Zero Punctuation: The Sims 3

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As always you point out exactly what's wrong with the game, even if the amount of time you spend bashing it isn't in direct proportion to how bad the game actually is. I doubt I'll ever get the sims 3 since it seems like the sims 2 with upgrades, but you have to buy all the "DLC" again. Is EA the new Activision or something?

AWESOME just pure awesome

I found this review marginally less useful than usual: he spend most^W^Wthe whole of it lambasting the principle of the game, which hasn't actually altered since the first Sims. I have to wonder whether he actually played Sims 3 beyond the ten minutes it took to investigate colours and hairstyles.

Still entertaining, but I was hoping for some more specific critique.

Chock full of existential loathing. Nice one Yahtzee!

great review yahtzee

Seriously, Yahtzee. Did you having a falling out with some girl or something? If you have balls, then quit whining all passive-aggressively about the evils of woman and just get over it already and move on with your life.

If you want a woman's touch so bad, I doubt misogyny is the way to go about getting it anyway.

Seriously, pull yourself together, dude.

What is with Anonymous Sources and complaining about nothing? I just came to say how funny I thought the "I'm here to review video games, not computer programs you just dick around in!" line was, then I see a bunch of comments saying "Ohh this is baad, that's bad, everythings bad after a month" This is probably my favourite review next to his blood on the sand review. But after all
"Fans are whiney complaining dipshits who will never, ever be grateful for ANY consession you make. The sooner you shut out thier shrill voices the happier you'll be."

I remember playing The Sims (the first one) when I was younger and have since dropped out of all that muck, but I completely understand what you mean by the whole "doing all the stuff you hate to do all day in a game when you could be having fun with real people" thing. That might be why I don't play it anything like it anymore. And why I only play games now that involve other people to play with.

Good review, as always.

Long ago when I was a little young tosser I absolutely loved the sims and everything about it. The day I bought the sims 2 incidentally was the day of my first orgasm but over time I started to realize how boring it really was. Then one day I discovered a mystical force that accomplished something I though impossible, it made the sims fun again. This mystical power was called CTRL+SHIFT+S "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" ENTER. All of a sudden I was enjoying myself again; money problems GONE, wants and needs GONE, time consuming relationship building GONE; I was finally free! But by cruel fate this fun could not last; I had taken the life from a life simulator and was left with a hollow shell of a game with no challenge and no substance.

so completely punctuation is my new hero:) sims3 should be given to people with life sentences, although even they might resent the loss of their time and will to live.

I was waiting for that reference to WoW! haha

tbh i think sims 3 is a good game, the way ea have made it so you can customize everything is good if you ask me. its good for people who like designing things, such as some1 like me who has studied art and design for a good 4 years now.

Yahtzee, you need to check out
The Sims 3 has amazing AI, if you actually took the chance to look at them in-depth. I mean, on the surface, you could say people have horrible AI - they do the same repetitive, predictable things. It's not until it becomes a case study, and you see them in their best and worst of moments, that you understand how real they are. If you only notice the people in The Sims 3 during the social get-togethers, they'll seem mundane and predictable, I'm sure.

Awww man I was hoping he'd review Plants Vs. Zombies that week.

What!? No fucking Trilby hats? No fedoras? No nothing?! Fuck Sims 3!!! Oh and ZP rules :D

incidentally im still not gay" ? Yea i think Yahtzee is semi-gay

About a year behind OT, but whatever.

I've never had my manhood absorbed into a rank, blood-streaked, Spam sandwich. If I ever have sex, I'll have to remember to bring some feminine hygiene products and some Boars Head luncheon meat. Maybe some Branston Pickle for lubricant.

I like to start fires in the SIMS and watch people burn or use the telescope to make aliens abduct my characters

Awesome review. Glad I never played the fucking thing :)

i can't believe you said "spam sandwich"

Yet again, I cannot disagree with a single word.

I agree with everything...I sorta female so everything but the all women are evil.
granted,I doubt it was meant to be taken all that seriously.

All in all, even though it wasn't much different,The first was better-maybe cause the score was much more kickass.

Carol Pentalentathon:
Aww, Yatzee, did your girlfriend break up with you?

lol when I first saw this video (and your comment) I admit I was feeling the same way (dumped)

and oh ho months later stuck in the same situation with my [ex-]girlfriend AGAIN

tho I'm not nearly as upset (yet) but still haha

"hmph who needs them" xP

Wow...that was depressing...I think I'll go play the sims 3 world adventures now.Back on topic, I also miss the goth and syfy stuff,but some syfy stuff will be in the next expantion,Like ghost busting and robots...I have no life...

I never really could understand how the Sims became so popular. I tried it one day and became so bored with it after the first fifteen minutes that I took the game out, put it back in the box and hurled it into a corner. :D

well that was funny!

ps: by just reading the title i was already giggling!

as a female i find that mildly insulting
there were just too many jokes on that topic for me to be completely ok with it

I agree with you in this review, getting a job, rasing a family, and doing other things you would do in real life starts to feel parallel to real life... which videogames are meant to relax you from. Until you actually go to the office, feel your ambitions, and become enormously praised. Did I also mention that did happen, but just in the sims?. Until you shut the game off your not going to be having any fun because your being constantly reminded that your life sucks and thats why you picked up the game. But then your also reminded your life is no different in that game aswell. I know we've had previous sims games, but what for? I'll just say it here... a money-milking game of life brings out the same exact game of life every year for newer generations to finally hang themselves. Even more so when you can kill your sims purposely by locking them in a room with no supplies, why not just save money if your going to be that depressing and experiment the same thing on yourself?.

Anyone who gets the Trilby reference is awesome.

This may be years too late... but the hot tub was cleverly hidden in the cash shop... cuz $60 to buy the game wasn't enough for EA

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