied Envy with a smile

"Nobody cares about your name! And I'm not a golem Super Idiot, I was trapped into a tree until my other half put me in a factory that makes toothpicks"

Jessica sighed as she heard the bird-man's reply. Every day I have to wait is another day she could run off. "Alright, one last thing if you don't mind. Where can I normally find the Farm Head so I can just go straight there tomorrow?" She asked.

"Very well. This unit will now use voice communication. To ensure no mistakes in communication, please speak a phrase to catch this units attention. Your instructor, for instance, uses the neural phrase 'hey, other talking asshole'. Any combination of words may be used, including the leaving off this unit's name. Please recite chosen phrase now." this time, the boice spoke from the hairclip, making itself heard. Bryce nodded, but stayed silent to avoid interference in the process.

"I could flick you off any moment..." Savranth replied as the water began to curl around his hand and up his arm.

"Sure. In the Northern part of the town, there's a large building. You'll find him there. Ask the secretary and he'll ring you in." The bird beastkin replied, with another cock of his head.

"Bull Shit! I said hands in the air, though you can leave that arm where it is." The soldier replied, his rifle still aiming at Tribly's face. "This is NOT a request. I will shoot you."

"Because niether my elder brother or I are able to use the Royal Family's Blood Line Magic. Only our younger brother can. And he is adamant that the next King will continue the line of his magic." Ine answered.

OoC: @Furi: Ine is 23. Her older brother is 26. Amalia, the Queen, is 38...
I updated the Codex with as much plot as I can remember, though, I know I missed a bunch of things.
I'll add the Royals that have been met soon.

Sophia's head tilted slightly, staring a little as she tried to think of what the man had just said. "You were just... flying by..." Sophia said, not really able to keep her expression of disbelief to a minimum. "And if you're looking for 'blocks' of mythril, I'm pretty sure you are in the wrong place..." She added. "Who are you again?"

Ness paused for a moment before saying. "X21, Interface please."

Rex nodded toward Envy. Eh... Black might be up for it... "I'll keep my eyes open for people. Be sure to keep us posted then, Envy."

<Etho> i'm etho.
<Etho> could you also tell me where i could figure out how to craft mythril?

Savranth would notice the humm grew louder... The outline near Savranth brighter, a little bit more visible...

"Things are looking good here..." Tedd said.
"Same here... Event horizon event in two to three minuets."
"God... I just hope she gets through this okay..."
"Don't worry!" Ponder said, "It won't hurt... Mostly..."
"Also, just a random question... Is the light necessary?"

"Alright, thanks." Jessica reached into her coat and pulled out one of the numerous credit cards that she had yet to use, then handed it to the bird-man. "Take this for your troubles." She insisted.

"I see, what is your family's blood line magic?" asked Rita curiously

"Sure thing!" said Envy before he started to head south

Trilby waved his hand.
"It already is in the air." he said. "And I think the fact that my arm is clearly mechanical gives some weight to my claim."

"are you sure this will be your activation phrase? Say yes for making previous statement, or no to state actual activation phrase."

OoC: I'm so back, the human brain cannot comprehend the level of backness I posses.

Having explored the unguarded hallways of the castle to a satisfactory extend, Loki made his way to the courtyard, where he found Rita talking to Ine. Wanting to know what the conversation was about, he walked over to them, not saying anything yet.

"I suppose it would be. But the chance of danger has never stopped me from trying anything in the past. If I were to refrain from using the amulet, I would never get better at it, so I just have to take some risks." Erica answered Sophia

Ness immediately responded "Yes."

Rex watched Envy walk off and started to wander around again.

"And what good would that do, also did I mention the universe of Foo"

Steiner was walking by and looks at the bird man before turning to Jessica "... Would it be rude to say something" He whispered not so secretly

"very well. Now, you simply speak that phrase to activate this unit. Please listen to your instructor, as he teaches you to alternate."
Bryce sighed and stood up. "Okay, lets get started, so that you can get back to your adventures. Lets see, where should the target be?" Bryce looked around, before extending his finger 10 feet and scratching an x in the dirt.

"Well, nice to meet you Etho, but why are you looking to 'craft' mythril? I thought you could only mine it?" She stated, then looking at Erica.

"But couldn't you do try baby steps? Like just teleporting from one part of a room to another? It just seems unsafe to use magic like that. Jessica was really adamant about me not using magic you don't know, she's right you know."

"It'd get you off my shoulder. And no, I can't say that you have." Savranth replied.

As the water snakes up his arm, he then brings it to form a ball in front of him.

Magic Unlocked: Water Magic: Novice

"Yeah... Yeah... I don't give a damn about that. You're under arrest." The guard said. "I want you to drop any and all of your weapons."

"Uh... Thanks..." Gee, she must me rich... The beastkin said to Jessica. "Need anything else?"

"The family Blood Line magic is Summoning. I seem to have gained my mother's magic. Telekenesis. Same with my elder brother." Ine explained.

OoC: I was waiting till he mastered some before I added any more.

"Already have." Trilby said, tapping the arm lying on the ground with his foot. "And what crime have I actually committed? Is it illegal to be able to use both magic and technology?"

"Summoning? What can he summon?" asked Rita before looking up to Loki "Oh, hello master, I was telling the Princess about you a little while ago. Ine, this is my master Loki."

Envy absentmindedly made his way towards Port Letosh, though he wasn't there yet

Ness blinked for a moment before scratching her head. "Someplace barren, like a desert. I'd like not to disturb anyone by appearing out of nowhere."

"Yes. Yes it would." Jessica humorlessly replied to Steiner as her tail flicked a few times in annoyance. Feeling a sneeze come on, she quickly buried her face in the left sleeve of her coat. "Excuse me." She said, her ears twitching a few times. "No, that'll be it. Have a nice day." She sincerely replied to the bird-man as she let him go about his business and walked off herself.

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