Can You Name All These GenCon Cosplay Characters?

Can You Name All These GenCon Cosplay Characters?

Sara Goodwin was on the scene at GenCon 2017, to bring you the best cosplay the world has to offer.

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Yondu Mary Poppins got me.

Also having your grandpa go as Stan Lee while you go as any Marvel character is also brilliant. :P

Expected 20-30 characters
Was met with 100+
Couldn't even name the first one

Got a kick out of the Bob's Burgers family
Squirrel Girl rocked it though

Pickle Rick!

Yay content!

One thing though, I get trying to get as many ad-clicks out of an article as you can, but do you think it would have been possible to reduce the number of pages on this article by adding several images on one page?

I mean, I like me some cosplay but I'm not going to load this page 108 times to see them all 😝

Only two Harley Quinns and not even one Deadpool. You're slipping.


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