Zero Punctuation: Hob and Hat in Time

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Hat in Time makes me think of Commander Keen!

Bloody hell, Yahtz, bob a job was ended in 1992. Are you having a competition with yourself to see how obscure of a joke you can make in the credits?

I'm getting kinda bored of the Trump jokes.

Trump should stop supplying the material then.



[quote="MonsterCrit" post="6.1024436.24142836"]Yes Yahtzee. one more week before you can review the game that everyone's already bought or made up their mid about whether or not they'll buy it.

Yeah, I think you don't grasp the concept of these videos..

Yahtzee was never one of those "watch my review before you buy it" type people.

Yeah but at least he wasn't wuite so predictable. His material is getting stale. It's usually more interesting to hear him rant on indies because they are at least a bit more eclectic.[Wouldn't call his material Ba/quote]His material is not getting "Stale" at all.

It's not exactly bakery fresh though.

Hob is just empty and has no pull. This is partly the fault of the level design which is murky and uninteresting.

Doki Doki Literature Club is not upbeat cartoon pornography. To say precisely what it is would spoil the surprise, but it's most certainly not that.

Came here to say this. He couldn't be any further off or sound more like a fucking unresearched twat.

Yesterday was a strange day,
Because of thugs, was blown away.
Okay, rather, was sucked out,
An empty vacuum came about.


But luckily, still got my hat,
Can jump and dive this way and that.
And still wearing my finest clothes,
Guess I can't go wrong with those.


Still got my trousers, socks and boots,
My shirt too, let out a whoop.
I must still get back to my ship,
My pride has taken quite a hit.


But no need to fear, I've got my hat,
Soon I'll work out just where I'm at.
In these fancy clothes I'll play,
And make the mafia scumbags pay.

...did I get the premise right?


Doki Doki Literature Club is not upbeat cartoon pornography. To say precisely what it is would spoil the surprise, but it's most certainly not that.

To someone who doesn't intend to play the game or mind spoilers, what is the game about?

The game starts with a warning for anyone with depression, anxiety or easily disturbed not to play it. This game is not joking at all about that once you hit the two hour mark.

Doki Doki is if you mixed School Days with Eternal Darkness with a Japanese visual novel. (but free to play)

Darth Rosenberg:

Spec Ops is just the angsty man's Call of Duty.

Or it's a masterpiece of a subversive critique on ego fluffing, commodified masculinist pop-violence in modern society regardless of medium, and a work of art/entertainment that is flat out impossible in any other medium.

It is only a masterpiece if you also consider a puddle after 5 minutes of rain to be deep. It wasn't subversive or clever when the game forces your hand at every step of the game with no alternative and then tries to be high handed about scolding you for it.

There is a reason it was a commercial flop, and only a few people still even remember/mention it in anything regarding a positive manner.

Edit: Hell, the devs of the game have even gone on to create a (pretty decent) ship game and apparently have no desire to do anything like it again.

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