Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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@Schizzy: Crap, that sucks. At least your unhurt. Luckily the only time I've ever been mugged the three guys were stoned and so I managed to wrench myself free and leg it, but it's still pretty bloody scary. Yours sounds worse though.

Forgot to mention that I have sent in my number.

@razer: Yeah. Helps me feel a little better about it. Especially being a dad and all.

My 3-year old daughter offered to buy my stuff back with her money. Later, while we were on the road, she pointed at a random motorcyclist and said, "Daddy! There's a motorcycle! I snatch back your things for you!"

I think I've created a vigilante :O

@Schiz: Congrats. You're now the father of Batwoman. And you didn't even have to die!

@Neo: Doesn't she need to fall into an underground cave full of bats before that can happen?

A real Batman, huh? I'm sure all of us could pull that off if we tried hard enough. We already have an impressionable child at our..."disposal", for lack of a better word. All in favor say "Aye".


@Twink: Nay.

We already have Female Internet Batman. The world can't have two Batwomans!

@Sky: Batgirl then. Surely there is room for an apprentice.

I dunno. Aren't there any heroines that aren't knock-offs of a male counterpart?

Trying to teach my daughter to be her own person.

@schizzy Depends how you define a hero.

@Schizz: X-Men. sort of.

@Schizzy: It sounds like your daughter is already desirous of being a vigilante; and, I might add, with no persuasion from anyone else. If I am to believe what you say, then you should respect and support her new goal and teach her The Ways. And if she's going to be learning, then she should learn about the best...regardless of the gender of her new role model.

@Sky: Aside from the legitimacy of there already being someone to fill the role, there can never be enough. The world is too big and scary a place for one person to manage on her lonesome.

@Twinkies: But if I let her take up vigilantism, what will happen to her piano classes?

@schizzy Selina Kyle still managed to be a socialite in addtion to being Catwoman.

@Schizzy: Of course. Being a well rounded individual is part of having a solid cover.

@Krimson: NO! My daughter will NOT wear a body glove costume. Not on MY watch.

*Overprotective father mode: ACTIVATED*

@Schizzy: So it's alright as long as it's not while you're watching. That's good to know. To be a success, she must learn to utilize all the weapons at her disposal, feminine wiles not the least of which. However, I am not a villain (yet), and I understand where you're coming from on this. Out of respect, I am willing to listen to your ideas for alternatives for a form-fitting body suit.

@Twinkies: This should do nicely.


It's form fitting, right?

@Schizzy: It's adorable, but impractical. Unless, of course, the plan is to have her distribute fuzzy justice among the freaks and sinners of Russia (or a place of similar climate). What else do you have?

@Schizzy: First one appears to be a broken link, and the second one is almost laughable. The third one could work, with some major modifications. I will accept this in lieu of a glorified gimp-suit; but, we'll have to keep in mind that the uniform is subject to change as her persona evolves.

Does anyone else want to weigh in? I can't possibly be the only one here that wants to see a little girl turn into a menace to society.

@schizzy Samus Aran rocks! But she does have trouble socializing with people...

I know I keep saying this but... was there a usergroup notification about this sent? <.<

*sends number*

@Redlin: Recitation: I do believe there is, though I have not been granted mod status there yet to make notifications.

@Schizzy: Didn't have a chance to say it, but... that was sweet of your daughter. Total "D'aaaawww" moment, there.

Announcement: I do believe I have numbers from everyone. However, I do not believe we have the desired amount of meatbags- I mean, participants to start.

Observation: My, far less new people have joined than I had expected! I was willing to wait for the whole week to get a decent number of players, but that just might be too aggravating of a wait for the rest of you, will it not?

Query: Would you all like to begin now, despite the lack of proper participants?

Conjecture: It seems that not many meatbags are willing to take part in this particular round. Perhaps they are afraid of our vastly superior droid intellect... not to mention our vastly superior ability to crush meatbag necks.

Answer: I am alright with the current number of participants.

@Twink: Fixed the link to the first image. :P

@War: Yeah. I cried when she said she'd do that for me. Not even the manly type.

@CA: I'd be happy to get this meat-grinder going, but we'd need one more participant, no?

@Schiz: Answer: Incorrect. An odd number of people is required to use the Entwined role, which our GM has chosen to do.

@CA: Praise the Omnissiah for your infinite knowledge, man of machine!

@WarP: Get on with it!

@WarP: Yes! Get on with it!

I second that motion, sir!

This thread, this bullet. There's a bullet waiting for everyone.

Announcement: The killer has been chosen!

Oh, the chaos will be most enjoyable to watch, mater!

Addendum: I must say, I am very disappointed with the lack of proper video to encourage "getting on with it!"

Commentary: It seems there are no PMs in my inbox this round. How disappointing.

GACK! HURK! *Collapses*

Oh shit, I'm the first victim! Avenge meeeeeeeeee!

But yeah, will post a death on Monday probably. I have Webcomic stuff to do first <_< >_>

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