Seven Games You Should Have on Your iPhone

Seven Games You Should Have on Your iPhone

The staff of Pocket Gamer shares its favorite iPhone games.

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Damn man, Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor is a revolutionary game for the entire medium and not one shout-out? Best title by far on my I-pod.

Interesting. I should check these games out.

You NEED papijump

Damn. Over the past two days I have been racked with indecision over whether or not to get an iPhone. I'm even going to go to the shops tomorrow to see what contracts are available. I still don't know. Sure they're expensive, but they look so much fun, and really useful (I could really use mobile internet access). And these games look like just the sort of fun 5 minute timewasters I look for in a handheld release.

Ok can someone with an iPhone tell me how well The Escapist works on the iPhone browser, as that will probably clinch the matter for me.

Ya know I know this is the Iphone issue so it only makes sense that Pocket Gamer makes an issue like this. However, when are they going to be covering the other handhelds on the market? Is Pocket Gamer only meant to produce opinion articles on The Escapist or are they given the ability to produce reviews or conventions that relate to the entire handheld market cell phones, Nintendo DS and PSP?

This is more of a concern post because although I don't go to their site directly I just feel they can do better.


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