The REALLY Wild Wasteland Character Pull!

Recruitment, that is.

I figured it was about time I asked around to see if anyone wanted to jump in. The WW plot has come a LONG way. For those of you not in the know, Wild Wasteland is my take on Fallout less than a year after New Vegas events, but centered in states surrounding the Capital Wastelands (and the Cap itself). Main characters are nowhere in sight, and they have taken all the in-game unique and weird weapons, leaving us to devise our own nuttery. WW is a decidedly crazier version of the game's world. Apart from everything you might've seen in the games, there has been...

-An autonomous Metal Gear.
-A giant radioactive crab (Nukalurk variety).
-Dr. Evil and his Space "Laser".
-A war between two clone species (The Garys lost).
-A genetically-engineered Behemoth army.
-Big rad-plant monsters that grew out of dead bodies.
-Red Glowing One ghouls from China.
-Bizarre breaks in the fourth wall.
-And more!

It all started when the Enclave emerged from Fort Knox and began to establish themselves again, under the guidance of the mysterious Number One and a group within their organization known as the Fallout Sector. Strap on your sidearm and tune in to GNR, Wastelander. You're in for a wild ride!

The template is thus...

You can add stuff to it if you want. That's up to you. I do need the information requested, though, for possible approval. I do not require a SPECIAL, but you can put one for kicks.

Questions for information on the RP and such, I am available at...some answer. Let 'em rip, guys!

Fallout Jack helped me design this character, I hope to join in soon, ..Been planning this for a while, but never had the motivation till recently.

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Fiona Callahan:
Fun Fun

Well, one thing ya forgot: How many Deathclaws are in that entourage?


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