Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

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I like the effect you use to make his mouth, and its just awesome character. I hope we see more.

Ahh, this episode was so serious business with the Dice Lord telling of everyone's fates, and then the Michaels get shot in the head. Goddamn cliffhangers.

That was AWESOME!!! OMG!!!!

We seriously need the soundtrack of that episode.

I am simply amazed. I dont think there are words to describe how awesome this episode was!

I am guided by the Dice Lord!

P.S. Can you post a link to the montage music? It is just as great.

I've been a long time lurker here watching everything from ZP to DA etc. But I gotta give you guys props on this episode. It was fantastic. As a long time paper DnD player and RPG guy, I loved all the little in-jokes and sly references. Plus, the ending was like out of left field.

I don't know why but the "What's a nickel" line had me cracking up for like 5 minutes. I can't wait for the next episode. I was really hoping Toad would join the good guys here, and maybe he will heh. Keep up the awesome work guys, it really is amazing stuff.

that was by far the single best video on the Escapist to date. no joke

OMG that outtake at the end was AWESOME LOL

man the Dicelord is cool, but at the same time he freaks me out.

^ This poster cast a Phoenix Down and rolled high. The topic has come back to life.

Seriously though I think most people who have seen this agree, episode 19 is probably the best DA so far.

f*cking love that song!


notice at 6:44 that the elevator says Australia pty ltd.
so they film this in australia?
seriously, are all supremely awesome video series and escapist films made in australia?
i mean i thought it was an awesome continent/country BEFORE!?!

exceptional video!

fucking epic! great episode guys. best ep so far in the series. i love your effects, they are just incredible. also the dice lord was terrific. lastly the ending was mind fuckery! cant wait to see the next ep!

The Dice-Master is the best character yet, I hope we get to see more of him!

First episode I've seen.

My comments:
1- Dicelord.... IS AWESOME.
2- Hey! He has my German army jacket!

We seriously need the soundtrack of that episode.

Yes! Yes we do!

You know, it has now been a few hours after a new episode usually comes out, and one has not. have Lund and Shanks really bit the dust? Probably not, nobody ends a series like this. More likely the next episode will be another step up in quality (remember the gap between the polybius couple and the fist ten or so episodes) Either that or the developers are having a well earned rest. Who knows. Either way it is still a shame because this always perks up my Thursdays.

Edit: Never mind, new episode just came out a bit later.

i wanna see a game with the dice lord as the main villain. it'd be awesome.

Ok, this was a really good ep. // For a RP like myself is was fun to see live action play out to the laws of the dice but Im sure I can speak for everyone here when I say 'Oh Gods no, not a cliffhanger! this better not be the end of the season or someone is goin to die Purple monkey dishwasher' Or at lease something along those lines


this indie(?) online show has some of the most addicting remixes I've listened to.

I love how the sign to the resistance is V over I which of course equals R or resistance.

The Dicelord was just plain odd...

The greatest episode of anything I've ever seen in my life.

best episode hands down. i've lost count as to how many times i've seen this episode. With a little bit more practice, i can do the Dice lord

The dice lord was a really well done character. His voice, movements and his head were fantastically done and achieved a very creepy yet awesome person.


Does anyone have A Dice Lord Avatar i could use...that guy is wicked cool :P

also any luck on getting the remixes?

Dice lord = Interesting guy.

this was by far my fav episode. oh snd the dicelord was awwwwwwwsome lol

The dice lord is my new favorite character.

Watch Video[/quote]Congrats man, best episode yet. Loved the dice master. Did not see the Michaels dying, but such is drama. Keep up the great work man.[/quote]

don't call them that :P

but really, the dicelord is a truly freaky character

Yeah I think that was amazing seriously

My god that Dicelord creeped me out, and "I control probability and random outcomes" what is he the Anti-Spiral?

The Dice Lord was amazing! Creepily acted, creepierly (I'm making that a word!) visualized!! I loved the inclusion of the late Gary Gygax's image on The Dice Lord's mask and the foppish Lord British was a spot-on as when I first ran into him on the C-64.


srsly, i cant get enough of this episode. Dice Lord cant be replaced in my favorite characters. btw, wats the song called at 3:30??

That was... absolutely fantastic. Really. I loved the Dicelord (I think that was his preferred title?) and his constantly shifting face. I loved the speeches and the emotions part. Complete mindfuck. And the ending was out of the blue.
Pretty sure this is everyone's favourite.

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