We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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The trio could find themselves at Rockbyrd now. Yuki put a hand to her chin. "Right... different worlds... I can't really explain that. If Sparky were here, he could've just played a few songs from those big ass headphones of his."

Ness stretched herself out as she planned to act on what Jessica had advised her to do. She got out of the hotel, turned in her key and made her way to exit the Port and head for Granite Pass.

Rita walked up to Jessica "What are you doing?" she asked

Persephone nodded a bit as she glided along. She then summoned a shade, which handed her a largish harmonica. She sartated to play it as her servant left.

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"Would this be this teleportation you spoke of?" Loki asked, mildly interested in what Jessica was doing.

OoC: @Nail/Dot, oh and the Predators nuked whatever is left of Rockbyrd, so yea take that into account

"Creating a wormhole through spacetime." Jessica curtly replied to Rita, not looking up from her work as she spoke. "This is one particular form of teleportation, yes." She answered Loki, standing up once she was finished. She held out her hand to the circle and hummed to herself as she focused and closed her eyes. She seemed to require significantly more effort for this instance of using her teleportation circle, as she visibly shuddered as she attempted to muster up the energy. She managed to pull it off though, as the portal was activated with a blue flash of light. Jessica sighed and wiped her brow before stepping into the portal and disappearing.
A short while later, she reappeared standing next to the portal in a flash of white light. Though she looked somewhat worse for wear, as she was panting and sweating, and looking at her eyes one could see massive patches of bloody red coloration in her sclera. "Alright...hop in..."
If Rita and Loki were to jump through the portal, they'd wind up on a random patch of beach on the island they all intended to explore.

"Fascinating...I'll have to ask you how it works some time." said Rita, jumping through the portal. Once on the other side she looked around "Wow, I almost didn't expect that to work."

Ness continued on her way toward Granite Pass, humming to herself a small bit.

Yuki's tails swished along with the harmonica. Eventually, she even began to sing along with the muse's playing. As she noted the massive crater that was formally known as Rockbyrd, the foxgirl raised an eyebrow. "And here I was hoping for a little fun... Either way, looks like getting to that door isn't gonna be a problem now."

Persephone seemed to slip the harmonica into a cloud of shadow as she looked at the crater and surrounding area.

"Curious..." Loki said as he bended over the portal, looking into it with his hands behind his back. Hearing the strain in Jessica's voice's, Loki looked back, frowning at the sight of her eyes. "Are you certain this is safe? For it looks like the portal has taken a toll on you."

Examining the portal, Loki would simply see a pool of blue light. "Of course it's safe...I went through and tested it..." Jessica replied to Loki, sounding a little irritable due to having worn herself out. She glanced back over at Skippy and told him, "Uh...don't worry about this." She pointed at the portal. "All you have...to do...is clean up...some of the chalk...then it'll disappear..." Looking back at Loki one last time, she said to him, "You gonna join us?" She then hopped through the portal herself, disappearing and reappearing next to Rita.

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Loki onlyh hmph'd in responce to Jessice before stepping through the portal after her, looking around the beach once on the other side. Being used to teleportation, the act didn't leave him feeling very displaced.

"Well then. Who is going to search what part of the island?" he asked Rita and Loki.

"Eh, wot now?" Skippy asked, turning around, only to find she, and the others, had already left. Walking over the portal, Skippy looked at it for a moment before shrugging and wiping a portion of the chalk away with his foot.

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Yuki and her little group find a cave nearby to sleep in.

Ness eventually makes her way into Granite Pass, looking around a bit as she enters.

"Well, I guess I can look along the east coast." said Rita, before looking at Jessica and just now noticing how fatigued she was "...You ok?"

True to Jessica's word, the portal dissipated once the chalk circle was broken, leaving the portion of Skippy's deck that had been covered by it visible again.

Jessica took a few moments to compose herself and stand up straight before answering Rita. "Yeah...yeah I'm fine. Just not at...100% right now, so that took more out of me than I was expecting." After taking a few deep breaths, she turned her attention to Loki. "While we could probably cover more ground if we split up, if we actually do manage to find anything then that might not be the safest option. I think we should split into teams."

Upon nearing Granite Pass, Ness would find the place was on high alert, even more so then was the case with Port Letosh. Heavily armed soldiers and mechs patrolled the town and its edges, and heavy turrets had been mounted on various locations.

"Halt, state your business." One of two soldiers said to Ness as she neared.

"I disagree. A single person is less likely to be seen then a group of two of three." Loki said to Jessica.

"I'll be damned." Skippy muttered to himself as he watched the portal disappear. To keep up the act of being a fisherman, he threw out a net, then waited for the group to return, assuming they would do so, rather then teleport back to Shaintaio.

"Well, me and Loki have these communicator things. I don't suppose you have one too do you? We could keep in touch and back each other up quickly if we need to if you have one." suggested Rita to Jessica.

Ness looked toward the guards and nodded. "Hello. I'm here wishing to learn a little more about the mountains and the people living near them. It's something I want to research to help confirm or disprove a theory I've come up with."

"Actually...I do!" Jessica produced the necklace that Savranth had given her and showed it to Loki and Rita. "Savranth and I have used these to communicate in the past....Not sure if it will work with what you two apparently have. Where did you get them?" Glancing back at Loki, she said, "If this whole communicator thing works out than I completely agree."

"Very well, then." The soldiers said to Ness after a moment's considderation, stapping aside to alow her to enter.

"Rita bought them in Shaintaio." Loki answered Jessica, looking at the necklace she held out. "They look the same, so I see no reason why they would not be able to tranmit our thoughts to one another. And even if this is the case, we have one to spare." Holding his own necklace, Loki attempted to telepathically speak to Jessica with it to see if the connection worked. Can you hear this?

Rita waited to hear if Jessica's necklace would work with theirs. While she waited she examined as much as she could about where they were at the moment.

Ness gave the soldiers a small bow before entering the town and looking around, a bit intimidated by the various mechs and soldiers milling around. That reminds me... I'll need to try and talk to Miss Cassia while I'm here... She begins to look for a hotel of some sort as she lets out a small yawn.

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Jessica nodded to Loki as she heard his telepathic message. "Yep. I can hear you just fine." She transmitted back using her own necklace. "Having a spare is good news though. Grace doesn't have any way to keep in contact with us without it. So if you lend it to her than we can all split up completely and cover more ground." Jessica pointed over her shoulder at Grace (OOC: Who I'm just going to say followed through for convenience).

Ness would find a small inn, roughly as large as the Spica Rack was, in the north-west of town.

"Seems as everything works as intended." Loki remarked upon 'hearing' Jessica confirm she could hear his message. "Give her the spare necklace, would you." He said to Rita, then began to walk off. "Well then, I shall be searching the central-east part of the island."

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Rita gave Grace the necklace before heading off, though she would find nothing. Eventually she would regroup back at the beach

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Ness used another of the credit cards she had to pay for her room in Granite Pass and laid in bed for a few moments before drifting off to sleep.

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Jessica headed off to explore her own 1/5 of the island, though at a slower pace than the others due to her fatigue. Rendezvousing with everyone else on the beach after they were all finished, she created another portal on a large rock nearby that led back to Skippy's boat, as she noticed it still off-shore and assumed he was waiting for them to return. She barely managed to make it through the portal, passing out just before entering and having her unconscious body fall through to join the others on the boat.

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Black was stood outside of the small cave she had slept in, mildly looking around the landscape.

"A little more rustic than I usually prefer, but being amidst nature is always nice." Persephone said to Black.

Black was getting use to Persephone's random appearings, so didn't jump to much when she appeared. "Indeed..." She replied to the Muse. "Do see much nature from where you originate?" Black asked.

"Yes. I live on the top of a mountain, so it's very remote and very peaceful." Persephone said, getting a dreamy smile.

"Hmm, that does sound rather nice..." Black replied.

"It is." Persephone replied.

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