Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

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The Dice Lord is one of the coolest characters to appear in a long time. I hope that we can see him more.

Crazy ending, wonder how they will revive this time.

Pretty damn nice.

I applaud the Dice Lord for bloody great acting!

Well done, lads!

OH NOES! Toad! How could you!? Bitch tits!
Once again awesome effects Shanks!

The Dice Lord was pretty awesome! I loved the whole Lord British going to space. Looking forward to the next episode to find out WTF happens next.

really well done show guys, can't wait for next, hmm, how will you bring them back?

What's with the subliminal images...?

Overall a good episode, although it wasn't that funny; the editing was awesome.

Man, I struggled with that PH puzzle - and my IQ is 120.

Dude Dice role. The coolest character design ever!

GO TOAD (a.k.a b!tch Tits) ^-^
watch Laser cat save them or something XD

Maybe the best one yet. Really cool effects on the Dicelord and the montage was awesome too.
Keep on the good work.

This is where they need to step out of a Vita-Chamber and find themselves in a weird 1950s like dystopian city. :D

....Oh shit.

Seriously, awesome, awesome episode. The dice master was a brilliant.

I have theory about how they could survive. When Shanks was sort of processed after the cannibalism he mentioned that they'd been though several situations that would have killed any normal person. I think at one point or another they unlocked God mode...they just haven't realized yet.

It keeps saying this to me when i try to watch?

200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] '''

Lemme' guess- since they were able to bring up the developer console, they can obviously access certain videogame attributes, so, I bet they have extra lives!

Also, I like the Dicelord.

This was one hell of a nice episode. Can't wait to the next episode.
A little nod to The Departed at the end there?

this episode is made out of awesomeness.

I think that the ending was a version of what could happen, not what did. Like the Dicelord had told them what would happen with luck and all that.

Completely confusing episode, but brilliant all the same!

Yo wtf why can i not watch this it's killing me!

Music that played along with your emotion scene fitted excellently, dicemaster was a stroke of genius. Keep up the good work :)

Wow, awsome.

And if they end up coming back to life using th e Prey methode, I just want to say I said it first.

When they died it was totally weird I did not see that coming. What was the point of that?
Anyway great acting and effects, really nice episode, although I still think the death part was pointless .now they have to spend an episode in which they will come back to life

Horay! I got it to work great video.

I are confused...

But the dice lord is the best character ever.

This ep's end caused my to have the bigest jaw drop I have ever had.

Soo... That was odd.

i love the probability guy hes sooo creepy and cool

No... Can't be CAN'T BE, ITS GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER!!!!!..... Yes caps were needed

Brilliant. That was the greatest piece of awesome this site has ever been blessed with.
Just please, PLEASE don't let this be the last one.



That out of the way, Dicelord was awesomely freaky.

1. yeah srsly, dont end it. its really good. :)
2. dicelord was kickass. how do you do the mouth thing? what program do you use to make your SFX?

"did you hit that button?"

WHOAMG, I need a Doomsday arcade theme mixtape. Shanks, please make one. Or like provide a link to more of your songs. Mario mix was too good.

That was utter brilliance. Seriously, this is one of the best on The Escapist. The effects on the Dicelord were amazing, and seriously guys, the music in this series is absolutley phenomenal. The montage and the shocking revelation was fantastic.

Also. LOVED the Resistance bit!
Resistance = V/I and the magnetic resistance fields. Genius.

I always knew toad would someone kill them!!! I just knew it!!!!! also who ever acted as the dice lord did an awesome job and goes for the voice! :D

Awesome episode. Less jokes than in previous episodes but it was bloody excellent in a different way. Oh yes, and the V over I is resistance? Very good guys. Very good indeed.

But why on Earth is everyone sitting around wondering how Lund and Shanks will come back from the dead? Let me set this out for you: main characters have long dialogue with seemingly insane character who gives a big description on the psycholgical and mechanical functionings of the universe, but then lets them leave all too easily? They then arrive almost exactly where they need to be in a situation that seems slightly unreal, including a lift ride where they twitch and shiver as time seems to melt around them before dying incredibly abruptly?

No, that couldn't be a big mind fuck at all.

Uh wow. I wasn't expecting that even though I did call Toad going hard-bodied on the both of them. Just not like that. It was just so in your face right there no time to take it in just. Blam!

Wow. Next Thursday can't come fast enough.

Lord British, The Zelda DS puzzle, and the Dicelord in general made this episode worth watching every episode leading up to it. Oh and I'm going to agree with the consensus and say




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