Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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So, Yahtzee likes cake. Any particular favourites?
Actually, I could really go for some toffee cheesecake right now...

They censored him. The world is ending. He can't say "fuck."

thanks you saying all the jokes about the dc statues and building that me and my friends all said at eight years old when you live there

I like cake too

Gotta say that wasn't very funny at all. Reviewing games > reviewing cities.

More ban-age for people being idiots and posting before watching the video, it seems, as if that ever bloody changes. >_>

Anyway, back on topic;
Yay for a live-action episode! Well, alright, it's not really Zero Punctuation, but still.

There's too much to mention specifically, this whole video was more or less pure gold. Of course, I am expecting this, just like the Wolfenstein Review 'Limerick Mode' to get more than a little polarisation from the fan-base. It's really sad, too, because this is actually really entertaining.

Gotta say that wasn't very funny at all. Reviewing games > reviewing cities.


Well, I guess this is to be expected; how much a person enjoys something is entirely subjective, after all.

Was slightly dissapointed since there was no review, but it was generally funny with the subtle jokes, and restraining then the blunt joke at the end. It was worth the time, hoping to see a actual review next time tho.

i think it was a pretty good change of pace its not like he wants to do his reviews when hes away from work so i'm just thankfull that he uploaded anything at all

"just like a cake" rofl. hmm Siamese twins... i going to make a rapping gps

Well, Mr. Croshaw. This is the first time ever, and i mean EVER you´ve disapointed me. Hell, i would´ve freaking had a clip show instead of that. It saddens me to say this, since i love Zero Punctuation. This video was nothing but pure, good ol´fashion CRAP. I hope the next episode doesn´t turn out like this.

That is a lot of people that are going to be on probation this week.

That was a bit bleh. Some of the stuff was quite funny and he slipped in the knob gag with the Washington memorial. Can't wait for next weeks one though.

I like cake as well. We should hang out.

I love some of those idle conversations, time share vagina, having sex with your clone, and of course a cancer conversation. Nice.

Eh. Didn't except Mr. Croshaw to be in Washington DC with the escapist crew. At least throw in more jokes about the capitol buildings. It would be more amusing.

Are those songs in the background from Red Alert?
As in Yahtzee invades America?

Whens the ZP game contest gunna be judged?

Hmmmn... "I'm standing in a grassy knoll. Don't think too much into it"....

GASP! Yahtzee did it! I knew it! I knew that hat had powers!

Yahtzee's been emerging from his gaming cave to show his face in videos a lot lately. Perhaps he's making a run for the dashing leading man in a soap opera... or not.

But I do want to know, Yahtzee, that I don't imagine you as the pitcher. I imagine you as the 2nd baseman.

Love how he turned all buildings into... "cake"
Also, the trees at the bottom of Washington Monument really looked round, didn't they?

Great episode

Man.. I was really looking forward to my weekly ZP feed and instead got this.. Not cool or funny, but if he didn't have time to make a real ZP for this week then I understand.

Thaaat's not a video game.

The key to using a GPS is to give it a name that's good for yelling at.

LOLOLOL, Kinda wanted a review but hey taht was still funny and atleast it was something

I can't take wednesdays without ZP.

To be honest. Good video but the imp at the end won the video for me. Nearly got away with Yahtzee hat. hehe

I'm not sure if the whole shape of buildings bit was intended to be horribly awkward or not, but that definitely made me squirm unpleasantly.

Well, guess we all learned that Yahtzee is significantly less funny/interesting when he isn't speedreading reviews set to some funny images, but they can't all be winners.

this felt like watching the movies of your parents vacations

but really funny

...this video was totally pointless, but I have to say I cracked up pretty often.

I think it's kinda hard for Yahtzee to create a whole ZP review while on the road and still be able to review the precise game that you specifically want so stop bitching. He wanted to post something for the week instead of just leaving it blank to appease the fanboys, and still all they can do is bitch. I for one enjoyed the video, much more than a random note saying "There will be no ZP this week, sorry for the inconvenience".

Very funny, the best in ages. Indie cancer made me laugh alot though.

im 12 and what is this?

In all seriousness, what happened to that game contest? Is that review next week?

A winner will be announced the week of November 16th.

enjoy american foods! just don't get a heart attack

Is it just me or does he sound stoned when describing the monuments? XD
Well, I didn't expect this but it wasn't that bad. Some funny stuff in there :)

wow... I was bored..
stick to game reviews please

I think Yahtzee addressed that sentiment in the beginning of the video...

That's weird him complementing me for getting him in the eye....

I got him on the mouth.

Not really surprised by everyone that's pissed off about not getting a game review. You have to remember that even Yahtzee needs a break every once in a while.

On topic; unexpected, but it was a good laugh all the same. Was actually expecting more sex jokes if I'm honest, but eh.

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