Emails from the Edge: The Final Slice (Redux)

Emails from the Edge: The Final Slice (Redux)

It's time to bring the column to a close, and there really is only one proper way of doing that - with your words.

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Ive not always agreed with you but Ive always been interested in what you have to say.

Best of luck in your future endevors.

Here's hoping your trajectory continues to boomerang, and we get Garwulf's Corner once again.

I didn't usually comment on your articles (due to time and how toxic even vaguely political topics can get here). I didn't always agree with you. But I often read and enjoyed your content. Good luck out there.

I'm pretty sure that I commented that I enjoy reading your stuff and it's a shame it's coming to the end the last time it happened. So let's just say, see you later.

Robert B. Marks:
And maybe, just maybe, staying on the right side of history really does come down to being fair to others, and staying fair to them.

There is a saying: History is written by the victors. If you want to be fair to others (and staying fair to them), it's more worthy to do it for the sake of it; not for staying on the right side of history (whose victors may not share your definition of being fair to others).

Peace, and good luck!

Farewell and good luck!

Good luck Robert and hopefully your path will bring You back to Escapist once more.
I might have disagreed with You on a LOT of points you were trying to make but it was usually interesting read and definetly you were able to remain civil and intelectually honest in your argumentation.

I really wish You and Troy Leavitt would get a platform on The Escapist to discuss gaming, press, industry and culture surrounding gaming. Your views and life experiences are polarized but both of you understand what it means to share thoughts and exchange arguments.

Live long and prosper!

Sad to see you go again, hope to see you come back again!

Thanks for all the words.

Sorry to see you go, again.

RiP Content Creators.

"Will we be remembered as the ones who finally got it right and stopped treating transgenderism as a psychological illness, or the ones who legitimized and encouraged a body disassociative disorder? ... I don't know the answer to any of these questions. Nobody does."

Uh, I mean no disrespect but expert consensus is that it is not, in fact, an illness. The medical textbooks have been saying as much for a long time. Saying that nobody knows the answer to that question is like saying "Is climate change real or just a Chinese hoax? Nobody knows." But don't let me bring down the mood, goodbye and good luck!


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