Escapist News Network: Nerd Flu

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Oh man, this might be the best new segment yet. Its actually lets you know the gaming issues of the week, yet is hilarious--kind of like Weekend Update, but for gamers.

Its awesomeness knows no bounds.

Neck beard ferocity, hah! That got me cracking up.

Simply awesome. The opening graphics are better than most real news networks! Pure gold and I will be tuning in every Wednesday!

Oh goody. Something else to look forward to on wednesdays besides Zero Punctuation.

Great, so this is what Graham has been keeping dropping hints about i like it :)

That was rather neat, and brings to mind a gaming focused version of The Onion. :) I will indeed be tuning in next week, especially if more random, and perhaps aardvark related, discussion is included!

I was expecting a train wreck but instead actually enjoyed this. You're coming off a bit like ONN but that's okay. The game-centric news stories are far more interesting to me, who will undoubtedly catch the nerd flu.

It's the Onion for video games.

So glad everyone seems to like it!
(I'm a big fan of Onion's ONN too, btw. Also Weekend Update. And "This Hour", for the other Canadians.)

FYI, if anyone uses Twitter, you can follow myself, Kathleen and Jeremy here:

I love the straight-faced delivery of those jokes, awesome new series and I can't wait for more.

Absolutely spectacular. I enjoy many comedy shows on The Escapist, but few illicit audible laughs from my office. Good show; I can't wait for more. was okay.

The Onion you are not.

That's about all I have to say on the subject.

I like this, I hope this becomes another staple!

Does this remind anyone else of infomania on Current TV...guess just a bit similar sarcastic/ironic news show. Still loved this.

That was... Pretty good actually.

At least it's not as bad as Hard News...

Also, ODST stands for O****** D*** S**** T*******, otherwise known as Helljumpers.

Enjoy quarantine :D I have quickly forgotten that in order to avoid catching the nerd flu.

Russ Pitts:

If this would become a full series on The Escapist,i would be one happy gamer.

Prepare to get happy.

Escapist News Network:
ENN is news you can watch, every Wednesday, only at The Escapist.

Count me happy. :D

Awesome! Loving the subtle Monty Python reference at the end! Not often you hear those from your end of the pond! And we do drink tea...lots and lots of tea...

L O fucking L

HAHA quite good, looking forward to next week!

[email protected] bit at the end

Wow. Simply wow.

This is awesome. I really didn't expect the LRR guys to appear in more of the shows on this site.

it has Graham from unskiappable

I already love this show and him even more.

Btw, everyone here at The Escapist has the Nerd Flu at the moment. Well, probably not Virgil since he stays away from us like we have the... uh... flu. Damnit.

Yes! More solid comedy. I hope this becomes a weekly feature.

Same, Graham, you rocked it, Aardvarks? Awesome, wonder if the can contract Rof1? What does ODST stand for? And to finish off my post i'll leave this The Halo Ad is wasted, it has nothing to do with the game, besides maybe military, but now if anyone ever makes a commercial involving a russian(?)/ siberian boot camp half the gamers minds will remember Halo.

I never comment on this site. I usually just watch ZP and sometimes Unskippable. However, I have to say that I really like this news show. I hope it catches on because I'll definately watch more of it.

Very nice, I love the LRR humor. I'm really happy to see another show from you guys here:)

I wish my top speed was newsworthy :(

Nice to see the LRR crew getting more screen time on the internet. I have to admit I was taken by surprise when I saw about half of the Runners there, but pleased nonetheless.


Solid delivery. LRR being awesome. The word "logarithmic."

(seriously, I could just watch the intro on repeat for about ten minutes straight. xP)

Oh jeeze, that closing banter was great. I could definitely enjoy this.

...I just hope this isn't the end of Unskippable. This looks like the escapist's version of LoadingReadyRun's PhailHaus... And it is fucking awesome.

...Needs moar pick of the day.

OMG! Get in the car.

this was really really good

ENN was totally shot in Victoria's Uvic and James bay harbor

...I just hope this isn't the end of Unskippable.

Paul's even in ENN as well. Did you spot him?

Ive been watching LRR for ages now, great to see it here too.

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