Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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Sorry, found that boring. I can understand however that there was no time to make a real ZP this week.

No offense to Yahtzee but I was really hoping for a new ZP

reviewing the tons of games im sure he got probably takes a long time

Sadly, no supermutants to splatter all over the DC landscape. I gather that Republicans are quite similar, but for some reason it's illegal to do that.

Way To Go Yahtzee! Congrats on making a trip though DC a trip though perverted land.

Seriously? This isn't funny at all. Stop with the stand up casual comedian career right now. Your are a writer not an actor. You should stay behind cameras were you are good , stop the video front cover picture thing, we don't want that.
This is by far the worst ZP video ever it sould be banned.

They went to North Carolina?!! To my state?! GAAAAHHH!! I wanna see THAT!

Quite dissapointing really. I thought he was going to actually REVIEW Washington D.C. as promised by the title (i.e in his usual witty delivery style but with live action). Instead he just got driven around in a car and mumbled a bit.

Aw hell, DP ftl. Usually my posts don't show up when I get an error message : P

Damn, everything in DC is very phallic cakey.
Also did anyone else find that they were laughing, even when he wasn't doing anything, or does that just make me a fanboy. If so...I want my free t-shirt and cat-ears.

I actually thought the deadpan humor was probably parodying any tourist to DC who would say things like that, and I laughed at "by the way we're on a grassy knoll but you shouldn't read too much into that", incorrect geographical location aside.

Holy shit I want my six minutes back.
Many people don't find Norm McDonald funny, and you, sir, are no Norm. You're no Galifianakis. You need a script and you need to speak quickly while cartoons mimic what you're saying.

Yahtzee goes wide screen!
Is this permanent, or does he not know how to do that in movie maker yet?

the whole time I was wondering what was under his hat... I bet black magic and awesomeness

edit: reading the comments makes me laugh people are saying it was the worst yet, but they dont realize it was this or nothing and this was actually kinda funny

Ha! Great to see Yahtzee in my old hometown of DC. I wonder they thought of it's god forsaken horrible traffic.

I am annoyed that the day Yahtzee was on the Mall I stayed at home in Arlington. DAMN!

"There's at least one person out there getting it off to this video."


o shit.

Well.. that was different!
Oh and you totally ruined my masterbation for this evening. All i will see now is Yahtzee's face and hearing his voice egging me on.

I just appreciate the fact that Yahtzee released a video at all, even though he's away. It was this or nothing at all, because he's on vacation, so quit your fucking whining.

whatever the opposite of funny, entertaining, witty or worthwhile is.... this video was that. i am totally disappointed....

Probably been better off taking the week off.....

LMAO @ 4:57 when the lady walk by
*Looks at Yahtzee* "eugh"
*Yahtzee cuts*

Yahtzee has just imparted a nugget of truth




Thank you for advocating limited government, Mr. Choshaw

Well, that happened...

And why is it such a colossal problem that he didn't do an ordinary review?

I enjoyed it. Can't see why people are flipping out about the lack of review.

Did it look like he was partly disguised whenever he was out of the car to anyone else? It would of been amazing is some geek had recognised him and soon a huge mobbed him.

I reckon this sort of thing would work better than the skits once Game Damage is up and running.

We all need a week off every now and then. I look forward to spending mine staring into thin air.

You need to experience the true America.

Find the nearest Sonic Drive-In or Cracker Barrel and go there.

That's about as "real america" as Swiss cheese. Go to the nearest ghetto scene and make random hand signs. That's real America for you.

I think this video was extremely lame. I never really laughed at anything he said, and i stopped watching about half way through the video.

i loled at the fact there listening to the Zero Punctuation theme song in the car to begin with :D

I liked the Yahtzee, but everyone else was kind of just.. there. It doesn't seem like Yahtzee would willingly hang out with those guys.

A nice change in Scenery! Lets face it whatever Yahtzee does he can turn into a 10 minute video.I m still waiting for the he posts 10 mins of him eating spaghetti hoops!

In your questions tape you asked you said you liked games with story try Kane and Lynch:Dead Men its okay for game play and it believes it has story and some times that's good enough.(e.g Gears of War, Halo or any Metal Gear)

any PA locals notice the Spaz Beverage building in the very beginning?

No Uncharted 2 review???

Yahtzee. I am dissapoint.

Just kidding, Yahtzee is always brilliant, whether he's talking about games or not.

Honestly, he didn't seem at his best. He seemed a bit tired and irritated, but at least he decided to post something and tried to be funny instead of sticking up "Console Wars" again.

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