Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Wolfenstein.

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holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

I made a bet to myself that this week it would be Batman ... I lost beer.

I thought so too... Man!

Holy madness, that was a good one!

Yahtzee you are truely a poet.

That was an awesome review. I can't wait until next week.

Omg that was the most awesome limmerick ever! I would type lol till the cows come home but i gotta go to work.

Were the limericks that necessary? Although I'll admit it was a bit funny. Can't wait for the Arkham review next week.

Amazing... I don't always agree with him, but YC is definetly a talented guy... and hilarious at that.

No Batman: Arkham Asylum yet Yahtzee? I hope you're holding it back for a reason!

Well ... That was interesting. Very funny and like I keep saying to my friends Wolfenstein is Generic, It may have been a creator of the damn genre but you think it might try and change.

Batman next week hoorah.
That was beyond awesome. The rhyming was top class, even though it mixed with fast talking needed a hard listen at time. Haven't played the game myself, but judging from the trailers and gameplay vids I was never going to.

Oh and I think the jokes were put in the shadow of the limmericks this time, too much to pay attention to...

EDIT: as someone said: A RATING? oh mah god.

Not related, but has you sometimes review old games and have mentioned that specific game in one of your previous review, would you consider making a review of "Outcast" from Appeal Studio?

haha brilliant reviewing technique. freshens it up. but are we trying too hard to be different every week now? what was wrong with the old fashioned "zero punctuation" approach?

and PS... I also expected batman review. but i dont want it..

Well, this is certainly unique way of how Mr. Croshaw does his work. At least he doesn't ramble as fast as a speeding bullet.

I do like the 2.5d Wolfenstien though. I guess developers want the new audience to know what made their franchise great in the first place.

Damn, Yahtzee should consider writing poetry. That was great.

now i'm 100% convinced not to get it :) funneh

its quite short

uve fallen to rating with actual scores, even tho u only did it to make a rhyme, lol. very nice job

I have to say that was one of the best yet.

good review aways wanted to play that when i heard of it not too sure now but none the less good and i was going to ask if you could review arkham if you didint mind but since you are thanks much :P

That constant rhyming was clever. This review must have been a pain in the ass to make. Clearly one of the better ones. I didn't really crack up that hard, but pretty awesome.

Quite impressive and very funny I must admit.

Anyone else think the limericks really fit into it? Maybe you should consider ongoing themes of poetry through our reviews. Was hoping for this one thought it was going to be last week, guees yahtzee's waiting for the pc version of batman then.

one of his better ones this week

You know I thought at some point you were just going to cut out of limerick...but you didn't. Truly impressive.

He broke two longstanding traditions, lol.

He graded the game and he clearly announced what's next.

Decent, this episode.

Brilliant. Perfectly metered bile, spewn about for the glory of all. Thanks for another great video. This has been one of the best in weeks.

The limericks... the horror...

Smart way of doing the review though, but I have to complain that some weren't quite in the rhythm.

Yahtzee you are truely a poet.

And he didn't even know it.

This review was actually better than playing the game. In other words: This game is blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

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