Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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Was better this week. Congrat on the hundredth review.
Now get back to work.

Hey, you're almost at the 2 year mark as well. Thank You, Yahtzee, for your awesome reviews. Happy 100th!

Keep on rocking Yahtzee!

Congratulations on the 100th episode, if you cared about it that much.
Did I mention that I now have a fear of rapist chairs because of this video?

Wooohoo! Second Polish game Yahtzee likes!

I feel such... what's the opposite of shame? Pride? Maybe not that far, but still.

Thats a lot of chair rape.

Red Dead Redemption looks better thus fat even though I've only played Juarez, mostly since Rockstar have freakishly delayed it and it seems to me that when they delay something its with good reason with a better outcome.

"well diddle my dog!" that line is pure gold encrusted in diamonds!!

my sincere congratulations for the all unimportant 100th episode... YAY cause numbers are just numbers they really don't matter that much... except for age... and money... and height... and lenght... and rankings... and well most things :P anywho keep the awesome reviews comming!

Awesome one, congratulations on the one hundredth video! I am a bit worried that this post will end up on page 9, where noone will read it. But after all, 9 is just a number.

The full length theme was good.

great ep, great stab and mindless fps players, and great theme song!

hey, with the game comp, will you be harsher on people who are professional game devs? or people who aren't?

It's been said but Congrats on 100 episodes! I've been there... since 40 or something.

Anyways does anyone know why people keep posting

I Coulnd't stop laughing at the jokes, and the hilarity that was contained within thi...blah blah blah(who gives a shit)"

garbage? Is this some new type of joke for Yahtzee videos because i keep seeing this tripe on his comments page.

i think it haves more to do with the fact that YZ is reading the comments.

great vid anywhay, loved the "JUArez" thing, also the return of the bum eyed monster, but OH DEAR GOD THE SONG WAS AMAZING!!!!... why dont you make it for Rock Band or Guitar Hero????

Yahtzee failed to mention the best part about Westerns: The ragtime music :(

Awesome one, congratulations on the one hundredth video! I am a bit worried that this post will end up on page 9, where noone will read it. But after all, 9 is just a number.

Off topic, but awesome avatar. I haven't seen the Demonic Tutor since I played 6th Ed.

Yes my math is a bit off upon review :S and yes i just joined today (err, yesterday now, but whatever). But now for my rebuttal to your rebuttal :P

Number of videos created by Yahtzee: 102

No, let's try 103. 104 if you want to include the short announcement video of the switchover to The Escapist.

I will say 103 if we include the switchover video...see below why I won't say 104

Number of videos on the Escapist created by Yahtzee: 100

No, let's try 101. Not sure why he is suggesting that Ben didn't make one of the videos.

Again, see below...

-The "Year in Review 2008" Video and the Console Rundown repeat on the Escapist

Not sure why he is choosing to exclude "Year in Review 2008". I'm assuming this is the video he claims wasn't created by Ben. Pretty sure Ben himself was the first one to reply apologizing for the clip-show episode and promised something better next time. I didn't see any obvious declaration that it was put together entirely by others and not him. I'm pretty sure he must have had a hand in creating it to some extent. I'd be willing to concede that it could be classified as a "special" and not a regular episode being that it was a clip-show, but that isn't the claim being made.

<face palm>

Ok, I quote from the page of the video in question:

This week, a series of our favorite Zero Punctuation jokes. Sorry for the clip show, but we'll make it up to you with a contest for a shiny new badge!

I would assume "our" is The Escapist. And considering there was no special little quirps written in the end credits for that video, it could be easily assumed The Escapist made the mash up. But then again I can see that Yahtzee could of helped as not be called a n00b and get jostled out of the forums when I just started...I'll wait with you for an official remark from Yahtzee or a member of the Escapist...though we could easily be waiting a while (maybe in the next ZP video? :P)

EDIT: Oh! I realized I forgot a number I was going to add in my first post :P

Number of games reviewed: 106

And so I don't have to explain later...The Orange Box is 3 games (HL2:E2, TF2, Portal), Prince of Persia Retrospective is 3 games, Thief The Dark Project ended up covering all 3 Thief games, there was two games (obviously) in the XBLA Double Bill video, I'm not counting all the "trailers" reviewed in the two E3 videos, and yes I'm counting Duke Nukem Forever

Hey noticed we are acting like the fan boys we are suppose to hate.
Seriously look at us arguing about what is what, if Yahtzee says its the 100 video its the freaking 100 video even if there are 1000 in this website. he is the creator and the creator ALWAYS knows better than the fans. Feels allot like Final Fantasy and Zelda time line wars.

Congratulations on the 100 videos.

Great video, as always. Especially the raping chairs.

While the theme song sounds exciting it still leaves me feeling rather hollow. I really miss the ingeniously selected music that used to play in the opening and closing credits.

One Hundred episodes, that's awesome. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the next arbitary number of episodes. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Also, one other thing. What the hell is it about westerns always having the hot chicks getting raped. Never thought of it, but it seem like a recurring theme. Chair rape, thats got to suck. One out three chairs you know will probably rape you at some point in your life (if your hot).


Laughed so hard at the character descriptions,

also Wee-Um made me wee myself.

First, congrats on your 100th ZP, Yahtzee! Thanks for making us laugh all this time.

This was a good one, consistently funny throughout. Good job. And I loved the extended theme song montage at the end - I don't care what the haters say, the ZP theme song kicks ass!

that theme song is pimp

Well, crap, someone beat me to the base 10 joke... and the cake line... *sigh* now what to do...

[insert sincere congratulatory statements on 100th episode and encouragement to continue producing videos here]

Yep, that seems to cover it. I'm going to watch that montage again and reminisce about old episodes like the moron I am. Cheers!

Woo 100 episodes! Unfortunately the actual review didn't seem as in depth or as thorough as they usually do...maybe it's just me :S

Congrats on the 100! :D

Really liked the review too :)

At least he didn't spend the 100th episode reveling in his own... uh... greatness?

Congratulations on 100 episodes Yahtzee! :D I can't wait to see what else you review.

I've been around since about the first 10... wow it's been awhile now.

The amount of hate in these reviews is more than the sum of all of them combined, then squared... then quintupled. So much HAAAAAATE!

Keep 'em coming, Yahtzee! [/whipcrack]

100 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually like Ray. I passed the game with Thomas and then figured, what the hell, i'll give the console tard character a try and it turned out pretty fun! You don't have to sit behind corners any more and can just run out and blast the shit out ten people and if you got quick shooters the reload is instant.

It's sort of like a fun hard mode for the game, and the added bonus that you no longer have to climb anywhere.

Its an ok game but meh the PC version is a ultra port you can't even turn auto aim off of >>

um... PC auto aim is only on for Ray and that's for his dual pistols only.


I just counted all the videos in the Zero Punctuation section, because I am a weird person, and I counted 102 videos, so yeah... what's up with that?

Zero Punctuation: Console Rundown and Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008 don't count. They are filler episodes.

Ooh, I see. I thought every episode counted. Thanks.

this was actually the one that i've found more entretaining in a while.

JJJJuarez! LOL

100! yay.

Happy 100th :)
Hope to see that "crazy" chair in future episodes.

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