Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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best ZP EVER!

Boogaloo boogaloo
Yahtzee's a genius and
now I'll extrapolate
On his review

With double dactyls my
Comments might score me
4 stars, 3 or 2.

Some of you utterly
Miss the whole point of the
Scheme that he's using for
Humour and fun

Much as you'll probably
Fail to interpret the
Rhyme that I've spun.

This one is among the best... really enjoyed the rhymes

Now that was something I haven´t seen before. *Insert fanfare* New experience acquired!

Everyday comes with new surprises. Thanks for this.

Well, I don't normally comment on the reviews but that was amazingly clever Yahtzee, nice job and I agree wholeheartedly with the review, it wasn't a great game.

Best. ZP. Evar.

That must have taken some serious work. Not only does it work as a proper review, but there was wonderfully little of the word-order shenanegans that normally get called into play with rhyming English.

Bravo, sir.

That was amazing. I literally sat with my jaw dropped as it continued to rhyme the entire time!

Kudos. Very impressive...The review not the game.

i can't believe you kept it up the whole 4 minutes - cheers mate! to a great original review!

That was amazing. I literally sat with my jaw dropped as it continued to rhyme the entire time!

You can cure that with a slice of lime
Only costs you a dime
Because a man in his prime
Shouldn't be seen jaw wide open, dripping slime.
It would be a crime.

i'm speaking in song >.o

next review will be more interesting

Great job, Yahtzee. Making a good limerick is hard, but making an entire review out of them would be orders of magnitude worse. Good show!

I was laughing hysterically throughout the entire review. Very nicely done, mate!

That being said.... I understand the need of having to rhyme with this review, but did you really have to close on a numerical review?

Yahtzee made two firsts for himself
1.His first limerick based review which was fun
2.The first and probably only game he gives a score to
Overall nice job my fun little Anglo-Australian.

he says at the end of the review why he hasn't reviewed it, is it really that hard to read his post at the end

I get the feeling that he's growing bored w/ writing reviews. Last week it was in an irish accent part of the time, and this week he did it in rhyme. (oh shit, now I'm doing it too >.<)

Not that it's bad though, it's still entertaining and I think this might be the first time he gave a game a score.

Yahtzee you hoot, you oudid yourself this time.

I actually enjoyed your review more than I enjoyed the game. (wich isn't very hard regretably)

I must admit that was pretty damn enjoyable. Not sure how the final rating will be recieved but I like to think it more for the sake of lyrics than an actual score.

Lots of people seem to want Arkham Asylum, quite frankly though I'm not that concerned. I half expect Yahtzee to snipe at all the underlying failures of the recent releases for a while longer, just to spite the monotony of current critics by leaving the bat in the dark.

Good game in my opinion, got rid of the horrible aftertaste of overlord 2. It's just a pity he dosen't try mutiplayer, because that is the most bugged up, laggy piece of crap I've tried recently.

Pity once you get into a good game it starts getting better. Until your rank is reset.

OK, English it's not my native language. I see the episodes each week, by far this week video was the most difficult to understand (you speak to fast to some of us the non-english). Any possibilities for subtitles or English closed caption at less?

All I say is mate;
You are the sort of person I hate.
Your reviews are funny
You've got lots o' money
And you send games fleeing in a state.

You can also see I'm shit at rhyming. Damn you. ><

Wow... Incredible. ABSOLUTELY incredible. Reviews in Poetry. It might catch on :p

I love how everyone is yearning for the Arkham review.

Wow that was really cool I thought the poems were very clever and witty.

The limerick form was quite the nice change of pace. Maybe you could do a review in pig latin? That would be funny!

That was brilliant! Loved it, I'm liking his new ways to make his reviews more "interesting."


I can't belive all the people who have came in their boxers/y-fronts because of a score.

Highly enjoyable review, more awesome than funny, but still superb

Agreed on all fronts. At first I thought he was going to push the limerick theme for just a line or too before deciding to just say "bugger all" all switch to his usual antics, but I can't help but applaud him for rhyming so ably throughout the whole piece.

That being said, if Batman's review is written in sonnets, I will be a very sad panda.

I want a Batman Haiku

hmm i hope he continues with these themes there quite entertaining first Irish now limerick whats next?

(i vote Arabic accent)

HOLY COW - That was good!

nice way to mix it up

I won't disagree with you, never.
And Yahtzee, your take was so clever.
It's a worn out genre
That we're forced to play
This could be your best review ever.

Exactly why I didn't get Wolfenstein. Sure, it invented the genre, but I'm not going to forgive it for being generic because it invented it. Same reason I'm so sick of Zelda and just about every other Nintendo title.

Haha, I loved it!


Yahtzee you are truely a poet.

And he didn't even know it.

He can make a rhyme anytime!

I have to say that was one of the best yet.





What a perfect way to break the dull routine of reviewing dull generic games! Great job.

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