Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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It's spooky how I just started playing Silent Hill 2 (aiming for the dog ending) last night, and while in the apartments today I wondered what Yahtzee'd have to say about the camera angles. Because he hates every camera angle that ever lived.

I idly decided to check ZP since it's Thursday, and POW. Thar he is whining about SH2 camera angles.

Incidentally the camera angles in SH games are always awesome. You can't complain about them because that's how they're supposed to be.

I gave Silent Hill 2 a try on GameTap awhile back (probably the cheapest way to give it a spin, BTW). Indeed, the atmosphere was thick, and the monsters were pretty creepy -- and, as somebody who desensitized himself to System Shock 2 cyborg midwives, that's saying something.

However, I couldn't finish the game. It wasn't so much the fear factor (which prevented me from finishing the aforementioned SS 2 for years) so much as the strange Resident Evil-esque logic to the puzzles. It was good enough that I didn't want to ruin it with a walkthrough, but getting stuck was extremely easy to do. The solution may well involved pixel hunting or finding some barely visible corridor somewhere. Maybe this could be attributed to being part of the nightmarish quality of the game, but eventually my level of frustration exceeded my level of fear of the game, and now the game sits rather low on my priority list of things to savor.

So I'm thinking that a great deal of Yahtzee's love from the game comes from the fundamental fact that he's probably learned all the puzzles and is rarely ever stuck. The main glaring problem with the game thus slides neatly under his radar.

That said, any game that has (massive spoiler) a secret ending like this definitely has merit.

haha i like how some people do a little review of his review. im pretty sure that complaining isnt going to get you anything other than a potential mocking on his next video.

Silent Hill 2, one of the best games ever, any way, it's true, the story is not such a big deal.

Sometime i'm gonna need to get this for my psp.

I like how crappy controls don't seem to bother Yahtzee here. Good thing this isn't a Wii game...

Silent Hill 2 is the one and only game I have had to take breaks from, not because I was sleepdeprived, but because I was nervewracked.
I could not agree with Yahtzee's praise for the atmosfear enaugh. The only thing worse than the thundering, deafening "ambient" noise of Akira Yamaoka beating the hell out of an oildrum whenever _something_ was around the next corner (or right behind me) was the absolute silence, reducing the only noise to being Jaaaaames' echoing footsteps. Not to mention my own racing heartbeat while I was frantically limping for that elevator! (You know the one I'm talking about)

And the storyline really is enaugh for Freud to masturbate/write a thousand page thesis on.

Here's hoping the next Silent Hill will be atleast a fraction as unnerving as this one is.

You know... this review was really annoying for me... Why? because I really want to play the damn game but when I bought my copy for some reason my PC took a hissy fit and said "CANNOT READ SCRATCHES" and since then I cant find a copy... heads shall roll.

You have been so much talking about this game that this review is a welcome one.
I remember playing this game with a friend (well in fact he was the one playing) and it is a very good game. What I like about this game is the atmosphere and all the inspiration they had for doing such a game. Let me say that you need to see the movie "Jacob's Ladder" after playing Silent Hill, you will see a lot of inspiration from this movie.

Not to mention play the puzzle game 'Closure' by Tyler Glaiel. Not so much inspiration, but if you think about Closure, it creeps the hell out of you.

Wow, it's amazing that Yahtzee likes Silent Hill 2. It seems like he's eaten things with less to complain about for breakfast before.

For example, he refused to see the logic in characters dying at the end of the timer in Halo Wars, but is happy to follow the adventure game logic of silent hill 2.

And I'm sure he's criticised a many a combat system. I guess it's good that he's able to overlook flaws for a game he likes, but maybe not enough things that shine out to him would shine out to everyone, making this a slightly dubious recommendation.

I'm confused why he even liked this game. He berates it for the terrible characters, the weak mechanics and camera work, the silly story, the dreaded voice acting, and yet loves it because -- it had the atmosphere of being alone?

It's cliched, but you honestly won't understand until you've played it. Silent Hill goes beyond the normal realm of gaming and into art, it's unbelievably well done. Everything is done for emotional effect. Take the long walk into Silent Hill, it's not done because it's fun or because they couldn't think of anything to add along the way; it gives you a sense that there is no turning back.

Wow, i didnt knew about the psychological test on the next silent hill, now im interested.

It wont be any of that action thing you get in the newer games or in the new Resident Evil games. You'll be walking around in the town and it will change to be scarier because they assume your mentality is changed, so it gets scarier the scarier it's supposed to be. You wont even have a gun to kill the monsters you'll meet.
If they can manage to pull it off right it will be a great game.

i had the first three Silent Hill games, all were stolen and now it'd cost $70+ US to replace them with used copies..

i enjoyed parts 2 and 3 immensely and wasted so many hours in Silent Hill. i liked how the crappy combat added to the dread of facing monsters, made you feel the need to run or hide. of course the extra weapons after beating the game usually took that away, i remember James screaming at monsters while waving the chainsaw over his head, he was no longer afraid.

It's funny how games can unexpectly touch something emotional in you.

I bought Silent Hill 2 because I had enjoyed the first game so much. For some reason, the radio static freaked me out and I was pumped to play the second game.

I was not prepared.

The horrible twitching figures and their terrible gait. The nurses both turned me on and gave me horrible nightmares. The music and sound design actually made me put down the controller a few times.

The sirens.

Pyramid Head.

A main character who was conflicted and desperate to reconnect to a wife who he was sure was dead. And a slowly evolving story that begins to reveal the disturbing truth behind Jame's past and how he wife really died.

And the confusion about Maria; why did she look so much like your deceased wife? What was her role in all this.

I made a few mistakes and ended up with the Water ending.

Holy crap, that was still a great game!

As much as I enjoyed Shadow of the Collosus, Silent Hill 2 wrenched my gut and twisted my emotions.

Great review.

I only played Homecoming (which I got 1000GS out of) but it got kind of...old after awhile but I did watch Cloud's walkthrough videos on youtube though, looked like a fun game

Homecoming is nearly the worst game in the series.

Its like judging the Resident Evil series after only playing Resident Evil: Gaiden. Or judging Metal Gear Solid by only playing Metal Gear Acid.

MAX PAYNE was my first true baby...

I actually "Wtf"'d outloud at the dolphin part. O_O

I haven't read all the replies in here, so I may not be the first to say this, but I totally want an "I have sex with dolphins on fire" t-shirt.

I vomitted when I saw he was reviewing Silent Hill. Hopefully he goes over his entire greatest game ever club.

i kind of liked the movie as stupid as it was but then again i only ever payed a bit of 3 and most of 4 i stoped when you had to redo all the levels and then looked the endings up on you tube personally i wasent to amzed at it i think the eaning of jeopardy was creeper the
CBBC Jeopardy

Epically good as always

I'm probably the only one who enjoyed Silent Hill 4 more than two...

"fucking a burning dolphin"
He should do more reviews of older games. To me it's a little boring but I'm not much of a horror gamer, but it's the kind of scary that doesn't frighten at first, but then keeps me up at night.

he should review brute force just for the fun of it

I agree Mr Yahtzee.


*polishes massive throbbing knife*

I'd Like to make a point about your comparison of SH2 with Shattered Memories. While it is true that SH2 managed to get into your head without need of a test, it may not have had the same effect on others. As you have pointed out in the past your reviews are all Subjective. SH:SM is using this test so It can get into more peoples heads then it may have done if it had jsut gone on its own.
Who Knows, prehaps they'll even ask "Do You Hate Quick Time Events" just for you!

I was thrilled enough to see the review on my favorite game of all time that I finally created an account here!

Oddly enough, personally I find the camera isn't really that bad in this game. I prefer it to many other games I've played, anyway. I'd rather have that camera than the new-fangled 'attack' styles 4 and 5 have.

fucking a burning dolphin. (nuff said)

why a burning dolphin specifically, wouldnt that be a bit painful?

The psychological test in the next game sounds interesting. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories might be a really good survival horror game.

Sweet Silent Hill 2. Love the game but the series has really dug itself into the ground with the last few games. Origins was ok and but Homecoming sucked if you ask me.

a very great review, and proof (if it were needed) that Yahtzee does a lot more than comedy.

This brings back memories.. Silent Hill 1 and 2 are the 2 scariest games i've ever played (with the only other one coming close being FATAL FRAME)..

I can remember my buddy and i being up until 3 in the morning playing this thing.. We both had to take stress breaks every so often.. It really did affect you psychologically.

Great great game.

but the real reason for james's blind determination was the fact that A.he really did'nt have much of a life left to live for and B.he needed to come to terms with the SPOILER ALERT fact that he killed his wife,albeit to end her suffering but the act itself shattered his personality in ways only a journey of self realization and unrequitting horrors could,i'm not saying this was a bad review or anything just that,this is my interpritation for james's seemingly idiotic ignorance when confronted with the monsters

like he says in the beginning of the game with angela "we'll it's just that I don't really care,whiether it's dangerous or not"

anyways just a diulgence into my perspective on an unmittigated epic of a retro game
keep up the good work yahtzee XD

Silent Hill 3 remains my favorite(there are some utterly terrifying segments), but I respect 2 for a lot of reasons, especially the following it still has.

As many people have stated, SH2 (and SH3, for that matter) is one of those games that's nearly impossible to finish at a normal pace. You simply need breaks from it because it gets under your skin and breeds. The whole thing creates an overwhelming sense of dread and hopelessness. If the graphical representation of the town and Otherworld weren't enough to give your nightmares, it's the SOUND that'll finish you off. I can't even count how many times I said aloud, "%$&^ you! There is no way I'm going in there!"

And if you're a man that's ever lost someone you love... well, get ready to have your freakin' heart torn to tiny, murmuring, little shreds of pain.

SH2 is a rare gem. I can't recommend it to everyone, but you will never forget the experience.

Silent Hill 2 had the a good haunting atmosphere but really it doesn't hold a candlestick (or rather flashlight) to Fatal Frame 2 or even Fatal Frame 1 for that matter. You don't have to spend very much time in that haunted village before you desperately want to get the fuck out, but no, it drives you deeper into the village until you feel like your nerves are gonna burst.

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