Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill 2 is indeed great. Me, I prefer 1, it's just creepier in places and moving past the graphics to meet the game is not necessarily a bad thing. For me, quality wise, 1 and 2 go hand in hand, then 3 and 4 go hand in hand behind them and the rest hasn't got a chipping clue as to where they are.

Simply the best game ever made. No doubt about it.

I always assumed the voice acting was intentionally done to go along with the Lynch vibe.

lol'd at "There was a critic here. He is gone now."

Anyway, Yahtzee, you're my hero for reviewing the masterpiece that Silent Hill 2 is. This game fucked up my brain pretty bad and it is still the only game to this day I felt like weeping in the end. I felt absolutely exhausted emotionally and no game before or after (ok, maybe with the exception of Dreamfall) has had this power over me. I believe, this state of mind is called catharsis.

Nice to see him defending something rather than just mocking, makes a slight change I felt needed with these "reviews".

ZP would'nt be amusing if it was just another so called "critic" with the gaming industries balls resting on his chin giving "reviews" that inevitably end with "this game was awesome, go buy it! Yahtzee is funny because even when he is being really cruel ((see anything on the WII)) his points are salient and hard to argue with. I only had one experience with the WII, after seeing ZP, and I agreed with most of what he said.
Besides, nice people are'nt funny. If I wanted to watch some fag glorify an industry that is getting shittier every year, I could watch any number of dumb ass shows.

Yahtzee, you are still awesome. You keep making them, and I'll keep watching them.

The review reminded me that I really need yo buy this damn game, I've been putting it off for years.

Loved Silent Hill 2. A very nice survival horror.

There is a Silent Hill movie:

Just stating that, because in the review rant cartoon you mention like there isn't any.


There is a box art for Silent Hill Shattered Memories BTW, I don't know where it is (only seen it posted on a forum) but it's awesome.

Personally, I'm excited about Shattered Memories after hearing the developers talk about the things they've addressed, such as removing the clunky combat and instead focusing solely on the fear element of the game.

I was kind of surprised to see Yahtzee reviewing this too. I mean, as others have said, if you've heard of survival horror at all, you've heard of Silent Hill 2 and you know it's absolutely bloody amazing. I mean, there was a reason that when I reviewed a Silent Hill game for my first (and currently only) Youtube vid, I chose #3. (Which I honestly liked, by the way; it was a lot more willing to have fun with itself than 2 was. Borley Haunted Mansion, anyone?) But having played SH2 before (and therefore being able to get all the hidden little jokes), I really liked this review. Yahtzee was funny as always, and he actually makes sense when he talks about why the game's so amazing. Kind of makes me wonder what he thinks of Silent Hill's Tecmo-released cousin Fatal Frame, since that one is also hugely based on atmosphere.

"There was a critic here. He's gone now."
... You hear that? That's the pitter-patter of my little feet as I run screaming into the night, the terror of the pitch-black forests no match for my fear of Yahtzee.

Funny, I think my parents used to take me to villages like that as well. Mostly around Skegness.

hahahaha I died at "fucking a burning dolphin"

This reminds me of what could have made Dead Space scary which would have been your little suspended animation tube malfunctioned and you emerge 2 weeks or so late on a ship devoid of life so the fact that you were alone in space not knowing whether or not you were safe would be a little more real, and more of the half-bred scrawny aliens would act a little more like shambling zombies from left for dead, or better like witches you would have to avoid hundreds of to not invoke wrath. But yeah keep that final boss and keep a couple of the big baddies the same

That entire scenario would be a COMPLETE carbon-copy of System Shock 2.

nice review. certainly a giggler at the dolphin part.

"Maybe I like Silent Hill because it reminds me of where my parents used to take me on holiday"

ive had holidays like that in dungerness.

Yes I hate being a boat too..
..what? Seriously, haha. :D
But yeah, I really need to play this game. If this is half as good as Yahtzee makes it sound I'll be traumatized for life and live in a closet for the rest of my life afraid of pyramids.

i found this game in perfect condition with the booklet, in a crappy game store.

i bought it for 12 bucks and idk if i should open it cause its still sealed...

it might be worth a lot one day

Nice one Yahztee!

It's nice to know you're taking time to review games that you actually like a bit more than the old mainstream rubbish that's out on the market now. I was really looking forward to an episode like this and i hope you do more varied reviews not only dig up the dirt you find at gamestop for example. Good job and keep it going man :>

Yes, this is probably my favorite game of all time. Saying you can't enjoy it because you don't like the controls is like saying you can't enjoy the Godfather because it's not family-friendly. You're correct, but you're missing the point of the endeavor.

Good as always.

Never played Silent Hill tough. If I ever buy a new PS2 maybe I will....

Silent hill 2 truly is a great game. A now not so close friend of mine said to me yesterday that world of warcraft has a deeper and more compelling story than silent hill 2. Upon hearing this I shat a brick and proceeded to beat him to death with it. The sad thing is no matter how hard i try i can't convince him.

I loved this review and respected Yahtzee for first pointing out what he considered flaws in the game he apparently treasures the most.

Although I very much like the jokes, what keeps me coming back is the intelligence of his arguments.

He should definitely review games of other times, because with what's been coming out in the last few years, it's pretty easy to predict the kind of reviews they would produce. It gets boring (and sadly frustrating) to see him complaining about the same things over and over again, it just shows the state of creative stagnation that videogames find themselves in.

Besides, it would very educacional for many of the new generation to see how designer tried harder to explore ideas in games of yore. Of course, back then they were more free to do so, before the advent of constant divine intervention (greedy and neophobic executives).

Hey, do more indie games, by the way!

This game is and will always be the reason I started to watch this guy every week. It was exactly as he put it. Full of atmosphere and story and it didn't need flashy shit to make you pee your pants and turn on all the lights. And have a friend over to play with you cause you were a chicken shit.

I started playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time this month, and I've got to say, he's spot fucking on about the atmosphere. Seriously, 2 minutes into it you're already wound up so tight for fear of something huge jumping out and attacking you that you'll jump straight out of your skin the second anything happens. There is literally no moment in this game where you don't feel tense, and that, i think, is the hallmark of a true horror game. Resident Evil and Dead Space can go toss each other's overrated salads. Long live Silent Hill 2.

p.s. Silent Hill 4, broken combat aside, wasn't all that bad. Both games play with the similar themes of isolation and questionable mental conditions, and SH4 throws in a hint of voyeurism too, for good measure. It wasn't even supposed to be a Silent Hill game, but much like "Exoricst 3" back in 1990, they felt it wouldn't sell on its own merit and attached the big franchise name to it, which ended up hurting both of them because of course they didn't hold up to their respective namesakes. But taken on their own merit, they're both pretty awesome.

Easily one of the best games of all time. Thank you, Yahtzee, for giving SH2 it's due.

There is a box art for Silent Hill Shattered Memories BTW, I don't know where it is (only seen it posted on a forum) but it's awesome.

Did the one you saw include Cheryl sitting on a swing, completely frozen?

I think I saw one like that...but I can't find it anymore.

I suppose one of the best things about SH2 is that you didn't actually have to go through the final boss fight to complete the game, all you needed was a key shaped like a bone, stick it in a door only a short walk away from where the most major plot twist occurred a viola! You are now happily introduced to an ending where every little bit of suffering you were forced through was some sadistic experiment from a small yellow dog.

When Yahtzee said that the game likes fucking with your head, he was not wrong.

You need to finish the game at least once to get that ending.

I've only played through the ending with the letter, the ending where he rows with Maria in the boat and the Dog ending. Letter ending was so sad, all in denial and embracing the delusions of the town. I am yet to play the Directors Cut with the Maria story. :/

Am I the only one who would genuinely like to see a Silent Hill: The Zoetrope? If only because the thing would be the size of a near-future space station they spin to induce artifical gravity...

Wow. I think I just overgeeked myself in the Escapist forums...

is it just me or does anyone else gets a little startled when he blows that... party noice making thing and it comes out of his hat, like when it came out of his ear in Call Of Juarez

every single time i replay the video i jump a little hahaha

I liked how this is his favourite game of all time but he's STILL objective enough not to slap with the perfect scores so many critics attatch to games that they know will sell well just because they want to be on the bandwagon.

nice job

I wondered where the unimaginative Yahtzee got his ideas for Trilby's Notes.. I knew it couldn't be original.

If This makes sense,
Yahtzee is the only one who can make games for Yahtzee, that he will like, you have come to either A.) The Stonking Great Contest Is pointless for normal people. OR B.) It is for people who would either be the Dominatrix or the Gimp.

I wanted to go somewhere with that,but heres it in nutshell form: From this review, as I have never played any Silent Hill game, Trilby's Notes seems almost plagaristic in the the fact that, It got deep into my head, the first time the hotel morphed into the bloody gorey alternate I got so scared I actually ran away from my computer, DAm you Yahtzee, I had a completely different directions that the game was going and BAM! your evil cock slapped me in the face.

Dude... I was slightly shocked by this one... i wasn't expecting Yahtzee to ever review Silent Hill 2. I actually just started playing this game, i got to the apartment when my xbox 360 decided it didn't like playing old xbox games and spat it out... so now i have figure out something else... still what i played had phenomenal atmosphere and pacing, The very first part had me scared out of my mind when all i hear is footsteps...

Wow, i didnt knew about the psychological test on the next silent hill, now im interested.

Same. In the video he shows the next Silent Hill on the Wii. Is it really possible that a game with potential might end up on the Wii?


Suiseiseki IRL:
I'm surprised it took this long for him to pull out SH2. I'd thought he'd have done it sooner.

Good review all around.

Same here, I thought he was going to pull it out on EP. 100.

real men dont pull out

It's nice to see someone giving this great game the credit it deserves. The review makes me want to play through Silent Hill 2 again. Good timing too, my 360 is on its way to the repair center so I'm a PS2 gamer for a couple of weeks.

An enigmatic entry, but, I gotta' say that I was pleased with this episode, unlike the others. He pretty much nails all the points that are easily overlooked about SH2, especially about the narrative.

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