204: And You Don't Pause

And You Don't Pause

Hip hop and games have crossed paths more than a few times in the last 20 years, but the true integration of rap and videogames may be yet to come. Matt Yeomans details the history of collaboration between the two media.

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The 50 Cent games were terrible. As was the Def Jam ICON for the 360. Personally I enjoy the two PS2 versions of the game much better. and if you want to really see an early attempt at hip hop in gaming, you have to dig up the Toe Jam and Earl games for the Sega Genesis. Another good example was the the title Get On The Mike. a game I thought was bland ( till I had seen Singstar) but what made it great was that it allowed us to attempt to sing Rappers' Delight, about 2 Sean Paul songs and a few hits from 2pac and other greats from Rap.

I'd really love if there were more hip-hop games.

To be honest, as most music has, hip-hop/rap has gotten worse over the years, and many people confuse rap with hip-hop and gangsta rap with all rap.

This has gotten people to never even consider the genre, throwing away wonderful music simply because it's from a genre they don't listen to.

If people confused "metal" as Dragonforce v. Black Sabbath v. Dream Theater v. Queen all as the same damn thing...

Or said Nickelback and Pink Floyd are the same because they're both rock...

You can understand my frustration when people say MF DOOM is the same as Tupac is the same as Eminem is the same as Soulja Boy.

Hey, nice Doom referenced. I saw him years ago in Hollywood. The dude was 3 hours late so Common showed up and freestyled for a while. That was awesome.

I'd like to see a hip hop game that really embodies the simple rags-to-riches tale that so many rappers try to convey, something like the 8 Mile of video games, I suppose (though less boring).

The new 50 Cent game for the 360 looks fun, but I've never played it. I'm looking forward to the DJ Hero game coming out that's going to provide music from Eminem and Jay-Z. I don't know much about this game, but I'm hoping it's kinda like Rockband/Guitar Hero.

um well i may liked early hip hop nwa well more rap really i just think current generation dont say much. And i played 50 cent blood on the sand man if thats the way he acts no one would want him in my country who has any power

Another thing they seems to have in common is their fickelness.

Hip-Hoppers don't tend to age well compared to other artists and games become impossible to play on new machines.


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